QL vs LL Corsair

Corsair QL VS Corsair LL – Which One Provides The Best Cooling System? 

Corsair is a famous name in the computer parts industry. Besides the computer-making industry, many of us now prefer to customize our own PC. When it comes to the cooling system, the Corsair fan serves the best. 

Corsair offers the best RGB fan in the market. They are updating their products in structure and performance. QL and LL series fans are examples.

120mm fan of Corsair QL and LL series is the most popular. Though QL & LL fans share most of the features, they have some differences in performance and design. 

Our Corsair QL VS LL article will show you the comparison and contrast between these two pc fans. Let’s jump into that and find out which fan makes your pc cooler. 

Corsair QL VS LL PC Fans

Corsair fan is popular for their excellent performance and design. Corsair LL series and QL series fans almost have the same features in case of performance and design.

The primary difference between QL fans and LL fans is in illumination, frame, airflow, and sound capacity.

QL fans have a more spectacular lighting system and sound capacity than LL Fans. QL offers a semi-transparent background frame, whereas LL offers a front & back holder. Also, the QL fans supply less airflow pressure than LL fans. 

However, both QL and LL series fans have hydraulic bearing types, a lighting node pro, and an RGB fan hub. Also, they both are PWM fans (Pulse width modulation).

Corsair QL120 VS Corsair LL120

Among QL and LL series fans, QL120 RGB fans and LL120 RGB fans are widely known. Their differences and similarity represent the comparison and contrast of QL and LL series fans more clearly. 

So, let’s see their comparison chart. 

Area  QL120 RGB fan LL120 RGB fan
Fan blade  Slim and Strong 

Color: white 

Slim and Strong 

Color: white 

RPM (rotation per minute) 525-1500 (10% +/-) 600-1500 (10% +/-)
Frame  Semi-transparent background  Front and back holder 
Airflow pressure 

(in cubic feet meter)

41.8 CFM  43.25 CFM
Lighting  34 individual settings  16 individual settings 
Bearing type  Hydraulic bearing Hydraulic bearing
Sound capacity  26 Decibel A 24.8 Decibel A
Manufacturer Warranty  2 years  2 years 
Price  Comparatively expensive  Reasonable 
Special feature iCUE software  Case fan 

Now it is time to go into the deep and explore the details. 

Which Fan Contains Better Structure?

Corsair QL120 VS LL120

Regarding structure, the two fans are not so different. QL and LL series fans share the same size structure. They both are 4.72 inches in height and width. In addition, they both are 0.98 inches in depth. 

However, the corsair LL series fan is lighter than QL in weight. A LL series fan is a better case fan than a radiator fan with a front & back holder. 

On the other hand, after the latest update, QL RGB fans now have a minted semi-transparent background set up.

Which Fan Offers A Better Design?

If we look at their constructive design, the RGB fans share similar design types. 

  • They both have hydraulic bearing types. 
  • They both have pulse width modulation. 
  • They both have slim and strong blades. 

However, they both offer a lighting node pro and an RGB fan hub. But, QL120 RGB PWM fans combine the lighting node pro and RGB fan hub in one unit.

Which Fan Has Better Fan Speed?

RGB fans

Fan speed is essential because the cooling significantly depends on it. Apparently, an LL Corsair RGB fan rotates more than a QL RGB fan per minute. 

On average, an LL120 RGB PWN fan rotates 600-1500 (10% +/-) per minute. On the other hand, an iCUE QL120 RGB PWN fan rotates 525-1500 (10% +/-) per minute.

Which Fan Manages Better Airflow Pressure?

Better airflow pressure=better cooling system. You need to check the airflow pressure because it develops the performance of your CPU as well. 

LL series fans manage airflow pressure at 43.25 cubic feet of meters. On the other hand, QL series fans manage airflow pressure at 41.8 cubic feet of meters.

Which Fan Has Better Lighting?

The lighting effects have made these two fans significantly different. A QL Corsair RGB fan has better PC spectacular lighting than a LL Corsair RGB PWN fan. 

Let’s see the difference in a table. 

Corsair QL RGB PC Fan Corsair LL RGB PC Fan
Has 34 LED addressable individual light settings Has 16 addressable individual light settings
Takes 13 volts at maximum Takes 13.2 volts maximum
Has inner, outer, and backside lighting  Has only inner and outer lighting 
Offers lighting node core  Offers lighting node pro 
Has four distinct light loops  Has two separate light loops

As it is defined that the QL series has the best lighting, how about we have a look?

Which Fan Makes Less Noise?

Noise is a big factor regarding PC fan performance. Besides cooling the system, Corsair fans are also famous for creating less noise. 

If you compare the data number, QL fans are one step forward than LL fans. QL fans have a sound capacity of 26 decibels A. In contrast, LL fans have a sound capacity of 24.8 decibels A.

We have already mentioned that LL fans have more speed than QL fans. Due to more speed, LL fans technically make more noise than QL fans. 

Which Fan Is Easy To Install?

Which Fan Is Easy To Install

The installation process is relatively easy for both fans. Most of the installation tasks are identical for both fans. Even a 140mm fan follows the same process.

You can check the QL series manual and LL series manual to understand how easy the tasks are. 

Which Fan Is More Expensive?

Comparatively, Corsair PC fans are a little bit more expensive than the other fans on the market. But the brand has fair reasons behind this. That is why their website stays sold out most of the time. 

Comparing QL and LL, QL fans are more expensive than LL fans. The extraordinary lighting effects settings are responsible for this price difference.

You can check out the QL120 RGB fans and LL120 RGB fans on Amazon. This will help to compare the products and the price as well. 

Corsair ML VS QL & LL

Corsair ML series fans are also famous in the market. ML fans are more futuristic and advanced than QL and LL fans. It uses magnetic technology to perform. 

However, ML fans are the fastest in the cooling process with their great thermal compound. They have 75 cubic feet meter airflow pressure too.

Regarding fan speed, ML fans are not near QL fans or LL fans. ML fans have 450 RPM (rotation per minute) only. But it has made the fan less noisy. 

ML focuses more on advanced technology and noise control than lighting effects. It only has four RGB lighting settings. Overall, ML fans are next-level PC fans in budget. 

Let’s see the lighting difference between them. 

People Often Ask

What Is The Core Difference Between QL And LL?

The core difference between Corsair’s QL and LL series of fans is the intended use and design.

QL series fans are designed for high-airflow environments, such as PC cases, where the focus is on moving as much air as possible through the system to keep components cool. They feature large blades and high-speed motors and are optimized for maximum airflow.

LL series fans, on the other hand, are designed for cooling systems that require a balance between high cooling performance and low noise levels. These fans are optimized for use on radiators and other cooling components and have specialized blades and motors that are optimized for high static pressure and low noise levels.

In summary, QL series fans are focused on maximum airflow, while LL series fans are focused on balanced cooling performance and low noise. The choice between the two depends on the specific cooling requirements of the system.

What Do QL, LL, And ML Stand For In Corsair?

What's the difference between RGB fans

In Corsair, QL, LL, and ML are product lines of PC cooling fans.

QL stands for Quiet Light, which refers to the fan’s quiet operation and customizable RGB lighting.

LL stands for Low-Noise, which refers to the fan’s focus on low noise levels while still delivering high cooling performance.

ML stands for Magnetic Levitation, which refers to the fan’s use of magnetic levitation technology to reduce friction and increase longevity.

Each series offers different features and designs to meet specific cooling requirements, such as high airflow, low noise, and long-lasting performance.

Do You Need iCUE For LL Fans?

iCUE is Corsair’s proprietary software that allows users to control and customize the lighting, fan speeds, and other features of their Corsair components, including the LL series of fans.

Using iCUE is not strictly necessary for the LL fans to function, but it does provide additional functionality and customization options. With iCUE, users can set custom fan speeds, control RGB lighting, and monitor system temperature and other parameters.

So, while the LL fans will work without iCUE, the software can enhance the overall user experience and provide additional control and customization options. Whether or not to use iCUE is up to personal preference and the specific needs of the system.

What Does Commander Pro Do To LL Fans?


The Corsair Commander Pro is a central controller that allows users to manage and control various Corsair components, including the LL series of fans.

When used with the LL fans, the Commander Pro provides a centralized control point for managing the fan speed and lighting. It also allows users to monitor system temperatures, control RGB lighting effects, and set custom fan profiles.

The Commander Pro connects to the system via USB and provides an easy-to-use interface for controlling fan speeds, lighting, and other system parameters. By using the Commander Pro, users can easily manage their LL fans and other Corsair components without having to access the BIOS or use multiple software applications.

In summary, the Commander Pro enhances the functionality and control of the LL fans by providing centralized control, monitoring, and customization options.

Are Corsair LL fans good for radiators?

Yes, Corsair LL fans are suitable for use on radiators. The Corsair LL series of fans are high-performance, low-noise fans that are designed specifically for use in PC cooling systems. They are equipped with customizable RGB lighting, adjustable fan speeds, and optimized airflow and static pressure profiles, making them a popular choice for use on radiators.

The Corsair LL fans are designed to deliver efficient cooling performance, even at low speeds, making them well-suited for use on radiators. They are also equipped with a high-quality bearing mechanism that helps reduce noise and increase longevity, which is important for a component that is running 24/7.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performance fan for your radiator, the Corsair LL fans are a great choice. Just be sure to select the correct size fan for your radiator and make sure that the airflow and static pressure specifications are suitable for your cooling needs.

The Ultimate Decision; QL Or LL

Ultimate Decision QL Or LL

Whether you choose Corsair QL fans or LL fans is totally up to you. The fans from both series serve their best regarding their design and performance. 

QL series fans have way more lighting effects than the LL series. This is why most of the people suggest QL series RGB fans to gamers. 

You can go for the LL series if you want a simple and less expensive fan. LL fans are also good in fan speed and airflow pressure. On the other hand, QL fans will give you better sound capacity.

In this Corsair QL VS LL game, depending on what you are looking for, the choice is yours. We hope our article will help and simplify your decision-making. 

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