Quickly Fix The Problem: Cable Not Connected Monitor Acer 

Acer Monitor Cable Not Connected

I have fixed three Acer monitors this week that were getting error messages like “cable not connected.” The models of the monitors were Acer 22″ G227HQL, Acer K272HUL, and Acer G215h. No matter the model, this issue can happen anytime with any monitor. This is another irritating silly tech problem you can have, and the … Read more

Peloton Won’t Turn on the Bike – Fix It Now!

Peloton Won't Turn on the Bike tips

Have you ever been riding your Peloton bike, and suddenly the screen goes black, and the pedals stop moving? You may have wondered, “why won’t my peloton bike turn on?” The most common reason for your Peloton not working is that the bike is not plugged into a power source, loose power cable, or the … Read more