Why Does My Computer Randomly Restart? [Explained & Fixed]

Why Does My Computer Randomly Restart

Sometimes, a computer randomly restart without any warning or error message. This can happen when the computer is first turned on or after it has been running for a while. But why does my computer randomly restart? Well, a few things can cause a computer to restart randomly. It could be a problem with the … Read more

CSM Vs. UEFI 2024- All The Differences Clarified Briefly 


While you are thinking about booting your computer, both the terms CSM and UEFI are widespread. But there are huge differences between these two. So to say, they are entirely the opposite roads to take while booting. So, in the case of CSM vs UEFI, CSM is an interface mode in the BIOS boot option … Read more

How To Update BIOS Without CPU? – Updating your PC’s Basic Input

How To Update BIOS Without CPU

Many of you are asking How To Update BIOS Without CPU. You have to use the BIOS Flashback to do so. Download the updated version in the BIOS flashback, and connect the flashback to the motherboard. Now give power to the motherboard through an SMPS. Lastly, press the flashback button for 3 seconds. As the … Read more

How To Change CPU Fan Speed Without Bios? – Reducing the Fan Speed

Change CPU Fan Speed Without BIOS

Ever wondered about the control procedure of your CPU fan? The control should be in your hands ‘cause from issues like overheating to reducing the fan speed, you need to control the CPU fan randomly. Though the procedure becomes easy when you use bios to control the speed, using bios to control the fan speed … Read more