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Peloton Resistance Knob Not Working: How to Fix it?

Peloton is an excellent bike to get fit in your home. You can enjoy a lot of features with this bike.

However, users might face a few problems, and the peloton resistance knob not working is one of them. If you’re experiencing resistance knob problems, the first step is to check the knob itself.

Check for signs of cracks or dents in the knob and corrosion. If there are any chunks missing from a plastic casing, then that would also prevent the proper function of your equipment.

If you are facing the same problem, you don’t need to worry as we have the solution for you.

In this article, we will explain why it happens and the solutions to it.

Key points

  • There is a manual resistance knob and an auto-follow magnetic resistance knob that is automatic on this stationary bike.
  • Most problems are in the automatic version of the resistance knob available on the bike plus.
  • You can fix most issues easily, but if not, you can contact Peloton support anytime.

How does the knob work?

The Peloton resistance knob is located on the handlebar of the bike. It allows riders to adjust the level of difficulty they are experiencing while riding. The knob can be turned in either direction, which makes it easy to find the right ride for any individual. The knob also features a lock system that prevents it from being turned too far in either direction.

Why is the Peloton resistance knob not working?

The Peloton resistance is a tricky system, especially the automatic version. The manual resistance knob has no problems, at least not serious ones. However, since the Peloton bike plus is an android robot, it has problems with your computer and mobile phones.

Therefore, here are the problems on your bike that could lead to your magnetic-resistant bike malfunctioning.

Metrics are not showing up

One problem arises when the Peloton metrics on your screen do not show up.

The metrics include speed, cadence, output, distance, calories, and, most importantly, resistance.

When the metrics are not showing up or messed up, you know something is wrong with the screen or Peloton app.

The bike is not turning on

Another problem is when your bike doesn’t turn on! If the bike doesn’t turn on, neither will you be able to use the resistance feature.

Sadly, this is a common problem that people face as well.

The knob not turning properly

Knob not turning properly

This is one problem with manual knobs when they don’t turn properly!

This could be due to a lot of problems; however, it is pretty easy to fix as well.

Cleaning your bike should prevent this issue from arising.

The knob setting is not right

Sometimes no matter what you try, the knob setting of the bike just doesn’t fit!

It is a pretty common problem for beginners who don’t know how to use the bike yet.

However, it is also an easily fixable mess, although a very annoying issue.

Can’t attend the class

If you have their subscription, you might have trouble entering the class or working with the auto-follow feature of the bike.

Again, there are ways to fix the issue, so do not panic and keep on reading the article.

How to adjust the resistance on Peloton bikes?

To understand the problem, you have to first know how to control the resistance knob on the bikes.

What are the resistance knobs used for anyways?

Well, this resistance feature increases the heaviness of your bike, which in return allows you to use more force which is better than cadence.

This helps you to train harder with higher resistance, which normal indoor bikes just don’t allow.

How to use the Auto-follow resistance?

PelotonAuto-follow resistance

Now, if you have a bike plus from Peloton, the resistance can adjust by itself!

This means the bike determines when to apply more resistance and when to simply let you glide.

This automatic adjustment happens because Peloton uses metrics to readjust, which then helps your performance.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1

For this, you must first go to an on-demand class that is accessible through a subscription.

You have to keep paying $39 to access these classes, or you will only have three recorded ones.

Well, these recorded ones will work fine as well.

However, there will not be a lot of variety in the resistance course.

Step 2

Go to the resistance tab that is found on the bottom right corner of the metric section of the tap.

Here you will find a “lock” option which should be clicked.

Step 3

The icon should get highlighted, which means that auto resistance mode is one and will continue throughout the class you are attending. Wait up to 24 hours after an on-demand class is uploaded to get the resistance feature.

How to use the manual resistance knob?

manual resistance knob

Suppose you have the older version of the Peloton bike; you have to use the resistance manually to adjust it.

Even if you have the bike plus version, you can choose to manually adjust resistance which will add friction to your choice.

Many people prefer this as it gives them more control.

Therefore, here are the two simple steps to use the original Peloton bike.

Step 1

Find the red resistance knob on your bike.

Step 2

Rotate it at the front frame to the right to increase resistance and to the left to decrease resistance level.

If you are doing everything right, the resistance knob should turn smoothly with no error.

Moreover, during the Auto-follow mode on the bike plus, the change in resistance should be smooth.

If not, there is a problem in your technique or your bike that needs to be addressed.

How to fix the issues?

Now let’s jump on to all the ways you can try to fix the mess.

There are some basic fixes and some more complicated ones, but we explain them all.

Remember, the Peloton bike is another one of your android gadgets as it is mostly automatic.

Turn it on and off

Like most computers, you can fix most issues by turning this machine off and on.

Simply touch the top button on the back of the touchscreen to power it on and off.

Restart the machine

You can also reset the monitor if nothing else works.

You already know where the power button is; just hold it for 10 seconds to restart the bike.

Unplug the cables

Another fix is to unplug the two cables behind the monitor.

Check the cables to ensure they are not damaged, and then wait at least 10 seconds to plug them back in.

Make sure to plug the cables harder than last time to ensure they are completely inside the socket.

Re-calibrate it

Re-calibrate it

This is especially useful when the settings of the bike have gone haywire.

The machine gives a way to calibrate, and a calibration tool kit is also available.

To calibrate it, you just need to go to the screen and tap on it, which will show you a screen with your bike’s hardware.

Tap the corner of that small screen multiple times until the Sensor Calibration screen appears, and then tap “get started” to start the process.

Check the internet

As you know, the bike needs the internet to work, so if your connection is bad, the touchscreen and the resistance of your bike will not work, and you will not be able to work out.

Along with checking the internet, leave any class you attend and re-enter.

Update it

Another reason your metrics are not showing or the screen of your bike is not working is that the bike needs a software update.

You will find new updates at the bottom right of the screen and just update your bike.

Clean the knob

For problems with the manual resistance knob, simply make sure that the knob is clean.

There can be sweat and other grimes in the bike knob, which might prevent it from turning smoothly.

Take a wet cloth and wipe it down between all the threads of the knob and the pedal; it should work much better.

Contact Peloton support

If nothing seems to be working, just contact peloton support, who will be able to help.

If the problems arise within 12 months of you purchasing it, they might even replace the whole bike for free or at the very least send their technician to look at the problem.


Peloton Knob faqs

What does the red knob do on Peloton?

That is the resistance knob that controls the level of resistance that you want.

This is used to manually control the resistance.

The knob can be turned right or left to control the resistance level, allowing more control over how hard you want the cycling to be.

How do you check resistance on Peloton?

The resistance level of the bike is displayed on the screen.

The level cannot go below one and above 100.

You can also control the resistance from the screen; however, it is a more complicated process that might work.

You can also feel the resistance with how hard it is to turn the pedal.

Does Peloton have a reset button?

Peloton reset button

Peloton has a reset button, but it’s not really that easy to use. The reset button is on the front of the bike, just above the handlebars. To use it, you have to stop pedaling and shift your weight over to the pedal in the back (the one with the brake). Then you have to push and hold down the reset button for about a second until it starts flashing. After that, you can start pedaling again.

How do I know if my Peloton needs calibration?

If you are experiencing difficulty with your Peloton bike, or it is not moving as smoothly as it once did, you may need to calibrate it. There are a few things you can do to check if calibration is necessary:

  1. Check the gears – If they seem to be slipping, or if the bike seems to be struggling to move in any specific gear, it may be time for calibration.
  2. Try different levels of resistance – If the bike feels easier when riding on lower settings, your Peloton may need calibration.
  3. Test out different routes – If your Peloton is not behaving well on standard routes, try testing out some new routes that you think might work better for the bike.

What is the warranty on a Peloton bike?

The normal warranty you get extends up to 12 months, but you can purchase other plans that will extend the warranty.

There is a 24-month warranty, and a 48-month warranty can replace the bike in case of damage or send a technician to fix any issues free of cost.

Does Peloton adjust for weight?

It only depends on resistance and cadence and how much effort you put into adjusting the resistance.

The Peloton bike does not adjust to weight as its output is not based on weight.

The more effort you put in, the harder the resistance will get, which will make it harder to pedal.

What is a good resistance on Peloton?

Too little resistance will not do anything extra for your training, whereas if the resistance is too high, it can hurt your knees and back, which will cause more harm than good.

According to trainers, 75% to 80% is the best resistance setting; one doesn’t need to get above that.


Now you know how to properly use the bike and how to deal with the problem of the peloton resistance knob not working that you might face during Peloton workouts.

The bike is a little complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it is a very good exercise tool that doesn’t get boring.

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