How Much Thermal Paste is Too Much? – Tips for Optimal Application

thermal Paste

Thermal paste is one of the more subtle compartments of a PC that can have a huge impact on the level of performance of your processor. A proper application of thermal paste ensures more efficient cloak speed, heat management, and better overall performance. But it’s a pretty underrated thing that not a lot of people … Read more

Arctic Silver 5 Vs. MX4 – Which Is The Best Thermal Paste?

thermal paste Arctic Silver 5 Vs. MX4

There are many thermal pastes today, with big promises from their manufacturers. Arctic Silver 5 and MX4 are both excellent thermal compounds. They both offer excellent heat transfer, but there are a few differences between them. The Arctic Silver 5 vs. MX4 comparison is necessary because most users want to know which products will be … Read more

How To Clean Thermal Paste off CPU – Required Ingredients and Cleaning Process

Are you familiar with thermal paste? Thermal paste is a chemical mixture that is usually used to be an interface between the heat elements in a device. Thermal paste is known by different names, such as thermal gel, heat paste, thermal interface material, thermal compound, and so on. And most importantly, your pc contains thermal … Read more

How to Remove CPU Cooler – 5 Steps to Do Without Damaging any Other Components

Remove CPU Cooler

Every computer consists of a cooling fan, which helps the processor’s tremendous heat to cool down and operate flawlessly. And often, removing the cooling fan is essential to either clean or check the cooler.  In this case, how to remove the CPU cooler? After turning off the computer, firstly, you have to uncover the cooler. … Read more