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8 Quick Fix Tips For Your Spotify Stops Playing On iPhone – Don’t Let Stop the Music

Do you have an iPhone and use the Spotify app to listen to your music? If so, you may have experienced problems like Spotify stopping playing on your iPhone in the middle of a song. This can be really frustrating, but is there any way to fix it?

If your Spotify apps do not work properly then there are so many things to do like re-install or re-login the apps, restart your device, check data connections, changing Crossfade, Quality, Sync, or Gapless settings. Moreover, power or battery saver modes may cause it to malfunction.

In this blog post, we will explain what causes this problem and how to fix it. Keep reading for more details.

Why Does Spotify Stop Playing iPhone?

Spotify Stops Playing Songs

One of the most renowned music streaming apps, Spotify, is prone to experiencing bugs for several different reasons.

  1. Your internet connection may be inconsistent.
  2. Maybe the device cache is overloaded, or only Spotify’s cache is packed.
  3. It is also possible that the user has too many applications running in the background at the same time.
  4. The possibility that the subscriber is not running the most recent version of Spotify is another main factor that contributes to interruptions in the service.

As a result of the reasons mentioned above, the application halts playing and then exits itself, following which it navigates back to the home page of the iPhone.

It is also claimed that sometimes when the screen of an iPhone is switched off, Spotify will stop playing music on that device.

Pausing in between multiple tracks is also reported. Users have claimed that Spotify plays three or four songs and then stops.

8 Amazing Tips To Fix When Spotify Stops Playing iPhone:

Spotify Stops Playing Songs When The Screen Is Locked

Find out the simple fixing tips that can be used to fix the problems, as well as how to avoid glitches and listen to music without interruptions.

1. Login again

When you encounter issues of this nature, the first thing you should do is log out of Spotify and then sign in again. If the problem originated from the server side, it would refresh the tracklist. Then, check again if you can play your music on Spotify.

2. Check your internet connection

Many times, Spotify stops playing music on the iPhone due to poor internet connection. For smooth streaming, it requires a stable and smooth internet connection. To fix this, one needs to restart the Wi-Fi connection or the primary internet device.

3. Restart your device

This is the most straightforward fix, and the majority of users are already aware of this quick fix. Just simply long-press your device’s power button and restart your iPhone. This is an accomplished fixing method because, in most cases, the user is simultaneously utilizing a large number of applications, all of which operate in the background.

When a user restarts their iPhone, the device terminates all of the applications that were previously running, allowing it to begin operating smoothly and stably.

4. Clearing cache

A cache that is overloaded is one of the potential causes of music dropouts on Spotify. The cache stores all information pertinent to the past played songs and current playing a piece of music. It takes up a significant amount of storage space on the iPhone, which causes the app to become unresponsive and, in some instances, causes the app to crash.

5. an Older version

To have an experience of music free from interruptions and glitches, it is necessary to keep updating the application with its most recent version. If your application is not updated and you face a hiccup in the service, go to the Google Play Store, search for Spotify and click on update. In this way, you can fix any problems with the service caused by an outdated application version. When you update the application to the new versions, it permanently removes bugs that were reported in the last version.

6. Try a different login method

different spotify login method 1

Many consumers connect to Spotify using their social network accounts. Some platforms occasionally alter their privacy regulations, which makes it difficult to log into third-party applications like Spotify. Log in using a different social networking platform or email account would be a quick fix for this.

You must first sign into Spotify with your original account in order to proceed. Then navigate to “Profile Settings.” In the “Account Settings” box, enter the new account you will be using. Once created, you can access Spotify with this account.

7. Check the app version

When you’re enjoying your favorite song, all of a sudden, there is utter quiet. “Why does my Spotify keep stopping!” you ask. One explanation might be that you’re running an outdated version of the app that isn’t compatible with your device.

In this situation, make sure the app version on your device is updated. To accomplish this, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, choose Spotify, and press the “Update” button. A program should constantly be updated because doing so fixes any bugs and other problems from earlier versions.

8. Check for storage issues

If you’ve ever wondered why Spotify keeps shutting down after using it, you should know that it requires enough storage space on your smartphone to function properly. The cache is used to store music and track information. Your device’s Memory is also used a little bit throughout this operation.

You may thus need to go through and free up space on your phone’s storage in order to stop the app from crashing. To do this, navigate to the “Settings” area, look for the Storage option, and then scan the information. To expand the device’s storage, you could alternatively use an external SD card.

People Often Ask for More

Fix Spotify Not Playing Music

How to fix Spotify keeps pausing during playback on iPhone?

The quickest and easiest fix for problems with Spotify pausing suddenly or becoming unresponsive is to log out of the service and then sign back in. Verify the consistency of your internet connection and clear the cache of the app too.

Why does Spotify stop playing after a few songs?

It might be happening when your application is not updated, or you have not cleared the cache. Multiple applications running simultaneously on the device can make Spotify play only a few songs. That you routinely clear your cache and obtain updates as soon as the most recent version is out.

Soundcloud vs. Spotify, which one is better?

Spotify is easier on the wallet while still making high-quality music available on the platform. Whereas adding music to Soundcloud is simple. That’s why Soundcloud offers a more extensive music library than Spotify, but the audio quality is significantly worse on Soundcloud.

Why does Spotify keep pausing every 30 seconds?

Your device is misbehaving. Check if your background app refresh is on. Go to settings, tap on General, and select Background App Refresh. Spotify allows you to turn this feature on or off. After making changes, restart your device.

How do you clear Spotify cache iOS?

To clear the Spotify cache, navigate to your settings, click General, select iPhone storage, search for Spotify, and select offload app from the menu. You will not be logged out of the app, nor will your playlists be deleted.

Why does your Spotify keep pausing, and how to fix it?

Your internet connection is unstable, or your cache is loaded. You haven’t installed the recent updates. Make sure your internet connection is reliable. Restart your device or unload your cache regularly.

Still, Is Your Spotify Not Working On iPhone?

Spotify has millions of users who contribute podcasts and songs to the platform daily. Many times it happens due to several problems with the device the user is using.

However, it occasionally results in irregularities and has the potential to render the application unresponsive. It sometimes results in the form of the application’s poor performance or app crashing.

However, you can maintain the seamless operation of your application. Continue to clear the cache at frequent intervals. Also, ensure that you are using the most recent version every time a new version is released by checking for updates. If Spotify still stops playing iPhones, the solutions mentioned above will unquestionably help you solve the problem.


The platform adds hundreds of songs, music, and podcasts every day, which makes the app hefty and prone to crashes. Keep the app updated at all times, and clear the cache frequently to guarantee that it runs smoothly on your smartphone.

This ought should prevent the issue. If the issue still exists, try the aforementioned solutions; they’re straightforward to carry out and will solve the Spotify keeps pausing issue.

Try these in order to identify the potential cause and stop it from happening again!

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