Quickly Fix The Problem: Cable Not Connected Monitor Acer 

Acer Monitor Cable Not Connected

I have fixed three Acer monitors this week that were getting error messages like “cable not connected.” The models of the monitors were Acer 22″ G227HQL, Acer K272HUL, and Acer G215h. No matter the model, this issue can happen anytime with any monitor. This is another irritating silly tech problem you can have, and the … Read more

Telephone Jack VS. Ethernet Jack: What’s The Difference?

Telephone Jack VS. Ethernet Jack

Whether you want an ethernet or telephone cable for your connections, the most important thing is a good signal. You can use telephone jacks or ports and Ethernet jacks to connect devices to a network, but each has unique qualities, and you may be trying to compare a telephone jack and an ethernet jack. The … Read more

Can I Use Any Coaxial Cable For The Internet? – Best Coaxial Cable for Your Needs

When setting up your home internet, you may be wondering if you can use any old coaxial cable. After all, it’s what your cable TV uses. Can I use any coaxial cable for the internet? No, you can’t use any coaxial cable for the internet. It depends on what type of connection you have. If … Read more