How to Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone? – Blockade Breaker

How to Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone

In the modern world of technology, smartphones play a crucial role in our daily lives. With the ever-increasing number of unwanted calls and messages, iPhone users often resort to blocking specific contacts to maintain their privacy and peace of mind. However, keeping track of blocked numbers can be essential, especially when you want to unblock … Read more

How to Send Voice Message on Iphone? – iMessage Your Way

Send Voice Message on Iphone

In this digital age, communication has evolved beyond text messages and emails. With the iPhone’s advanced features, sending voice messages has become a popular and convenient way to express oneself. Whether you want to add a personal touch to your conversations or simply avoid typing, sending voice messages on your iPhone is a simple and … Read more

5 Methods On How To Send Videos Without Losing Quality in 2024

Methods on How to Send Videos without Losing Quality

Any video, whether a recorded family event or the latest blockbuster movie, can be shared with anyone you want without sacrificing quality. But how to send videos without losing quality? There are several ways to send videos while keeping the original quality. Some of them are: By Cloud Sharing Applications By File Transfer Site Send … Read more

No Location Found VS. Location Not Available: What’s The Difference On Find My Freinds?

iphone location

When traveling, or even out and about in your local town or city, it’s often necessary to know where you are. This is usually done by checking in on a map app like Apple Maps on an iPhone. But what happens when your location can’t be found? Is there a difference between No Location Found … Read more

Is AppleCare Worth It? Pros and Cons of Apple’s Service Plan

Is AppleCare Worth It

AppleCare is a service plan offered by Apple that provides customers with technical support and repair coverage for their Apple products. So, is it worth it? AppleCare provides extended coverage for things like accidental damage and technical support. While is not cheap, it can save you much money in the long run if you have … Read more

6 Ways to Make Your iPhone Speakers Louder – Pump Up the Volume

How to Make Your iPhone Speakers Louder

If you’re experiencing trouble hearing your favorite tunes or podcasts on your iPhone due to low volume, don’t worry! Despite the iPhone’s excellent sound quality, there are times when you may need a little extra volume to fully enjoy your audio content. For example, we will consider the iPhone 11. But all our tips will … Read more

11 Ways To Fix the Mail App Not Updating Issue on Your iPhone – Solve This Problem Quickly

guide to Fix iPhone Email Not Updating

One of the most popular email apps is Apple Mail. It’s pre-installed on every iPhone and can handle all forms of accounts. You may run into troubles like the mail app not updating or receiving no messages on your iPhone. What’s the point? The mail app may stop updating for various reasons, such as improper … Read more

Subaru Apple CarPlay Not Working – Reasons & 8 Solutions!

What to do When Subaru Apple CarPlay Not Working 1

New Subaru vehicles and SUVs are equipped with Apple CarPlay, one of the most popular features on the market today. All-new Subaru cars are equipped with Apple CarPlay, beginning with the 2024 model year. But recently, some Subaru owners have claimed that the CarPlay is not functioning correctly sometimes. It’s not just they. I, too, … Read more

5 Fastest Phones in the World – Peak Performance Devices

World's Fastest Phone

With the advancement in modern technology, today’s market is jam-packed with excellent smartphones that offer each user ability to do things that were unimaginable twenty years ago. But which ones are the best of the best? Today, we will touch on this subject and talk about the fastest phones in the world. Given the fact … Read more

How Can You Charge Apple Pencil With iPhone? – Methods of Charging

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil redefines how sketching, taking notes, and annotating documents should feel – intuitive, precise, and magical. You can use your Apple Pencil to create notes in Notes and other applications. With iOS 14 and later, you may write in any text field with your Apple Pencil. Additionally, you must recharge it after specific … Read more