AppleCare and verizon Insurance comparison

AppleCare VS Verizon Insurance: Choose The Best For Your Gadget’s Future

It’s easy to get phone insurance, but finding the proper one isn’t always that simple. And the cost of coverage varies depending on the manufacturer and model of your phone, with plans costing anywhere from $4.25 to $18.00 per month depending on the coverage you choose.

But when it comes to AppleCare VS Verizon Insurance, which one to select?

The primary difference between Verizon and AppleCare is that Verizon offers additional insurance choices, including $29 for broken screens, Call Filter Plus, and deductibles.

Additionally, you may acquire AppleCare within 60 days of receiving your iPhone, regardless of whether you purchased it directly from Apple.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between AppleCare and Verizon Insurance so that you can make an informed decision for your gadget’s secured future.

What is AppleCare?

aplecare plus

AppleCare is a warranty program that provides customers with coverage for accidental damage, malfunctions, and other issues with their Apple products. The program allows users to get help from Apple if their device stops working or they experience other issues. It extends the manufacturer’s warranty by providing additional protection for customers.

The program includes coverage for devices purchased in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In addition to devices purchased through an Apple Store or online store, it also covers devices repaired or replaced under warranty by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

AppleCare is available as a one-time purchase or as an annual subscription. The one-time purchase offers coverage for up to three years of devices while the annual subscription offers coverage for up to two years of devices. Customers can choose which type of plan they want to purchase.

AppleCare+ is a premium option that offers added benefits such as phone support and expert diagnosis and repair. It costs more than the standard plan but provides increased protection for customers.

What is Verizon Insurance?

verizon Insurance

Verizon Insurance is a mobile insurance provider that offers total protection for your devices and data. With Verizon Insurance, you can be sure that if something happens to your device or data, Verizon will help cover the cost of repair or replacement.

This includes coverage for devices and data when you’re traveling, in the event of a lost or stolen device, and even for loss of use. In addition to mobile insurance, Verizon also offers general liability, property damage, and auto insurance. So whether you need coverage for your devices and data or just basic insurance protection, Verizon has you covered.

Main Comparison Of AppleCare VS Verizon Insurance

Name AppleCare Verizon Insurance
Cost Free $13.00
Security Features Unlike Squaretrade’s mobile phone insurance, this plan has a few additional security measures. There are about five distinct levels of protection from which to select.
Coverage Hardware failures, theft/loss coverage Loss, theft, and accidental damage
Same day repairs No Yes
Backup Services Invaluable data is not protected by AppleCare. There are 3 excellent plans to protect your data
Value For iPhone owners, AppleCare is the best phone insurance available. Ideal for ensuring your safety from any unexpected events
Customer Service It’s a given that customer service will be excellent. Verizon’s service contract program is backed by world-class customer support.

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Detailed Comparison Of AppleCare VS Verizon Insurance

verizon Insurance vs AppleCare comparison

Added Safety Measures

Consumer-grade cellphones such as the iPhone have the highest level of security. Unlike Squaretrade’s mobile phone insurance, AppleCare’s protection package offers a few security measures. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to purchase AppleCare.

There are around five different Verizon wireless cellular insurance coverage levels to select from.

These include theft, loss, unintentional damage, and manufacturer’s flaws in the top three categories.

In addition to everything listed above, the latter two plans feature a few more perks that are not mentioned.

Insurance And Covered Deductibles

Both of AppleCare’s plans include a decent deal of coverage. AppleCare is available for all iPhone models, including the 12 Pro Max, XS Max, and the SE. The regular AppleCare+ plan covers only unintentional damages.

Nevertheless, for a few more dollars a month, you may purchase theft and loss coverage. A new gadget comes with a $150 deductible.

Compared to the Akko Phone Insurance plan, you’ll save up to $5 per month by purchasing Verizon’s Extended Warranty. If your phone is stolen, lost, or destroyed by accident, you cannot acquire a new one.

For $3.10 to $6.85 a month, the wireless device protection plan provides coverage for unintentional damage to the minimal minimum.


Service For Backup And Recovery

Most insurance plans don’t secure your vital data, and AppleCare isn’t any exception.

However, it would help if you did not let this deter you from purchasing AppleCare. In addition, up to two instances, each year are covered without any questions being asked.

These remaining alternatives, including the complete mobile protection coverage, the wireless phone protection coverage, and the Verizon protect cover, vary only in the addition of Verizon Tech Coach VPN safe WiFi and a secure digital package.


If you remember, back in the day, AppleCare+ was a dreadful bargain. On the other hand, Apple recently updated both plans with lower replacement device rates and expanded coverage.

For iPhone owners, AppleCare is now the essential iPhone insurance.

If you’re willing to pay almost $1000 on the phone, there’s a Verizon Insurance plan out there that will protect you in an accident.

Customer Service

We’re dealing with Apple, after all. The quality of the company’s customer service will undoubtedly be exceptional.

Compared to Best Buy’s Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan or any other third-party insurance provider, it is leagues ahead of the competition.

The Verizon total mobile protection is the cheapest option with the best customer service and tech support.

Even though it’s less expensive than Squaretrade’s phone insurance plan, the deductibles aren’t as high.

What’s The AppleCare And AppleCare+?


AppleCare is the company’s primary insurance coverage, and it is included for one year with every new device.

To extend your device’s warranty and safeguard it from harm, you may pay for AppleCare Plus (AppleCare+).

AppleCare Plus covers a wide range of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, in the event of unintentional damage.

The Apple iPhone Store should be able to screen repair your device if you accidentally drop it in the water or spill coffee on it. Keep in mind that AppleCare Plus does not cover all of your expenses.

As with any insurance coverage, you’ll be required to pay a deductible, which may be anywhere from $20 to $2,000, depending on the circumstances of your claim.

Discouragement of non-critical occurrences and ensuring that only legitimate users make claims are the goals of this policy.

If you’re a newbie to iOS or macOS, AppleCare+ is a must-have.

A Look At The New AppleCare+

In the Apple store and on, you’ll be presented with AppleCare+ at checkout, and authorized Apple resellers may also offer it.

However, you have a few days to make up your mind. There is a page on Apple’s website to find out whether your device is eligible for AppleCare+ and how long you have to buy it (60 days in the US and 30 days in Japan).

If you’re still eligible, the newest iPhones and iPads will encourage you to sign up for AppleCare+ at the top of Settings. AppleCare+ (with or without Loss and Theft insurance) may be purchased straight on your device by tapping on the icon and seeing how many days are left in the current subscription.

After a repair, unprotected iPhones and MacBooks may now be covered by AppleCare+, according to a change made in December 2024.

The out-of-warranty repair expenses will still need to be paid before purchasing AppleCare+, and you must also fulfill the following criteria:

  • The device was repaired by an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store.
  • In most cases, the iPhone or Mac was acquired less than a year before the repair.
  • A physical check and tests show that the item is functional.

 Benefits Of AppleCare+

  • The most apparent advantage of purchasing AppleCare+ is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your phone is protected in the event of a malfunction.
  • It makes sense to go with Apple just as you would with other smartphone makers.
  • Apple Stores across the globe provide same-day repairs and maintenance.
  • Technicians may also come to your home or business to fix your screen.
  • Insurance plans from third parties may be less expensive, but they lack the same degree of customer care.

Drawbacks Of AppleCare+

  • It will cost $199 per year for AppleCare+ to safeguard your iPhone 11 Pro, plus an additional $100 for theft and loss insurance.
  • Customers are urged to buy a plan to go along with their new smartphone, but the offer expires after 60 days.

Verizon Insurance: A Quick Overview

Verizon Insurance care

Asurion administers Verizon’s four plans, which range from a manufacturing-issues-only warranty to a complete Verizon Protect plan, for consumers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to secure your gadget from faults or if you’re searching for comprehensive protection for a wide variety of devices.

All Verizon plans allow unlimited claims for broken screens at the industry-standard $29 charge, unlike other carrier-provided choices that feature high deductibles.

However, depending on the phone model, the deductibles for repairs and other damages might be relatively high.

For Verizon subscribers, Total Mobile Protection or Verizon Protect are excellent alternatives since they provide comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.

Just decide whether you’re willing to spend the additional money on some valuable extras.

Verizon Insurance Benefits

  • Unlimited $29 screen repairs for $29 and all-inclusive loss and theft coverage make Verizon’s insurance options worth the money.
  • As a bonus, Verizon Protect offers a wide range of security and privacy options.
  • The Tech Coach app and the Security Advisor are also included in this package: battery replacements and 24/7 assistance.
  • Verizon provides some of the most outstanding LTE coverage in the United States and a variety of postpaid Verizon mobile protection plans to choose from.
  • Services like Verizon Phone Insurance’s technical assistance, privacy and security features, and spam call screening.

Verizon Insurance Drawbacks

  • If you’re prone to accidents, a high deductible for additional damage and replacements might disqualify you.
  • These plans aren’t accessible to New York customers or residents.

What Is Covered By AppleCare For Macs?

Your Mac (of course), the battery when its capacity is less than 80%, and the accessories that came with your Mac are covered by AppleCare and AppleCare+.

The cost of repairs is cheaper with AppleCare and AppleCare+ than without it. Damage to the screen or enclosure on a Mac will cost you $99 per occurrence. – $299 will be charged for additional damage.

Per 12-month period, you may have no more than two incidences.

What Does The iPad’s AppleCare Plan Include?

Compared to the Mac or iPhone, AppleCare+ for the iPad is a little more limited. For every 24 months, you’re only permitted two incidences, which works out to one occurrence every year.

The Apple Pencil and the iPad and any accessories that came with it are all covered (if you purchase one). Additionally, you are entitled to phone assistance for two years.

In contrast, iPad repairs cost $49 every visit, while Apple Pencil repairs are just $29 per visit.

Before making a purchase, keep in mind that this policy does not protect you against the possibility of loss.

Is It Possible To Extend Your Current Insurance Coverage?

apple devices

Yes, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind, and they may or may not be worthwhile in the long run.

You must bring your current phone to a Verizon shop so that it can be evaluated, and a tariff may be given to you that is acceptable to Verizon.

Having a new phone registered in the insurance program means that you’ll pay a fixed fee from the beginning.

As long as they reduce your rate on an annual basis, you should be OK.

If possible, you should avoid the phone assessment. Most of the time, these reviews aren’t all that complimentary.

Getting insurance for your phone might become impossible if you obtain a terrible deal.

What’s The Best Verizon Phone Insurance?

The true answer to this query may depend more on the kind of phone you’re using than anything else.

However, we have established that Apple Care’s charges for Apple phones are cheaper than Verizon’s existing rates.

At least for the brand’s current models. One additional claim is included in your Verizon contract per calendar year.

However, the cost of your deductible will be higher. Again, we’re referencing the most recent model of the best-selling iPhone.

If you have an older cell phone, Verizon will lower your monthly bill.

People Also Ask More

apple mac

1. Can I Receive AppleCare If I Purchase Via Verizon?

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased your iPhone directly from Apple or via a carrier or another vendor; you have 60 days after getting your phone to buy AppleCare+.

2. Is AppleCare Worth The Money?

Even if there are still some limits on claims, AppleCare dramatically decreases the stress and cost of accidental damage repairs or replacement devices. However, it still costs a lot of money for coverage with specific deductibles and restrictions on claims.

3. What Does AppleCare Not Cover?

When it comes to your Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, HomePod, iPad, iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 13 pro max, FrepairiPod, or Apple- or Beats-branded headphones becoming damaged or needing repair, AppleCare+ has you covered. AppleCare+ does not cover issues that arise due to flaws in the design, materials, or labor.

4. Does AppleCare Cover Water Damage?

Spilled Water on Your Macbook

All of your responses. Water damage is not covered by either the one-year manufacturer’s warranty or the two-year AppleCare+ extended warranty. AppleCare+, on the other hand, has a deductible and covers up to two incidents of hardware damage, including water damage. Whether you have AppleCare or AppleCare+, water damage is not covered.

5. After 60 Days, Can I Purchase AppleCare?

A year after purchasing an AppleCare+ membership, you may bring your device to an Apple Store for a free checkup to see if there are any issues. You may sign up in person if the technician permits it.

6. Is It Possible To Get AppleCare Beyond The First Two Years?

Two things should be kept in mind. If you already have AppleCare, you will have to wait until the end of your current plan to add it. To keep your policy in effect, you must renew it within 60 days of the expiration date. Apple will not inform you when your AppleCare+ coverage expires unless the law requires it.

7. What Voids Does The Apple Device Warranty?

All consumable components, including batteries, are excluded from this guarantee unless a fault caused the failure in materials or artistry; cosmetic damage, such as scratches, dents, and broken plastic on ports; and damage caused by using another device are also excluded from this warranty.

AppleCare tips

8. Which insurance is best for iPhone?

If you own an iPhone, you should definitely consider purchasing AppleCare. AppleCare is a one-time purchase that provides coverage for your iPhone in the event that it is damaged or stolen. With AppleCare, you will be able to receive a replacement device or refund, depending on the damage done.

Verizon also offers insurance for iPhones. Verizon insurance provides coverage for your device in the event of accidental damage, theft, or loss. While Verizon does not offer a replacement device option like AppleCare does, they do offer a refund and support for repairs.

AppleCare & Verizon Insurance: Which Is The Best?

So, AppleCare vs Verizon Insurance, which one is for you? AppleCare insurance may be better for you than Verizon insurance, mainly if you are on a budget for deciding which insurance to purchase.

It’s also worth noting that Verizon insurance doesn’t cover devices if they’re not connected to the Verizon wireless network.

AppleCare, for example, costs just $15 per month or a total of $250 upfront, making it more affordable than the insurance premiums charged by Verizon.

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