What is a Graphics Card Used For? – Everything You Need to Know

What is a graphics card used for

Every gamer is excited about when the latest model of graphics card will enter the market, and what will be specs of it.  A graphics card is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your pc. However, a lot of people get confused about its actual functionality and end up spending way more money … Read more

Why Does My Computer Randomly Restart? [Explained & Fixed]

Why Does My Computer Randomly Restart

Sometimes, a computer randomly restart without any warning or error message. This can happen when the computer is first turned on or after it has been running for a while. But why does my computer randomly restart? Well, a few things can cause a computer to restart randomly. It could be a problem with the … Read more

How Much Thermal Paste is Too Much? – Tips for Optimal Application

thermal Paste

Thermal paste is one of the more subtle compartments of a PC that can have a huge impact on the level of performance of your processor. A proper application of thermal paste ensures more efficient cloak speed, heat management, and better overall performance. But it’s a pretty underrated thing that not a lot of people … Read more

How Long Does MemTest Take – Everything You Need To Know

How Long Does MemTest Take

Many people have gotten into the habit of swapping out their computer RAM without thoroughly testing it. This is not a good idea, as bad RAM can be responsible for a host of problems. If you are concerned there may abe errors on your computer RAM and you want to run a MemTest, you might … Read more

Does Overclocking Reduce GPU Lifespan- All You Need To Know

overclocking of the GPU

Do you wish to enhance the graphics for better gaming and media application execution? Then the overclocking of the GPU is the best option for you. The GPU overclocking is meant to improve the gaming experience for you. However, the question is, does overclocking reduce GPU lifespan? Well, the overclocking of the GPU increases the GPU’s … Read more

10 Best AM3 + CPU – Efficient & Budget Friendly List

Budget Friendly AM3 + CPU

Is your computer lagging constantly? Battery drainage is way faster than usual. Or maybe it is overheating like crazy? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the problem most likely resides in your processor. Read on to find out about the best AM3+ CPU and why they’ll provide you with a better service … Read more

How Many CPU Threads Do I Have? – Learn How To Check

cpu threads

In today’s developing world, almost every one of us uses computers for different purposes. There was a time when we depended on cybercafes to perform our computer-based assignments. Again, we also went to video game parlors to play our favorite games with our adorable friends. But now,  these things have been far easier to do, … Read more

How To Update BIOS Without CPU? – Updating your PC’s Basic Input

How To Update BIOS Without CPU

Many of you are asking How To Update BIOS Without CPU. You have to use the BIOS Flashback to do so. Download the updated version in the BIOS flashback, and connect the flashback to the motherboard. Now give power to the motherboard through an SMPS. Lastly, press the flashback button for 3 seconds. As the … Read more

12 Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900K 2024 – Keep Things Cool while Overclocking

i9 9900k cpu cooler

Coolers are often one of those things that might limit the potential of your rig. Should you opt for an air cooler or AIO? Would a particular product be enough to allow you to overclock it without overheating? How noisy is it? We’re here to answer that endless stream of questions. Hence, if you have … Read more

How To Clean Thermal Paste off CPU – Required Ingredients and Cleaning Process

Are you familiar with thermal paste? Thermal paste is a chemical mixture that is usually used to be an interface between the heat elements in a device. Thermal paste is known by different names, such as thermal gel, heat paste, thermal interface material, thermal compound, and so on. And most importantly, your pc contains thermal … Read more

Normal CPU Temperature While Gaming and Idle – Overheating Causes & Solutions

Normal CPU Temperature While Gaming

Heat is one of the biggest problems facing computer users today. As PCs continue to get faster and more powerful, they generate more heat which can cause serious problems. One of the most common issues is the CPU temperature. In this blog post, we will take a look at how hot is too hot and … Read more