Acer Monitor Cable Not Connected

Quickly Fix The Problem: Cable Not Connected Monitor Acer 

I have fixed three Acer monitors this week that were getting error messages like “cable not connected.” The models of the monitors were Acer 22″ G227HQL, Acer K272HUL, and Acer G215h.

No matter the model, this issue can happen anytime with any monitor. This is another irritating silly tech problem you can have, and the solutions are easy too. So, I sat down to write about it.

The solutions I will provide can solve problems like:

  • Cable not connected
  • Acer monitor no signal 
  • The Acer monitor is not working
  • Cable error Acer monitor
  • No input signal, etc.

So, let’s do some mechanism and software fixing and eliminate this cable not connected monitor Acer issue.

Acer Monitor Cable Not Connected: Causes And Solutions

cable not connected

Acer monitor can not work due to both some silly and significant causes.

Non-serious reasons include:

  • The monitor is not booted properly
  • Wrong cable into the wrong port
  • Poor power connection
  • The monitor is on, but the PC is off
  • Standby mood or hibernate mode
  • The selected resolution exceeds the monitor’s ability
  • Backdated graphics drivers

I think the solutions to these problems are already rounding into your mind. Nevertheless, I will show you the solutions in detail.

Now come to the major issue that can happen.

  • Cables can be damaged
  • Ports can be faulty
  • Monitor hardware problem
  • Faulty CPU

You can quickly eliminate this Acer monitor issue by checking, performing little mechanisms, and fixing some settings.

Restarting or resetting the computer, checking for poor connection, correct input of cables, updating drivers, the resetting system BIOS, and changing the cables usually solve the Acer monitor issue.

You have no other way except to go to the service center for broken or damaged ports, faulty monitors, and defective CPUs.

Let’s see the solutions at a glance.

Solutions> Mechanism Settings adjusting Hardware
  • Check the power source
  • Check the port and cable connection
  • Unplug replug
  • Restart the monitor
  • Update drivers
  • Check for any mode
  • Reset the system BIOS
  • Change the cable
  • Go to the service center

Now, let’s jump into the details.

Ensure A Good Power Source

Acer monitor cable

I suggest you first check the power source when an error happens with your computer.

Check if it is providing enough electricity or not. Take your monitor to another power socket and plug it in. If it works fine, then your power source is faulty.

Change the wall socket or change your PC’s position to a good outlet. Taking power from a faulty socket can cause further trouble for your PC.

Also, ensure that the adapter is inserted correctly.

If you are using a multiplug, ensure it is excellent and has the power to supply continuous electricity.

Correct Port+ Cable

Cables for Monitor

Go back to your monitor and CPU. Now, check if the cables are inserted in the correct ports.

Depending on the model, your monitor can have either an HDMI, VGA, DVI, or DisplayPort connector. Make sure you are using the suitable cable for the correct port.

Match the cable’s adapter with the port and insert it properly. A loose connection can cause trouble from time to time.

This is the look of video ports of the maximum modern Acer monitor video ports. Ensure the HDMI connection is strong because the connection keeps your monitor screen visible.

Have A Hardware+Software Restart

I am talking about unplugging and replugging everything. This method works every time.

  • Power off the monitor and CPU
  • Unplug the adapter from the wall outlet
  • Unplug all the adapters from multiplug
  • Unplug all the cables from the monitor to the CPU
  • Wait sometimes
  • Now replug everything correctly and firmly

Does this sound like a lot of work? Do it no matter what. Trust me; it is suitable for your computer’s health too. Even I suggest everyone do it routinely.

How To Reset Your Acer Monitor?

If you do not want to go through all that plugins, then at least do it to your monitor. Reset the monitor to fix the issue.

  • From the bottom of the Acer monitor, press the Menu button
  • Click the right arrow button
  • Wait until the Reset feature pops up
  • Press the Menu button twice

There is another way to rest your Acer monitor.

  • Remove all the power from the monitor
  • Press the power button
  • Hold the button for 30 seconds
  • Connect the monitor to the power

Enough with the plugin, replugging, resetting. Now let’s try some software fixing.

Update The Graphics Driver

Update Graphics Driver

Updating the driver is another effective solution. I personally take this action whenever I face any problem with my PC.

Two ways you can perform this task, manually and automatically.

Manual Way To Update Driver

Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver version for your graphics card.

Please do not download it from any other source, as it can be malicious for your PC.

Watch how you can download and install it.

Follow Acer’s official community to download and update the graphics driver.

Automatic Way To Update Driver

If you think updating the graphics driver manually is a hassle, then Driver Easy is for you.

All you have to do is download it and open it. It will scan for outdated drivers, install them and update them.

I always suggest Driver Easy because it shows all the outdated drivers on your PC. for the sake of one driver, your PC will get all the driver updated.

Graphics Card Not Properly Seated

Another reason why your display is not showing up is because of an improperly seated graphics card.

If your graphics card is not fitted properly in your PC chassis, it could be having trouble sending the display signals to the monitor.


Since the problem, in this case, would be an improperly fitted graphics card, the fix is to fit it properly.

One user mentioned that they have an issue when the graphics card was ‘not pushed all the way in‘.

This sort of issue is more likely to happen if you have set up your PC yourself rather than with the help of an expert.

Is Your PC On Sleep Mode?


It sounds silly, but it’s not. It can happen. Sometimes, you leave your PC in sleep mode. Then it shows the error message.

Sleep mode and power saving mode can also leave your monitor without any signal.

Move your mouse to wake your monitor. Also, press any key from the keyboard for a few seconds. It will wake your screen.

How To Reset The System Bios?

Resetting the system BIOS to the default is also an effective solution. It is an easy task to perform.

Let’s see how quickly you can do it.

  • Frist restart your PC
  • When the logo screen appears, press the Delete key
  • Keep pressing it to enter BIOS
  • Click on F9 and Enter the keys
  • Wait for default configuration loading
  • Click on F10 and Enter the keys

Incorrect BIOS reset can lead to serious system issues. So, try to be careful when performing this task. Take help from the Acer community to reset BIOS correctly.

Buy A New Cable

If all of the methods above fail, it’s time to change your cables.

How can you be sure that the cable is faulty? Borrow a cable from your friend and try it with your PC. If it works, then your one is faulty for sure.

Tell the exact model of your monitor and CPU to the shopkeeper. It is better if you take the old cable to the shop. This way, you can match the cable by yourself.

You can shop online from the Acer Store. It will be more authentic.

When Should I Go To The Service Center?

If the new cable does not work, the last option is to go to the service center. It indicates that there might be something wrong with your monitor or CPU.

Monitor or CPU? To understand which one has the problem, try your monitor with another CPU. If it works, then the problem is in your CPU. And if it does not work, then your monitor is defective.

Some suggest a quick fix like replacing the graphics card or testing the motherboard. But I will say, if you are not an expert on this, do not attempt to do these fixes.

Trying to fix your CPU with an unskilled hand can lead to a more significant failure.

People Often Ask

Acer monitor turned off

Why Does My Monitor Say Cable Not Connected When HDMI Is Plugged In?

When a monitor displays the message “Cable not connected” despite an HDMI cable being plugged in, it can be due to various reasons.

Some common reasons include a faulty or damaged HDMI cable, incorrect input selection on the monitor, outdated or missing graphics driver, incorrect display settings on the computer, and a faulty graphics card.

If none of these solutions work, it may be necessary to seek assistance from a professional technician or contact the manufacturer for support.

What Can Cause Acer Monitor No Signal?

A loose connection, faulty cable, and damaged port can cause no signal. Also, incorrect connection, poor power supply, and outdated graphic driver are responsible.

How to Perform Hard Reset On Acer Monitor?

To perform a hard reset on an Acer monitor, you should first turn off the monitor and unplug it from the power source. Then, press and hold the power button on the monitor for at least 30 seconds. After that, release the power button and plug the monitor back in. Finally, turn on the monitor and check if the issue has been resolved. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Acer customer support for further assistance.

Why Did My Acer Monitor Go Black?

If your Acer monitor suddenly goes black, there could be a variety of reasons why. Some common issues that may cause this problem include power or connection problems, display settings that have been accidentally changed, faulty hardware, or overheating.

It’s essential to make sure that your monitor is properly plugged in and the power source is working, check for loose connections or damaged cables, and adjust display settings such as brightness, contrast, or resolution. If none of these solutions work, it may be necessary to contact Acer customer support for further assistance.

Do HDMI Cables Come With Acer Monitor?

Yes, they come with an Acer monitor. They also provide DVI and VGA cables. However, if you need, you can buy new cables from the Acer store.

Get Your Acer Monitor Working

Get Your Acer Monitor Working

“Cables not connected” is not a rare issue for Acer users. As I said, it can happen anytime as the causes behind it are simple.

The software-related issues for this trouble are the outdated graphics driver, sleep mode, power saving mode, malware, and wrong input setting. And damaged port, faulty cable, and defective monitor are hardware issues.

Restarting or resetting the computer, checking for poor connection, correct input of cables, updating drivers, resetting system BIOS, and changing the cables usually solve the Acer monitor issue.

If they fail to work, go to the service center as soon as possible.

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