DJT Virtual Display Agent: Unveiling the Hidden Features of MacOS Catalina Insights 


When I upgraded my MacOS to Catalina and attempted to set up multiple monitors, the prompt to accept permissions appeared. It made me wander around, as back then, I didn’t know what that was about and how to deal with it, but I figured that out! So, you get newer sprinklings of security enhancements and … Read more

Mojave vs Big Sur: What’s The Best On MacOS? 2024 – Apple’s Operating System

MacOS Mojave vs Big Sur

Since its inception, OS X (now macOS) has been lauded for its ease of use, beautiful user interface, and cutting-edge features like multitasking, application security, and universal accessibility. Apple’s operating system is everywhere you look, from the Finder to Spotlight to the Dock to iCloud. But, when it comes to the latest macOS version, Mojave … Read more