We’re in The Golden Age of Technology, but What Are the Essentials Today? 

It's the time of Golden Age of Technology - Find out what are the essentials

With millions of technology gadgets, games and devices out there, the decision on what technology is now essential to allow for a simpler life both personally at home, or in the workplace. What can loosely be described as the ‘internet age’ has allowed for innovations that have transformed the way we live. Many mundane tasks … Read more

6 Ways to Make Your iPhone Speakers Louder – Pump Up the Volume

How to Make Your iPhone Speakers Louder

If you’re experiencing trouble hearing your favorite tunes or podcasts on your iPhone due to low volume, don’t worry! Despite the iPhone’s excellent sound quality, there are times when you may need a little extra volume to fully enjoy your audio content. For example, we will consider the iPhone 11. But all our tips will … Read more

What Is A Renewed Phone? Is It Better Than A New One!

Renewed Phone - Is It Better Than A New One

When purchasing smartphones, you may see words like “renewed,” “pre-owned,” or “reconditioned” on different eCommerce buying pages. But exactly, what is a renewed phone mean? A “renewed” phone is a term used to describe a device that has been repaired and restored to like-new condition. Usually, this means the phone has been completely disassembled, all … Read more

What to Do When Uber Cash Is Not Working 2023: Resolving Payment Issues

Uber Cash Is Not Working

Uber Cash is a digital payment system offered by Uber, the popular ride-sharing and food delivery platform. It allows users to preload their Uber account with funds that can be used to pay for rides, food deliveries, and other services provided by Uber. How to use? Users first need to add funds to their account. … Read more

10 Ways To Fix Xbox Remote Play Not Working – Step by Step Instruction

Instruction For Fixing Xbox Remote Play

“Some people Say Video games rot your brain, But I think they work different muscles that maybe you don’t normally use” -Ezra Koenig. Who doesn’t like to play video games? I do! Did something happen like Xbox Remote play not working? Don’t know what you should do? Try and update the device to the latest … Read more

How Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work? Is It Really Worth For You?

do laptop cooling pads work

As a hardcore laptop gamer or other professional, you must use a laptop for a long time of the day. Also, to keep your work smooth and continued, you need to use some extra gadgets for your laptop, like stands, screen cleaner, or cooling pads. But, do laptop cooling pads work? “Yes.” Cooling pads for … Read more