DDR3 1333 VS. 1600 RAM: Which Will Be Your Best Bet To Grow? – Benefits And Drawbacks

DDR3 1333 and DDR3 1600 are two types of DDR3 memory. They are both popular among computer users regarding their bandwidth, clock speed, CAS latency, and many more. But one common question is, “are they similar or different from each other”? The main difference between DDR3 1333 VS. 1600 is that DDR3 1600 RAM is … Read more

Learn What Is Unified Memory- Is It Better Than RAM?

Unified Memory explained

If you need a smoother gaming experience than what RAM provides, then a Unified Memory is the ideal solution. But comparing Unified Memory VS. RAM, you may wonder what is Unified Memory? Unified memory is a pool of memory that both the CPU and GPU memory access can access. This allows for better utilization of resources … Read more

How Long Does MemTest Take – Everything You Need To Know

How Long Does MemTest Take

Many people have gotten into the habit of swapping out their computer RAM without thoroughly testing it. This is not a good idea, as bad RAM can be responsible for a host of problems. If you are concerned there may abe errors on your computer RAM and you want to run a MemTest, you might … Read more

Does Overclocking Reduce GPU Lifespan- All You Need To Know

overclocking of the GPU

Do you wish to enhance the graphics for better gaming and media application execution? Then the overclocking of the GPU is the best option for you. The GPU overclocking is meant to improve the gaming experience for you. However, the question is, does overclocking reduce GPU lifespan? Well, the overclocking of the GPU increases the GPU’s … Read more

What Do You Need Between 32GB vs 64GB for Gaming? – Gaming PC Build

32GB vs 64GB for Gaming RAM

Having enough RAM is essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience for gaming. But with so many different types of RAM available, which one should choose between 32GB VS. 64GB gaming? It depends on the type of games you play and how much ram your computer has. If you are a heavy gamer, then 64GB … Read more

5 Fastest Phones in the World – Peak Performance Devices

World's Fastest Phone

With the advancement in modern technology, today’s market is jam-packed with excellent smartphones that offer each user ability to do things that were unimaginable twenty years ago. But which ones are the best of the best? Today, we will touch on this subject and talk about the fastest phones in the world. Given the fact … Read more

VRAM vs RAM: The Differences Between These Two – 2024 – Volatile Memory Storage


Getting confused between the RAM and VRAM is very common, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it! Since more and more people are concerned about this, I have decided to write a whole article on the topic. The most general thing is that the RAM is the traditional temporary volatile memory storage for any … Read more

How Much RAM Should I Allocate to Minecraft in 2024 – Best Gaming Experience

RAM for Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game that people of all ages can enjoy. When playing Minecraft, you may need more RAM to get the best gaming experience. So, how much RAM should you allocate to Minecraft? Well, if you have a high-end gaming PC with 8GB or more RAM, you can probably get away with setting … Read more

Is 64GB Enough For A Laptop in 2024 – Make A Wise Decision!

64GB Laptop for Gaming

While choosing the laptop, many questions may roam around your head, especially when it’s your first time. As an important matter, you need to consider both the RAM capacity and storage capacity at the same time. You may confuse about: is 64GB enough for a laptop? If you ask about RAM, 64GB will be adequate … Read more