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Is MacBook Pro 4K? – Remove Your Confusion Now 

MacBook Pro is famous for its fantastic retina display. This display is perhaps the most significant display on any computer, and this quality keeps the MacBook Pro in the front row.

The retina display of an Apple MacBook Pro serves you a remarkable visual experience. It offers eye-shooting colors, motions, and crisp quality.

However, nowadays, you can see many TV and PC offer a 4k monitor. As the MacBook Pro has an excellent display, you may ask; is the MacBook Pro 4k or not.

Does MacBook Pro offer a 4k display? This article will answer all your questions regarding the MacBook Pro having a 4k display. Continue reading to find out.

What Actually Does 4k Mean?

4k display is still a kind of new feature. Many of us know it refers to an excellent display. But we do not know what it actually means.

Before jumping to any conclusion, let’s have a gist of what actually 4k display means.

4k means a resolution like 1080p or 720p in which video or images can be displayed on a monitor. 4k refers to that it has 4000 pixels per horizontal line.

Also, 4k has types too. 4k UHD means 3840*2160 resolution. On the other hand, full 4k means 4096*2304 resolution. But both have the same aspect ratio of 16:9.

Is MacBook Pro 4k?

MacBook Pro M1

The answer is no.

Though pixels depend on the MacBook Pros model, they are not precisely 4k. As we mentioned, a 4k screen is 3840*2160 pixels. But a MacBook retina screen is usually 2560*1600 pixels. So, we can not consider a MacBook Pro display as 4k.

For example, the Macbook Pro monitor with a 13″ display has 2560 by 1600 native resolution. You can check out the Macbook Pro 13″ display specification from their official website.

Let’s see what resolutions other MacBook Pro models have.

As you can see, none of the models match the 4k dimension(3840*2160). MacBook Pro 16″ introduced in 2024 is a new MacBook Pro. Even this model does not have a 4k resolution screen.

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Why Is MacBook Pro Not 4k?

MacBook Pro

It is not like not having a 4k screen is a disadvantage for the Apple MacBook Pro. Apple has multiple monitors which have more extraordinary screens than 4k like iMac Pro models.

Primarily, on a small screen, 4k is not worthy. It is more about pixel density than resolution. Due to battery drain, VRAM use, GPU stress, etc., issues apple decided to keep the MacBook Pro simple.

Let’s look at the reasons why the MacBook Pro is still good without a 4k screen.

Visual Experience

Apple MacBook Pro offers a retina display. This retina studio display is nothing less than 4k in the naked eye. With a vector graphic look, crisp fonts, and Adobe RGB color, it serves a refreshing visual experience.

Battery Life

Mac Pro is already filled with advanced CPU, SSD, USB, keyboard, and speaker tech. Adding a 4k display would be too much pressure on the battery. So, you are getting more battery power.

Thinner = Better

Another reason why Apple doesn’t offer a 4k monitor for MacBook Pro is they are obsessed with the thinner Product. For instance, 16 inch MacBook Pro is 1.62 cm in height. So, it is thinner than a number 2 pencil.

So, for system preference and other beneficial considerations, a MacBook Pro does not offer a 4k display. But their retina display is nothing less than a 4k display.

What Happens When You Play 4k Video On A MacBook Pro?

play video on macbook pro

Suppose you are watching a 4k resolution Netflix show on your new MacBook Pro. What will happen as a MacBook Pro monitor is not 4k?

When you play a 4k video on MacBook Pro, it scales down or matches the pixels with its system preference. So, MacBook will match a 4k video with its native display resolution controlling the aspect ratio.

Apple has 4k monitor Products. 27″ and 21.5″ iMac has a Pro Display XDR. It offers the best 4k monitor of apple studio display. But none of the MacBooks or Mac Pros come with a 4k monitor.

However, do not worry about the picture quality of the Mac Pro at all. It is almost impossible to catch the difference in the naked eye. Even in video editing, it does not affect you that much.

Use External Monitors With Your MacBook Pro

Whether it is for your satisfaction or work purposes, you can use an external display with your Mac Pro. Even a MacBook Pro can handle up to 6k external displays.

However, the connection process is simple. All you need to do is to connect the external monitor and Mac Pro. You will need the help of an accurate cable and accurate port.

You need to know about USB c connectivity like USB c hub, USB c cable, USB c monitor, USB c port, USB c docking station, etc. Also, you need to understand OSX, HDMI adapter, k display, HDMI port, etc.

From Apple Support, go through Set up and use Apple Pro Display XDR and Adapters for the ports on your Mac or iPad Pro for a clear understanding.

Let’s see for which display you need to connect which cable and port.

External Display type Connection
VGA Projector or display Connect the display to a thunderbolt port on your Mac Pro with a USB C VGA multiport adapter.
HDTV or HDMI display Connect the display to a Thunderbolt / USB 4 port on your Mac Pro with a USB C digital AVmultiport adapter.
USB C display Connect the display to a thunderbolt port on your Mac Pro with a USB C adapter/cable.


Note: The new 2024 MacBook Pro HDMI port only supports the 2.0 standard.

People Often Ask

MacBook Pro 4K Questions

Does M1 Mac Support A 4K Display?

Yes, the M1 MacBook air supports 4k monitors. Even the M1 MacBook supports two 4k displays, one with an HDMI port and one connected to the USB-C ports.

How Many External Displays Can M1 Max Connect?

You can connect up to four external displays on MacBook Pro if you are using a Mac with M1 max. You need to use Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) and HDMI ports.

Does A MacBook Pro Use Intel?

Until now, there are three intel Mac with Intel chips. They are the 2018 Mac mini, the 2019 Mac Pro, and the 2020 27-inch iMac.

Can A Dell Monitor Be Used With A MacBook Pro?

Yes, it is possible. For example, dell ultrasharp is a good option. You will need to use a VGA adapter if the Dell monitor only has a VGA port.

Can I Daisy-Chain Monitors On MacBook Pro?

The Mac does support daisy-chaining monitors. If the first device on the chain is a genuine ThunderBolt device, chain monitors can be possible.

Will Mac ever be able to stream 4k?

MacBook Pro models with an integrated Intel graphics card may not be able to handle 4K video as well as those with a dedicated graphics card. Additionally, the performance of the MacBook Pro may also depend on the video codec used by the streaming platform.

It is possible that anytime soon, the new upcoming models will have the ability for streaming 4k!

The Ultimate Answer

We have cleared out the answer to your question regarding ‘is MacBook Pro 4k’. The answer is no.

MacBook Pro does not contain a 4k display. Usually, a 4k monitor has a 3840*2160 resolution. On the other hand, a MacBook Pro display usually has a 2560*1600 resolution.

Apple did not take a 4k display into consideration for MacBook Pros, because they give value to battery life, visual experience, and thinner products.

However, the retina display of the MacBook Pro is nothing less than a 4k monitor. It will match any 4k video with its resolution. Also, you can use an external monitor with your MacBook Pro.

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