Peloton Won’t Turn on the Bike – Fix It Now!

Peloton Won't Turn on the Bike tips

Have you ever been riding your Peloton bike, and suddenly the screen goes black, and the pedals stop moving? You may have wondered, “why won’t my peloton bike turn on?” The most common reason for your Peloton not working is that the bike is not plugged into a power source, loose power cable, or the … Read more

Peloton Resistance Knob Not Working: How to Fix it?

Peloton resistance knob

Peloton is an excellent bike to get fit in your home. You can enjoy a lot of features with this bike. However, users might face a few problems, and the peloton resistance knob not working is one of them. If you’re experiencing resistance knob problems, the first step is to check the knob itself. Check for signs … Read more

8 Ways To Fix Your Peloton Touch Screen Not Working – Keep Working Out!

How to fix Peloton bike touchscreen

The Peloton bike is a high-end exercise bike that offers a variety of features, including a 21.5-inch touchscreen display. However, as with any piece of technology, there can be issues from time to time.  Also, one issue that some users have experienced is that the Peloton touchscreen not working, but why and how to fix … Read more

Troubleshooting Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Battery With All Other Issues – Cause and Fix

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Troubleshooting

What if you didn’t use a heart rate monitor throughout your spinning class? The Peloton Heart Rate Band is specifically designed to work with Peloton products and helps you get the most out of every type. A variety of measurements, interactive features, and heart rate zones make it simple to release the perfect effort at … Read more