How To Restart Apps On Samsung TV? – 9 Troubleshooting Steps To Do That!

Samsung Tv restart apps

There are a variety of apps available on Samsung TV, ranging from streaming video and music apps to productivity apps and more. Restarting applications on your Samsung TV regularly is vital if you want to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. But how to restart apps on Samsung TV? If you want to restart an … Read more

YouTube Vanced Not Working: Does Vanced Really Exist Now?

youtube vanced problems and solutions

Ad blocking, background playback, pinch and zoom, and a host of other features are available with YouTube Vanced. This app is being developed by YouTube to produce a full-featured YouTube app for Android mobile phones. If YouTube Vanced not working for you, here are a few easy steps to fix it! Open the app after … Read more

How To Solve Discord Pop Out Not Working 2024 Explanation – Quick Fix

Discord Pop-Out Notifications Not Working

One of the features of Discord is the ability to “pop-out” the chat information into a window in the corner of your screen. If you’re a streamer, you know how helpful the Discord app is. However, there are times when the chat in Discord can be out of sight. Possible causes of Discord pop out … Read more