10 Methods To Fix Your Steam Remote Play Controller Not Working – Get Back in the Game

Steam remote controller

As long as you have a controller, you may play with other gamers via Remote Play Together. But, sometimes, you may have a problem like your Steam remote play controller not working. If you encounter such issues, then follow these solutions: Verify game files integrity The controller isn’t working Keep updating your clients Fix problems … Read more

14 Proven Ways To Fix Your Monitor Speakers Not Working! – No Sound? No Problem!

If you are having problems with your monitor speakers not working, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. They are: Restart Your Computer Enable Audio Through BIOS Check The Cable Connections Check the Audio Output Settings Confirm HDMI Audio Is Selected Replace The Faulty Sound Card Run Audio … Read more

Ethernet Suddenly Not Working – 13 Solutions With Guidance

slow connection issues

After struggling with the slow connection issues for a long time, I switched to Ethernet from WiFi. Honestly, I was utterly satisfied with the outcome. But then, last night, I saw that my Ethernet was suddenly not working. A few measures can be beneficial when the Ethernet shows problems like not working unexpectedly. Some of … Read more

Why Is My Amazon Household Not Working? – Quick Solution To This Issue


Is your Amazon Household not working? Have you attempted to share your Amazon Household Prime benefits with others but encountered problems? Do you need to find a quick solution to this issue? Then it would be best if you continue reading this article. Why is my Amazon household not working? Your Amazon Household’s not working … Read more

What To Do If Your UPS Tracking Number Not Working! – Easy Steps To Overcome This Issue

How to track package United Parcel Service (UPS)

Tracking numbers are assigned to packages when they are shipped. The tracking number allows the package to be tracked as it moves through UPS’s network. But you may often face silly issues like UPS tracking number not working. Thousands of people also have reported this same issue in recent weeks. So, what should you do … Read more

Why Is My PS4 Fan Not Working? How To Fix It – Problems and Solutions

PS4 fan overhaeting

The PS4 game console offers great entertainment to its users. Players can stay hours immersed in gaming. But like most gadgets, the hardware components of the device can malfunction. Suppose your device is getting too hot while in use; it’s a sign of your PS4 fan not working. Turn on the console and listen for … Read more

What to Do When Uber Cash Is Not Working 2024: Resolving Payment Issues

Uber Cash Is Not Working

Uber Cash is a digital payment system offered by Uber, the popular ride-sharing and food delivery platform. It allows users to preload their Uber account with funds that can be used to pay for rides, food deliveries, and other services provided by Uber. How to use? Users first need to add funds to their account. … Read more

10 Ways To Fix Xbox Remote Play Not Working – Step by Step Instruction

Instruction For Fixing Xbox Remote Play

“Some people Say Video games rot your brain, But I think they work different muscles that maybe you don’t normally use” -Ezra Koenig. Who doesn’t like to play video games? I do! Did something happen like Xbox Remote play not working? Don’t know what you should do? Try and update the device to the latest … Read more

5 Proven Methods To Fix Your Spacebar Not Working On Mac

Methods For Fixing Your Spacebar

Spacebar uses the macOS Accessibility APIs. When you run the spacebar for the first time, you should be asked if you want to allow access. If you are experiencing an issue with your Spacebar on a Mac, you may be wondering why is Spacebar not working On Mac. There may be several reasons the Spacebar … Read more

Is Your Thinkpad Mouse Not Working? – Reasons and Solutions

Thinkpad Mouse

If your laptop is working well, but your Thinkpad Mouse is not working? You have landed in the right place.  Touchpads are so convenient to use anywhere with just the tip of your finger.  However, these touchpads are also prone to malfunction. What to do, If The problem is Thinkpad Mouse Not Working? Well, in … Read more