Learning Different DRAM Light On Motherboard – With Potential Solutions

DRAM light

The motherboard serves as the backbone of the computer, connecting all of its parts at a single point so they may communicate with one another. Some motherboards on specific PCs may flash different Dram lights when you run your PC, indicating something is wrong. However, the DRAM light on the motherboard is confusing. There are … Read more

3 Quickest & Easiest Solutions For Homekit Automation Not Working – Effective Troubleshooting


You can not deny that Homekit automation is one of the best features served by Apple. It makes life way easier and cooler, doesn’t it? However, the feature is not free from tech issues. Many users claimed to face issues with their automation not working. I bet you are here because of this problem too. Luckily, … Read more

How To Know If You Got DDoSed? 3 Possible Ways & All Solutions!

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Most people have heard of the term “DDoS attack,” but how to know if you got DDoSed? There are a few telltale signs that a DDoS attack may have hit … Read more

5 Most Pervasive Problems In Lenovo Monitor Power Saving Mode – Troubleshooting the Issues

Lenovo Monitor Power Saving Mode

Lenovo monitors are known for their quality and performance, but some users have been confused about why the power-saving mode is turned on by default. If you’re looking to conserve energy or reduce eye strain, the Power Saving Mode on your Lenovo monitor can be a helpful tool. However, some users encounter an issue where … Read more

Graphics Card Not Displaying Anything – Causes And Solutions

graphic card causes and solutions for not working

Is your PC running perfectly but the graphics card not displaying anything? A dark screen and that’s all that you are experiencing? Well, the most potential reasons behind GPU-related errors usually involve faulty Installation, Dust layers, Backdated Driver Software, or Power Supply Compatibility. We’ll get you covered here in this article by providing all possible … Read more

Is Your Thinkpad Mouse Not Working? – Reasons and Solutions

Thinkpad Mouse

If your laptop is working well, but your Thinkpad Mouse is not working? You have landed in the right place.  Touchpads are so convenient to use anywhere with just the tip of your finger.  However, these touchpads are also prone to malfunction. What to do, If The problem is Thinkpad Mouse Not Working? Well, in … Read more

Lenovo Yoga Not Charging – Get Rid of The Problem

Lenovo Yoga

Despite being plugged in, your Lenovo can show a not charging notification. This can happen due to some internal issues. A few troubleshooting techniques can easily save you from facing the problem. So, why do you sometimes face issues like Lenovo Yoga not charging? Well, there may be several reasons behind it. Basically, it can … Read more

Why One AirPod Dies Faster? – Explained & Solved Everything

AirPods Troubleshooting - One AirPod Dies Faster

Using wireless AirPods necessitates constant monitoring of their remaining battery life. AirPods batteries will eventually run out, and you can end yourself wondering, “why does One AirPod die faster?” When one of the AirPods batteries dies quicker than the other, it might be because the user is more often utilizing it. If one of your … Read more

reCAPTCHA Not Working Safari – Ways Of Troubleshooting 

In this internet era, you often have to perform specific reCAPTCHA tests to prove that you are a human, not a robot while browsing. Sometimes, after checking the right boxes and images, it tends to error when you hit the submit button. When the reCAPTCHA is not working on Safari, an outdated browser, free VPN, … Read more

7 Reasons For Outlook Search Not Working – Mac Monterey With Proven Solutions

Mac Monterey With Proven Solutions for outlook not working

Incorporating communications, time management, and other automated functions, Outlook is a helpful tool for everybody. On Macs, several users found that Outlook search did not function. This might be problematic when you need to locate a particular email quickly. It is not uncommon for Outlook search not working Mac Monterey. Mainly, the Outlook search does … Read more