12 Alternative Things To Use As a Mousepad – With DIY Making Process

An appropriate mouse pad is one of the essential things which provides a better working experience on the computer. You can quickly get some great mouse pads in the shop, but it becomes a complicated issue when you think about the alternative things to use as a mousepad.

Don’t worry! You need not be tense. Some excellent alternatives for a mousepad, DIY mouse pad-making process and every detail of these small things have been described in this article.

Alternative Things To Use As a Mousepad

Because PC touchpads aren’t an excellent substitute for a mouse pad for certain people, many people must use a mouse with their PCs. The following are possibilities for a mouse pad substitute if you are on a trip and a crisis occurs, and you need to do some work on your PC but do not have your mouse cushion on hand.

1. Bedsheet


The bedsheet may also be used. With a bit of elbow grease, you’ll be able to use the bedsheet as a mouse pad in no time.

2. Cardboard

Since they’re so dense, cardboards make excellent mouse pads. It is possible to use them, even though they aren’t relatively smooth.

3. Duct Tape

Conduit tapes have a wide range of applications. These are perfect for making a homemade mouse cushion. Cut off a few roll pieces around the same length and attach them from the front and rear. Your mouse pad is all set. Also, you may make them appear wealthy. They are decent mousepads.

4. Folder


An excellent mouse cushion may be made from an organizer. It’s carried by the vast majority of students and employees alike, whether they’re in school or working. They may put it to a variety of different uses.

5. Book in Hardcover

These will also perform well. The only consideration is size, and the larger, the better. Any size will be beneficial in a crisis, regardless of the circumstances.

6. Lap

In the event of an emergency, you may use your lap. It’s not tough to use your lap, but it’s still better than doing nothing at all. It’ll take care of your task.

7. Magazine


Everywhere you go, you can find a magazine. A substantial publication is preferable to a thin one. Make sure the surface is level and smooth. This item will provide an excellent mouse pad.

8. Paper

You don’t have to go far to find a few sheets of paper. Make a DIY mouse cushion by stacking them one on the other. It’s a miracle worker. However, if you have sweat-soaked hands, you’ll want to transform them as often as possible.

9. Table Mats

Choosing the proper matting is the only genuine concern here.

10. The Wooden Desks

Wooden Desks

The absence of a mouse cushion may be easily remedied by using a wooden work surface as a mouse cushion.

11. Waxed Paper

It doesn’t seem that wax sheets have any connection to computers; they’re often seen in kitchens. However, you may use it as a mouse cushion due to its smooth surface. Remove a strip off the roll and set it aside.

12. Old T-shirt

This is probably the most common option, and it’s not bad if you don’t need a lot of padding. Not only is this pad affordable and easy to find, it also works great as a surface for your mouse. All you need is some fabric scissors and you’re good to go!

Some of the alternatives to a mouse cushion are shown in the list above. Yes, you can give them a go and see what happens.

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Benefits Of Using a Mousepad


The following are some of the most significant benefits of a gaming mousepad or the alternative things to use as a mousepad.

Customizing Your Gaming Environment

When you have the ideal extended gaming mouse pad, you’ll feel forced to keep your keyboard and mouse as the only items allowed on the mat. When compared to a desk that does not have this option, other objects will immediately end up making their way onto the allotted area, which tends to become highly irritating. It may not seem like a huge advantage.

Less Stumbling

The thrill of a high-intensity game might cause your mouse to lose control, resulting in you losing your focus and swerving off course. As you have a decent mouse pad that doesn’t allow any unnecessary movement, your gaming performance naturally improves when you put your hand down. As a result, you have complete control over every single action that takes place inside it.

Increased Capability

Another reason why gaming mousepads are so important is that they allow you to practice your talents to their maximum extent. The talent level of two players may only be compared and studied if all equipment-related issues and constraints are addressed.

Exceptional command

If you have ever played a game with the enthusiasm that gamers do, you know that they transfer their souls to the characters in the game and want every order to be precise. Reiterating this point is very crucial. Mousepads enable this type of peripheral control regardless of how carefully you tune the mouse sensitivity and ease of use in the game.

DIY Mouse Pad: How to Make Your Own?

DIY Mouse Pad

Anyone who uses a desktop computer knows how important a good mousepad is. Playing around with your mousepad’s design may be enjoyable. You’ll be able to customize the size and design to fit your desk better if you construct it yourself.

Stage One: Make A Computer Mouse pad Base

  • Pick up a cardboard box. Determine how big you want your mouse pad to be by measuring and cutting it. The average size of a mouse pad is 8″ x 10,” but you may personalize it to suit your needs.
  • Prevent slipping by laying a non-slip foundation. There is nothing worse than attempting to use a mousepad and having it drop about on your desk.
  • A thin self-adhesive foam padding sheet should be cut out. This will offer your mouse a smooth surface to travel around on and should be the same size as your cardboard piece.

Stage Two: Add The Decorative Top Layer

  • Creating your mousepad is a great way to personalize it to fit your work environment.
  • Decide on a material for the decorative top layer of your mousepad after you’ve decided on your design.
  • You’ll need to trim whatever material you choose to fit the base of your mousepad. With clean-cut edges, you want it to fit perfectly over the top of your foundation.
  • Attaching the fabric or paper top to the base is the next step after cutting it to size.
  • The translucent contact paper will preserve your artwork while allowing your mouse to travel freely.

Stage Three: Creating a Temporary Mousepad

using mouse

  • You’ll need a small book or another flat item, a plastic envelope, and some tape to construct a rudimentary pad. If you put a book inside the envelope, you’ll have a smooth surface on which to move your mouse. If you don’t have an envelope handy, a zip lock bag can nicely do the job.
  • This works best if you have a plastic envelope. Smooth and lightly cushioned, it’s a comfortable seat option.
  • This will allow you to utilize your mousepad on a smaller surface. If you desire a very big mousepad or wish to reuse the envelope, you may leave the envelope entire.
  • Masking tape or transparent tape may be used to seal the envelope’s corners. Your weight will not fall out when you use this.
  • You may skip this step if you genuinely need a mousepad for an optical mouse straight immediately. However, keeping your pad firmly in place on your desk while using it is an advantage.

How Do I Determine Which Mouse Pad Is Right for Me?

The ideal ergonomic mouse pad will feature a tiny raised region at the bottom of the mouse pad that provides wrist support. In most cases, the elevated part will not exceed 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm) in height, which should be enough to support the wrist of the ordinary individual.

  • An ergonomic mouse pad’s material, especially the wrist support region, influences its quality.
  • Depending on the brand, wrist supports may be constructed of memory foam or silicone gel. In general, both of these materials are soft enough to be pleasant on your wrists without compromising on support.
  • The most excellent ergonomic mousepads are slightly tilted, have enough wrist support, and are high-quality materials.
  • Most people’s hands tend to be slightly angled to the right using a mouse.
  • When it comes to using a computer, ergonomic mousepads are often intended to suit the natural angling of the hand when using the mouse.
  • It should be easy to get an ergonomic mouse pad that matches your preferences due to the wide range of colors and sizes available.

Hard Mouse Pads VS Soft Mouse Pads: Which One Is Best For Gaming?

hard vs soft mousepad

Mouse Pads come in two varieties: hard and soft. They are unique in their ways and provide a unique gaming experience. A person’s taste is very influential. You may prefer one sort of mousepad over another, depending on how it makes you feel. Let’s look at how they compare to making an informed choice.

Criteria Hard Mouse Pads


Soft Mouse Pads


The smoothness of the surface The top layer of a hard mousepad is polypropylene, making it sturdier. Because it’s so slick, it can’t be bent at all. Your mouse will travel much more quickly because of the surface’s smoothness. Clothes and textiles are used to create soft mousepads. It doesn’t have a smoother surface than its complex cousin.


Cleaning A firm mouse pad may be a huge help when reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do. There is no smear or greasy residue to be seen on the firm plastic. On the other hand, soft mousepads are prone to stains, dirt, and spills and may absorb everything that falls on them.


Control With a firm mousepad, you may find it difficult to adjust the speed and aim at first. To get the most out of your mouse, you may need to lower its sensitivity. On the other hand, the cloth mousepad makes it simpler to regulate the movement of the mouse. Because of the resistance between the mouse and pad, you can swing and aim accurately.
Size One drawback of the firm pads is that they are only available in an abridged length. So, there is a limited amount of room for the mouse to maneuver. Because of this, soft pads are becoming more popular. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. Depending on the size of your gaming desk, you may want to choose between a long and a short mouse pad on the desk surface.
Durability Polycarbonate mousepads are more trustworthy than rubber ones, even though both are believed to be long-lasting. Because these pads are made of hard plastic, you don’t have to worry about losing their shape after washing.


However, the edges begin to fray if you wash a softer pad.


Which Particular Mouse Pad That You Chose The soft mousepad is a must-have whether you’re just starting gaming or need something for your day job.

Because of the friction on the surface, you have excellent control and accuracy. This mousepad also makes aiming much simpler.

However, if you want to play more quicker, a firm mouse is the best choice. It features a slick and smooth surface that makes it easier to aim.

As a result, it’s a popular option for shooter games because of its high speed and pinpoints accuracy.

There is no clear winner in this contest, and the final decision is left to the individual player—the only way to find out which one is to give it a go.

You may obtain a better experience and discover an excellent match for your gaming style by trying both of these alternatives.



Effect of Mousses Pads on

Soft mousepads were the norm in the past. The first computer mice included a rollerball to detect movement, and this rubber or metal ball required a soft, cushioned mouse pad to work correctly.

The rollerball was housed within the mouse and rested on a slot at the bottom of the device. The wireless mouse ball would roll over the mouse pad as the user moved the mouse over it, delivering data to the computer.

Without a good mouse pad that provided enough friction for the ball to move, the mouse could not do its job. You can still use it if you don’t have a mouse pad on the hard surface, but it won’t be as exact.

Gameplay Affected by Mouse Pads


When using a soft mouse pad, you get more friction, which slows you down a little bit but makes you more maneuverable. Playing a game requires that your mouse movement be halted at a particular time.

If you can stop in-game on a dime without overcorrecting, then a soft pad may not be necessary for you. As long as you’re careful, you can keep your involuntary motions from being picked up by a soft mouse pad. Using a hard mouse pad reduces the amount of friction, allowing for a significant speed improvement.

A Mouse Pad’s Interesting Facts

The usage of a fabric mouse pad has been hotly debated in the computer community for some time. The mouse hard pad was a need in the early days of computers because it provided a surface for the rollerball to rest on. A regular mouse pad is no longer required to use your mouse.

  • A padded mouse pad provides a wrist rest. As a result, a hard day at the office becomes more bearable.
  • Are you an avid video game player? It’s essential to pick a gaming mouse pad composed of a firm substance if you want to move quickly without experiencing any latency.
  • A stylish design or logo may be added to a cloth mouse pad. This provides visual appeal to an otherwise dreary work environment.
  • The investment is worth it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. There are several reasons to continue using a mouse pad!
  • Protects your desk from becoming damaged over time using a mat. The fact that you can avoid causing harm to your workplace will make you delighted.
  • With a pad below, your mouse is less likely to be harmed. If food crumbs, dirt, or oil are left on a desk, the tracking function may gather them up.

Using Your Mouse On What Surfaces Are Not Recommended?

To keep your mouse’s performance intact, you may be wondering what surfaces to avoid.

Surfaces with Deformities

Your mouse may have problems if the surface is bumpy or rough. Because the mouse will hop and bounce about on the surface, it might be challenging to manage. Using a mouse pad or removing the wild places may help.

Table with a Glass Top

Even though glass surfaces are safe to use, the mouse is vulnerable to fingerprints. If you move your mouse too fast, your cursor will hop around, and tracking will become incorrect.

Surfaces with a high gloss

Glossy surfaces might impede the performance of your computer’s mouse. Your mouse will be more difficult to operate if it is covered with dust and filth. Furthermore, since it can only see its reflection, the mouse’s response will be less precise.


In addition to causing trouble with your mouse, plastic surfaces also tend to collect dirt and dust. In addition to making the buttons more difficult to press, this may also cause the surface to slide.

Reflective Properties

When you move your mouse around on a slick mouse pad, it might reflect light, resulting in a dull picture and a delayed reaction. You’ll lose accuracy and have your cursor leap about if you move too rapidly when using this surface.

Comfortable Fabrics

The softness of foam or cloth mousepads may lead to troubles with your computer’s mouse. It will be tough to use if you move your mouse fast around the surface.

As a result, your mouse movement will have to be slowed down, which is not ideal if you are already accustomed to moving your mouse quickly around the pad or cloth. These surfaces might make it challenging to keep your wheels on the ground.

Questions & Answers For Alternative Things To Use As a Mousepad

What material is best for a mouse pad?

Material. In general, roller ball mice prefer soft mousepads, whereas optical mice prefer firm mouse mats. Neoprene or any other rubber substance is glued to a cloth surface to provide soft mousepads. This provides a smooth, non-slip surface that is affordable, practical, and pleasant to walk on.

How do you clean a mousepad?

Spritz the old mouse pad with some mild dish soap. Keep in mind that a tiny amount goes a long way. Scrub the mousepad from top to bottom with the brush to remove any stains, grease, or dirt. Set the best mouse pad to dry on a towel with the cloth side down and thoroughly rinse it before placing it on the towel to dry.

Is Mouse Pad essential for gaming?

Even though mousepads aren’t the most apparent accessory for PC gaming for the gamer, they’re worth the investment… A gaming mouse pad’s most significant feature is its smooth gliding, which can only help players increase their precision. We strongly advise you to get the best mousepad you can afford while building your gaming system.

How do you clean a mousepad with RGB?

Shut off your RGB mousepad. Wring out as much water as possible from the microfiber cloth after soaking it in warm water with a bit of mild dish soap. You don’t want any water to get into contact with your electrical devices. Use a moist, soapy cloth to thoroughly clean the large mouse pad of any oil, grease, or grime that may have accumulated.

How often should I clean my mousepad?

To keep your gaming mousepad clean, you should wash it several times a year or if it becomes very filthy. Washing your pad regularly, mainly if you use it every day, can help prevent it from becoming too germy. To avoid permanent stains, wipe up any spills as soon as they occur.

Can you use the desk as a mousepad?

If you’re looking for a place to do some work while also using your mouse as a desk pad, the desk is likely not the best option. Most surfaces are textured and slick, making it difficult to keep your mouse stationary and accurate.

Can you use a yoga mat as a mousepad?

Generally speaking, you should not use a yoga mat as a mousepad because the surface is not smooth and there are likely bumps and creases that could cause problems when using the mat as a mousepad. Additionally, the rubber grips on some yoga mats can also make it difficult to move the mouse around smoothly.


A mousepad isn’t necessary at this phase since there is no elastic ball to keep the surface in place. Also, you just need to know the alternative things to use as a mousepad to overcome some silly moments while using a computer without a proper mousepad.

Regardless, of whether you’re using your mouse on a computer with partial or complete artificial intelligence, you’ll need a different mouse pad. It should be both comfortable and durable to get the most usage out of your RGB mouse pad. Check whether your mouse cloth pad is comfortable to use for extended periods.

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