Which RAM is better C16 or C18

C16 Vs C18 RAM – Which Is Better?

Buying a new RAM for your PC is a long-term investment and undoubtedly the RAM with the best specifications can be beneficial for you in many ways.

However, if it is about choosing between the C16 Vs C18 RAM?

There are certain features that you need to consider when buying C16 or C18 RAM for your PC.

The most important factors to consider when buying a new RAM are the CAF latency and the RAM frequency.

Well, there is not much noticeable difference between the C16 and C18 Ram, a significant difference could be seen only during benchmark tests.

When benchmarking, C16 performs slightly better than C18. However, you may notice differences between both RAMs during gaming, in comparison to regular usage.

This article will give you complete information regarding the C16 and the C18 RAM, which will help you understand and distinguish between the two better.

And will also help you decide the best option for RAM for your computer.

C16 Vs C18 RAM comparison

What Is The Difference Between C16 Vs C18 RAM?

The CAS 16 Ram Kit needs 16 RAM clock cycles to output data asked by the CPU. While the CAS 18 requires 18 RAM clock cycles to output data.

The CAS latency is also known as CL16, C16, or CAS 16 timings. The RAM kits with different CAS latency may have the same rate of transferring data.

When choosing the RAM kits, most likely, more minor timings and high speed are expensive and more costly to buy.

Let’s consider some key differences between C16 and C18 RAM.

RAM Main Feature
C16 Ram

C16 Ram

  • It processes at 16 clock cycles.
  • Two cycles faster
  • Has better performance
  • Is reasonable.
C18 Ram

C18 Ram

  • It processes at 18 clock cycles.
  • Less faster output.
  • It is more expensive than C16.

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What Is Cas Latency In Computer RAM?

The CAS latency or the Column Address Strobe or Signal means the number of clock cycles the RAM modules take for accessing the column’s detailed data.

Also, ensure that the arranged data is accessible to the output pins as instructed by the memory controller.

Latency in the computer is about the pause between the CPU instructing to perform data processing and the time taken to transfer and execute the data.

The RAM CAS latency is precisely the time taken to approach the data and fit it into the specific columns by the random access memory.

Also, make sure that the output is available to the CPU as instructed.

Which RAM Performs Faster C16 Or The C18 RAM?

The C16 RAM is going to perform an operation and complete the task after getting instructions from the Central processing in nearly 16 cycles.

The C18 RAM is going to have 18 cycles to finish the task after getting instructions from the CPU.

The C16 Teamgroup T-force RAM will surely need two clock cycles less time to process the data than the C18 Ram.

The C16 Ram has a minor time delay when receiving the data and processing it. In the case of C18, data processing is done in two clock cycles more than C16 RAM.

Hence, when discussing C16 RAM, for instance, we mean to say that the RAM module has a CAS latency of 16, also known as CAS16, CAS 16 timings, or CL16.


As stated above, C16 RAM will execute functions precisely two clock cycles faster than the C18 RAM Kingston Fury RAM.

Thus, it is evident for the RAM to be effective, the time delay in data operation should be less, and it should perform tasks faster as instructed by the CPU.

So, Which is better, the C16 vs C18 RAM?

It is not very easy to choose the best RAM for your PC, especially when all the options are best with only slight differences.

The difference is usually in the Column Address Strobe or Signal, sometimes there could be a difference in frequency or the RAM memory.

All these are important factors to consider when opting for new RAM for your Computer.

Some of these features are upto your choices and specification such as if you need more frequency or storage.

RAM Frequency

guide to RAM Frequency

What is the frequency of the Random Access Memory? It is one of the most important questions to consider when opting for the new RAM.

The RAM frequency ensures the time the RAM will take to transfer the data,, and it should be exceptional as well along with latency.

Your RAM’s speed or frequency is the actual estimation of the data transferred and data operation by your RAM in the least time possible.

The frequency also tells you about the amount of mega transfer the RAM can execute in the least time.

The faster RAM is ideal if you have to transfer a large quantity of data.

For instance, the RAM DDR4 with a frequency of 3200 MHz can process and has a transfer rate of 3200 overclock.

How Efficient Is The High RAM Frequency?

RAM Speed Matter

The Rate at which the RAM transfers the data is generally the essential feature to consider before installing the new RAM.

The frequency of the RAM could be between the minimum 2133 MHz up to 3200 MHz maximum number.

The more the number of the RAM frequency, the less time it requires to transfer the data and organize it and hence more data it can operate.

The low latency of the RAM could indicate less efficiency of the RAM.

As the delay time between the instructions given by the Processing Unit and the time taken to process the data will be more.

Although, at a certain point, the increase in the frequency will not impact the functioning of your PC.

This was when you reached a particular speed threshold, after which the amount of data processing by your CPU will get a maximum point and is not likely to increase.

You can watch this video to know more about your RAM details.

Trident Z DDR4 RAM

The Trident Z DDR4 is highly impressive and has great RAM. It has some unique specifications typically for gaming.

It will give you the RGB LED lighting feature that offers a significant visual effect for games.

RGB stands for the Red-Green, and the Blue RAM kit for a desktop PC causes the lighting of the desktop PC to give a visual effect.


The RGB LEDs could be handled manually by unlocking the Vengeance RGB RAM.

However, if you wish to enable the RGB lighting control for the visual effect in Trident Z., You have to allow the function of ‘DRAM SPD Write.’

This function will enable you to control the LED lights in the ASUS X99 motherboards. By default, the process is set on the disabled mode, so allowing it is required.

Also, the Trident Z Kingston Fury RGB DDR4 is an ideal and perfect RAM kit for gaming. It is known for its desktop memory.

The memory timing ensures the unrestricted playing of games and excellent RGB LED lighting.

However, the Trident Z RAM stick is built in a way to support low latency such as C14 or C15 RAM. The Trident Z is known for its faster RAM and 16GB DDR4 memory.

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Which Features To Consider When Buying Ram?

When buying the RAM for your computer, check for the frequency and CAS latency as they both play an essential role in the performance of your RAM.

The RAM’s speed and latency are connected to the clock cycle.

The RAM frequency confines the clock cycle length, while the CAS latency determines the clock cycle delay.

Why Do Two Ram Kits Have Different Performances With the Same Storage?

The two RAM modules with the same speed and memory may differ in performance based on the CAS latencies difference.

For instance, let us consider two RAM modules, the Corsair Vengeance  DDR4 with the storage of  16GB and 3200Mhz C16 latency and the Corsair Vengeance DDR4 with 16GB storage and 3200Mhz C18 latency RAM, both will have different performance.

Which one is better for gaming?

There is a lot of debate surrounding which type of RAM is better for gaming, C16 or C18. There are a few key differences between the two that may sway your decision.

C16 RAM has a lower latency, meaning it can access data more quickly. This can be beneficial for gaming as it can help improve FPS.

C18 RAM has a higher frequency, meaning it can handle more data at once. This can also be beneficial for gaming as it can help with loading times.

So, which one is better? It really depends on what you value most. If you want the quickest possible access to data, then C16 RAM is the way to go. If you want to be able to handle more data at once, then C18 RAM is the better choice.

Is DDR4 RAM Best For Gaming?

The DDR4T, or the double data rate fourth-generation, is the most advanced and vigorous RAM.

It is, without a doubt, the most delinquent computing memory type.

However, if you talk about gaming, then the DDR4 RAM kit dual-channel having a 3,000MHz clock speed Is ideal and best for gaming.

Can I mix C16 and C18 RAM?

The quick answer is no, you cannot mix C16 and C18 RAM. The two types of RAM are not compatible with each other and will not work together.

C16 RAM is designed for use with Intel processors, while C18 RAM is designed for use with AMD processors. If you try to mix the two types of RAM, your computer will not be able to boot up or may experience instability.

If you’re looking to upgrade your RAM, it’s important to know which type of RAM is compatible with your processor. To avoid any incompatibility issues, it’s best to stick with one type of RAM when upgrading or adding new memory modules to your computer.

Can I Use Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB For Gaming?

The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB is an ideal and attractive memory kit.

The best thing about the Corsair Vengeance RGB is that it overclocks well, which you can ensure by comparing it with another memory module.

However, when gaming, the corsair dominator platinum RGB has not had the best performance and may appear very basic.

What Is The Efficiency Of Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB?

The Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, with a memory of 16GB ( 2x8GB DDR4)

and a RAM frequency of 3200MHz is considered to be an excellent performing RAM.

It has the C16 clock cycle latency, which is also very efficient. Also, it has incredible desktop memory.

Many PC owners have confidence in Corsair’s Vengeance RAM being extremely reliable.

The Final Verdict

If you are unsure which RAM to choose for your PC, remember the simple rule: you should select the memory kit having the least CAS latency and the highest RAM frequency.

Therefore, if you have to choose between the same RAM frequency but the CAS latency C16 Vs C18 RAM?

It would be best to opt for the C16 as it has less delay clock cycle than C18. This means that it takes 16 clock cycles to complete the processing of the data when the CPU calls on it.

Although undoubtedly, the storage and the speed are more significant than the CAS latency in reality. But if you want high-performance and two RAM modules having similar rates, go with C16 rather than C18.

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