Corsair LL120 VS. Corsair QL120

Corsair LL120 VS. QL120: Know The Quietest Partner Of Your PC!

Corsair’s RGB fans are the perfect addition to any PC build with an RGB theme. Most popular fans of Corsair, like LL120 and QL120, feature RGB LEDs that can be controlled using Corsair’s RGB fan controller or motherboard RGB software.

But is the difference between Corsair LL120 VS. QL120?

The Corsair QL and the LL models are both RGB LED fans that offer significant lighting effects. However, there are some key differences between the two. The Corsair QL120 is a 120mm fan, while the LL120 is a more significant 140mm fan, but the LL120 also has a higher maximum RPM, making it better for cooling larger systems.

In this blog post, I will explain the difference between Corsair QL120 and the LL120 and help you decide which fan is best for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Comparison Table Of Corsair LL120 VS. QL120 Fans

  Corsair LL120 QL120
Size 120mm 120mm
Material Plastic Plastic
Airflow (CFM) 43.25 52.19
Dimension 4.72x 4.72”x 0.98” 4.72x 4.72”x 0.98”
Static Pressure (mmH2O) 0.7 1.45
Sound Level (dBA) 25 31
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Lighting RGB RGB

Key Features Of Corsair LL120 RGB Fans

Corsair LL120 RGB Fans

  • The Corsair LL120 RGB fan is a 120mm high-performance cooling fan with excellent cooling performance.
  • It features 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs that can be controlled using the Corsair Lighting Node Pro or Corsair Link software.
  • The fan also has a PWM control for precise speed control and a low-noise design for quiet operation.
  • A 2-year warranty backs the Corsair LL120 RGB fan.

Key Features Of Corsair QL120 RGB Fans

  • The Corsair QL120 RGB fans are some of the best-performing RGB fans on the market.
  • They offer excellent airflow and static pressure, making them ideal for cooling radiators and CPU coolers.
  • The QL120s come with 12 RGB LEDs in each fan, for 36 RGB LEDs across all three fans.
  • The Corsair QL120s also has a remote control, so you can easily control the RGB lighting without reaching behind your computer.
  • The QL120s are also compatible with Corsair’s LINK software, so you can easily control the fan speed and lighting effects.

Detailed Comparison Of Corsair LL120 VS. QL120 Fans

Comparison Of Corsair LL120 VS. QL120 Fans


I put the Corsair LL120 and QL120 fans side by side and did a noise test. The results are below.

Corsair LL120:

This is a great fan and performed well in our noise test. It had a 25, very quiet dBA sound, and you could barely hear it.


This model is also a great fan and performed well in our noise test. It also had a 31dBA sound, which is comparatively quiet, and you could barely hear it.

Corsair LL120 and QL120 fans are great choices if you are looking for a quiet fan. They both performed well in our noise test, and we could barely hear them.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

When it comes to looks, the Corsair LL120 has the edge over the QL120. The LED lighting on the LL120 is much more vibrant and brighter, and the fan blade has a lovely glossy finish that makes them stand out. The QL120, on the other hand, has a more muted look with its matte black finish.

Speed Comparison

The Corsair LL120 is a 120mm fan with 16 dynamic RGB lightings. It has a maximum airflow of 43.25 CFM and a maximum noise level of 25 dBA.

The QL series fan 120 is also a 120mm fan but has 18 RGB LEDs. It has a maximum airflow of 52.19 CFM and a maximum noise level of 28 dBA.

So, which one is better? The LL120 has a lower maximum airflow, but it also has a lower noise level. The QL120 has a higher maximum airflow, but it also has a higher noise level.

Cooling Capacity

Corsair LL120 Cooling Capacit

As we know, both Corsair LL120 and QL120 are very popular RGB LED fans. And they also have excellent cooling performance. So, which one is better?

Corsair LL120 has 12 RGB LEDs that can produce 16.8 million colors. And it has a maximum airflow of 43.25 CFM. Meanwhile, QL120 has 16 RGB LEDs that can produce 10 billion colors. It also has a maximum airflow of 52.19 CFM.

So, from the specs above, we can see that QL120 has better cooling performance. It has higher airflow and more LEDs that can produce more colors. Therefore, QL120 is better if you want a suitable RGB LED fan with excellent cooling performance.

Built Quality

In terms of build quality, both the Corsair LL120 and QL120 are very solid. The LL120 has a bit more of a premium feel to it, thanks to its all-aluminum construction.

The QL120, on the other hand, is made mainly of plastic. That said, both fans are very well-built and should last a long time.


In terms of performance, both fans are excellent. However, the LL120 has a slight edge over the QL120. The LL120 is capable of moving more air and is also quieter.

It offers better airflow and static pressure, making it ideal for use in radiators and heatsinks. The QL120 is still a great performer, but it’s not quite as good as the LL120.


Regarding durability, both the Corsair LL120 and QL120 are tough and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, the LL120 is slightly more durable than the QL120, thanks to its reinforced frame.

The LL120’s blades are also more resistant to damage, making them the more durable option.

Price Comparison

Finally, in terms of price, the Corsair LL120 is the more expensive option. However, it’s still very reasonably priced, considering its performance and build quality. The QL120 is also a great value, but it’s not quite as good of a deal as the LL120.

Build Aesthetics: LL120 vs. QL120

Corsair QL120 VS LL120 Comparison

When it comes to building a custom PC, aesthetics are just as important as performance. Both the Corsair LL120 and QL120 offer excellent RGB lighting effects, but there are some differences in their appearance.

The Corsair LL120 has a glossy finish on the fan blades, giving them a more premium look. The RGB lighting is also brighter and more vibrant, making them stand out in any build. However, the LL120 is only available in a 120mm size, which may not be ideal for larger builds.

On the other hand, the Corsair QL120 has a more muted appearance with a matte black finish. However, it has 12 RGB LEDs in each fan, creating a total of 36 RGB LEDs across all three fans. The QL120 also comes with a remote control, allowing for easy customization of the RGB lighting without reaching behind the computer.

Corsair QL120 vs LL120: Which One Should You Buy?

Corsair has been a reliable name for PC cooling and has produced some great fans over the years. The LL120 and QL120 are two of Corsair’s most popular RGB LED fans and offer excellent performance and looks.

So, which one should you buy?

The Corsair LL120 is a great fan, but the QL120 offers better performance. The QL120 has a higher airflow rating and slightly higher top speed. The LL120 is quieter, but the difference is so small that it’s not worth mentioning. The QL120 is also a bit more power efficient.

In terms of physical dimensions, both fans are the same size. The QL120 is slightly heavier, but this difference is negligible.

So, if you’re looking for the best performance, the QL120 is the way to go. If you’re looking for a bit quieter, the LL120 is a good option. But, overall, the QL120 is the better fan.

Can You Mix And Match Corsair QL120 & LL120 Fans?

Yes, you can mix and match Corsair QL120 & LL120 fans. The two fan models are compatible and will work together just fine.

You can mix and match the colors of the fans to create a unique look for your PC build. Whether you want to go for a coordinated look or a more mismatched aesthetic, it’s up to you!

So there you have it! You can mix and match Corsair QL120 & LL120 fans to create the perfect look for your PC. Have fun mixing and matching different colors and styles to create a one-of-a-kind build that will turn heads.

How To Install Corsair QL120 & LL120 Fans?

Before you start, ensure you have all the necessary hardware and tools. You will need:

  • Corsair QL120 or LL120 fan
  • Mounting screws (the size will depend on your fan model)
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Case fan controller (optional)
  1. Start by removing the existing fans from your case. If replacing an existing fan, simply unscrew it from its mounting location. If you are adding new fans, you will need to drill new mounting holes.
  2. Carefully align the Corsair QL120 or LL120 fan over the mounting holes and screw it into place using the provided mounting screws.
  3. Connect the fan to your case fan controller or motherboard using the 4-pin connector.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each additional fan you install.
  5. Once all the fans are installed, power on your computer and enjoy the increased airflow!

How To Connect Corsair RGB Fans To Motherboard?

Installing Corsair QL120 Fans

Assuming you have the Corsair RGB fans and an RGB-capable motherboard:

  • To connect the Corsair RGB fan to the motherboard, ensure that the 4-pin RGB header is present on the motherboard.
  • You must purchase an RGB LED Controller if your motherboard does not have a 4-pin RGB header.
  • Next, locate the 4-pin RGB header on the motherboard.
  • Using the supplied Corsair RGB fan connector, plug the 4-pin RGB header into the correct location on the motherboard.
  • Once plugged in, you should see the RGB LED on the fan light up.
  • Repeat this process for each fan if you have multiple Corsair RGB fans.
  • You can now control the RGB lighting on the fans via your motherboard’s RGB software.

People Often Ask More

Corsair Fans

Is The QL120 Fan From Corsair Good?

For the most part, the Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB fans are meant to enhance your build’s appearance. Neither the RPM speed nor the static pressure is very high.

Thus it can’t be considered high-performance. Even so, it does an excellent job of keeping your system cool and looking attractive at the same time.

Is LL120 Worth It?

One of my favorite pieces of hardware is the LL120. All the fans are built to a high standard, with thick, sturdy blades that scream quality as soon as you open the package. Because the blades are white, the RGB effect stands out, and the results are stunning.

Are Corsair LL Fans Maglev?

Magnetic-Levitation Bearing ML Pro RGB Series Fans are the latest innovation from Corsair. Corsair has released ML Pro RGB fans after the debut of their non-RGB ML fans in 2016.

These fans have RGB LED lights. Corsair’s magnetic-levitation bearing technology is now combined with RGB lighting in the new fans.

Is Corsair L120 Magnetic?

It comes with 3 packs of the Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation RGB LED PWM fan with Lighting Node.

The “Amazon’s Choice” selections are goods that have received excellent customer reviews and are currently in stock and ready to ship.

Are Magnetic Levitation Fans Good?

Yes, magnetic levitation fans are generally considered good due to their unique bearing technology.

Magnetic levitation fans (also known as maglev fans) use magnetic fields to levitate the fan’s rotor, resulting in less friction and noise.

This means that maglev fans can run more quietly and efficiently than traditional fans with bearings.

Maglev fans are also known for their durability and long lifespan due to the reduced friction and wear on the bearings.

However, magnetic levitation fans can be more expensive than traditional fans, so the cost may be a consideration for some users.

Overall, maglev fans are a good choice for those who prioritize quiet and efficient cooling.

Which Is Better, QL Or LL?

Because of this, the QL fan has more LEDs on its backside than its LL counterpart. As a result, when the LEDs are on, the fan emits more light on both sides. This fan runs 600-1500 RPM, whereas the one in the QL runs 525-1500 RPM.

Are The QL120 Loud?

In terms of loudness, they are rated between 18 and 26 decibels. Even at full fan speed, the QL120 only produced a maximum noise level of 43.7 dB, which is somewhat louder than the Noctua fans in our office but not nearly as loud as the Noctua fans in our lab.

Finally, Is QL120 Better Than LL120?

So, Corsair LL120 VS. QL120, which one of these Corsair fans is the better option for you?

The QL120 is an excellent choice if you want more airflow and don’t need RGB lighting. If you want RGB lighting, then the LL120 would be your better fan. It comes with 16 independent LEDs that can be customized to your liking.

Plus, it has a built-in controller that lets you change the colors and effects on the fly. Both fans are very high quality and will keep your PC running cool, so you won’t be disappointed with whichever one you choose.

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