No Location Found VS. Location Not Available: What’s The Difference On Find My Freinds?

iphone location

When traveling, or even out and about in your local town or city, it’s often necessary to know where you are. This is usually done by checking in on a map app like Apple Maps on an iPhone. But what happens when your location can’t be found? Is there a difference between No Location Found … Read more

Learn What Is Unified Memory- Is It Better Than RAM?

Unified Memory explained

If you need a smoother gaming experience than what RAM provides, then a Unified Memory is the ideal solution. But comparing Unified Memory VS. RAM, you may wonder what is Unified Memory? Unified memory is a pool of memory that both the CPU and GPU memory access can access. This allows for better utilization of resources … Read more

Main Difference Between Unified Memory VS RAM? – Detailed Explanation

Unified Memory VS RAM comparison

When you buy a brand-new Apple MacBook laptop but are confused about its unified memory and RAM technology, it becomes a big issue! So, Unified Memory Vs. RAM: What’s the difference? Unified Memory refers to a technology and marketing phrase for Memory (or RAM) in heterogeneous computing where it is shared across the CPU, GPU, and … Read more