VRAM vs RAM: The Differences Between These Two – 2022 – Volatile Memory Storage


Getting confused between the RAM and VRAM is very common, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it! Since more and more people are concerned about this, I have decided to write a whole article on the topic. The most general thing is that the RAM is the traditional temporary volatile memory storage for any … Read more

How Can You Charge Apple Pencil With iPhone? – Apple Pencil Alternative

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil redefines how sketching, taking notes, and annotating documents should feel – intuitive, precise, and magical. You can use your Apple Pencil to create notes in Notes and other applications. With iOS 14 and later, you may write in any text field with your Apple Pencil. Additionally, you must recharge it after specific … Read more

3 Potential Methods On How To Remove Liquid Screen Protector Safely? 2022 – Special Solution for Phone

Remove Liquid Screen Protector Safely

Compared to tempered glass screen protectors, liquid screen protectors are more efficient in protecting the screen. Being safe, though, means being protected from drops and bumps. If it doesn’t work, you could be asking yourself, “how to remove liquid screen protector?” It is incomprehensible to remove the liquid protection. If your phone’s glass screen breaks, … Read more

13 Best 1080P 144Hz Monitor 2022 – for Excellent Gaming Experience


It’s essential to keep an eye on the refresh rate of your gaming display. A 144Hz monitor is a good middle-ground for smooth gaming without screen tearing since it has a refresh rate of 240Hz, 144Hz, 120Hz, 75Hz, and 60Hz. It’s not uncommon for the best 1080p 144Hz monitor to be created for gamers. This is because … Read more

How Can People Hear My AirPods? – Enjoy Your Music

AirPods Using tips

Using AirPods, you may easily switch between making and receiving phone calls and listening to music on your Apple devices. While AirPods’ sound quality is undeniable, it might be a hassle if you want to keep it all to yourself. But can people hear my AirPods is still a mystery? And if so, why is … Read more

How To Find Clipboard On iPhone 6-13? – 4 Proven Methods

clipboard on iphone

Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s clipboard is kept whenever you copy history or anything so that you can paste it wherever. But how to find Clipboard on iPhone? Your old clipboard will be overwritten and lost forever if you copy anything else! The method isn’t as simple on iOS devices as on Mac, but it’s … Read more

Is Tlauncher Safe to Download? Or Not? – Make your Gaming Experience Better

Tlauncher download yes or no

If you are a fan of games, especially the highly popular game Minecraft, you must have heard of Tlauncher. It is a free launcher that can be downloaded on a Windows computer, and it not only helps you play several different versions of the game but also has some very cool features. Now the question … Read more

Mojave vs Big Sur: What’s The Best On MacOS? 2022 – Apple’s Operating System

Mojave vs Big Sur

Since its inception, OS X (now macOS) has been lauded for its ease of use, beautiful user interface, and cutting-edge features like multitasking, application security, and universal accessibility. Apple’s operating system is everywhere you look, from the Finder to Spotlight to the Dock to iCloud. But, when it comes to the latest macOS version, Mojave … Read more

13 Best 49 Inch Monitor 2022 – Increase Your Productivity

Monitor 49-inch top picks

The best 49-inch monitor can alter your desk and increase your entire productivity, computing, and gaming experience, whether you’re designing your dream PC workspace or need an excellent wide screen to plug your laptop into. Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits, advantages, and installation process of purchasing a new 49 monitor. We’ve … Read more