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How to Control Llama in Minecraft: The Complete Steps

Llama in Minecraft is a great addition because they are neutral mob animals that don’t attack unless provoked. However, most people have trouble taming and riding one even though they want to avail themselves of the llama benefits.

Llamas were introduced in the 1.10 version of Minecraft, and they can be pretty difficult if you don’t know the ways to control llama in Minecraft.

  • Llamas can be controlled in Minecraft by taming them, which requires you to jump on them multiple times.
  • They can, however, not be ridden because the llamas were made for other purposes.
  • Llamas are perfect for carrying large amounts of inventory when making long journeys.

To make it easy for you, here is a complete Minecraft guide to teaching you everything you need to know about llamas so that you can start using them in your own Minecraft world!

Key points

  • In the older version, the llamas could be controlled, and you could ride on them with an extension, but now they are only used to carry the chest
  • You know a llama is tamed when there are hearts around it, which is achieved by repeatedly jumping on them
  • You can use them to carry stuff while traveling far away, even on boats
  • One can even name a llama, breed them, and much more

Where to Find?

Everything You Need To Know About LLAMAS In Minecraft

Llamas can be found in a variety of different locations throughout the Minecraft world. Below are some of the most common places to look for llamas:

  1. Savannas – Most commonly found in savanna biomes, where they spawn naturally. These biomes are characterized by their flat terrain and tall grass.
  2. Mountains – Llamas can also be found in mountain biomes, where they spawn naturally. These biomes are characterized by their tall peaks and snowy terrain.
  3. Jungles – They can occasionally be found in jungle biomes, where they spawn naturally. These biomes are characterized by their dense foliage and lush vegetation.
  4. Villages – Llamas can sometimes be found in villages, where they are used by villagers as pack animals. If you see a villager with a lead attached to a llama, that llama cannot be tamed.
  5. Trader Llamas – Trader llamas are a special type of llama that can be found wandering the Minecraft world. They are easily recognizable by the carpets on their backs, and they can be traded to obtain valuable items.

Why are llamas so special?

Before getting started, let’s discuss why you should try to tame a llama in Minecraft and turn it into a rideable llama.

The first reason is that they are cute and unique animals to have on your team. Moreover, you can put carpet on them, available in many colors. The customized llama looks especially adorable.

A more practical reason is that they can carry a lot of weight. Once you put a chest on them, you can add lots of stuff and access it once the llama dies. This makes them great to have while traveling far on a voyage or by land.

How to Breed Them – Guide

Everything You Need To Know About LLAMAS

Breeding llamas is a great way to expand your herd and unlock even more of their benefits. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of breeding llamas in Minecraft, including what you’ll need and how to care for your new baby llamas.

Breeding llamas in Minecraft is a fairly simple process. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Find Two Llamas – The first step to breeding llamas is to find two adult llamas. They can be found in a variety of different biomes, including savannas, mountains, and jungles.
  2. Tame the Llamas – If the llamas you’ve found aren’t already tamed, you’ll need to tame them before you can breed them. To do this, simply feed them wheat, hay bales, or other types of vegetation until they show hearts above their heads.
  3. Bring them Together – Once you have two tamed them, bring them together so they can breed. To do this, simply lead both llamas to the same location.
  4. Feed them – To initiate breeding, you’ll need to feed each llama one unit of food. This can be any type of vegetation, including wheat, hay bales, or apples. When the llamas are ready to breed, they will make a special “crunching” sound.
  5. Wait for the Baby – After you’ve fed them, a baby llama will be born. The baby llama will inherit the color of one of its parents at random, and it will take approximately 20 minutes for the baby llama to grow to full size.
  6. Care for the Baby Llama – Once the baby is born, it will need to be fed regularly in order to grow. You can feed it wheat, hay bales, or other types of vegetation. Make sure to keep the baby llama safe from predators until it is fully grown.

Steps To Handle Llama In Minecraft:

LLAMAS In Minecraft

In this section, you will learn how to control the Minecraft llamas so you can make them follow you.

It is a pretty easy process, but people sometimes get tired because it requires repeated actions. Keep on reading so you can tame the llama, just like your friends, and have a cool and useful friend.

Don’t worry; these steps will not only allow you to control the llama in the PC game but also the Minecraft pocket edition or Bedrock edition.

Step 1

First, you have to find the llamas to tame them. They are usually travel in packs and found in savanna biomes and windswept savanna, only in the Minecraft bedrock edition of the game.

For the PC game, you can find them in the savanna plateau, windswept forest, gravelly hills, and windswept hills. Sometimes you can find them with the wandering trader as well.

Step 2

Once you locate the llama, it’s time to tame it. The simplest way is to keep jumping on them till they give in. usually, it will take many tries, but if you are lucky, only once can be enough.

People also say you can speed up the taming process by feeding 10 wheat or 5 hay bales to the llama when you see it.

You can keep the food item and select it before putting it in the llama’s mouth. Feeding more than the amount here is not possible as they are already full by this time.

This is worth trying because taming them can take a long while. Once tamed, there will be red hearts around the llama, which means it has accepted you.

Can you ride a llama?

ride a llama

In earlier models, you could ride the llama after some add-ones which would be pretty fast. All you had to do was hold wheat and tap on the screen to make it run.

This was a great way to travel across the land; however, unlike horses, the llama couldn’t jump. This was the only minor fault, considering how fast a llama could take you across the land.

Once the newer Minecraft came, this feature was sadly taken away. This is because llamas were primarily made only to protect sheep from wolves.

Now you can tame a llama and make it follow you on long journeys, but you can’t ride it, although you can hop on top of it.

How to use the llama?

Now you can finally use the animal, and here is how to do various things with the llama. These might not be like horses and other animals, but they have uses that you can use to play better.

How to control the llama?

Although you can’t ride it like other animals, some players say that you have to ensure that the llama is well-fed and there is nothing in the hot bar to ride it. Moreover, it would be best if you used your hands to get on top of the llama Minecraft.

This means selecting the empty slot in the hot bar. Even after hopping on it, you cannot control where the llama goes, but you can use a lead to somewhat guide the llama’s movements.

Lead is a very good way to take your tamed lama on journeys. You can make it follow you but make sure to carry a fence to tie the lead once you find your destination.

A better option is to ride a horse on journeys with your tamed llama. Make sure to hold the llama with the lead, which will follow you with the chest.

How to put a chest on the llama?

The biggest reason people want to tame the llama is to make it carry many products. To do that, you must first attach the best to the animal so it can store all your belongings. Remember, you can only access them once you kill the llama, or it dies naturally.

Approach the tamed animal and right-click on it or press the left trigger to select the chest. This will give you 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 slots of inventory space. Once you mount the llama, you can access the inventory, but it will still not be available to use.

Is there any use for untamed llamas?

purple llamas

There isn’t much use to the untamed llama because you can’t get close enough to them to right-click and add the chest. However, you can still make them follow. Once you use a lead on an untamed llama, the whole herd will follow you.

This can be useful if you want to tame a llama later on but don’t want to leave the llama you spotted. Put a lead on one of the animals from the herd and lead it and once you reach the destination, tie the lead to a fence, and all of them will stop.

Can you name the llama?

Yes, you absolutely can name a llama just like all other animals. Just select a nametag and write the name of your choice with an avail. After this, use it on the llama, which will have a name. The name will appear whenever the animal is close by, giving it more of a character. However, it might hurt a little once it dies!


How To Control A Llama In Minecraft Xbox One?

Like normal Minecraft, you must first tame them by feeding llamas hay bales and hopping on them many times. Once that is done, you have to use the left joystick to move them around and the button A to make them jump on Xbox One. However, remember that controlling depends on the specific version of the game.

Can you breed trader llamas in Minecraft?

Yes, you can breed them, but first, both parents should be tamed. Then you have to feed them 2 to 3 hay bales. The resulting offspring will take the color of one of the parents. However, this feature is not available in the Bedrock version. However, you can do everything else in the mobile game version of Minecraft with llamas.

Can you use a saddle on llamas on Minecraft?

Although they do function like a horse, they cannot be decorated with a saddle and armor like you would with a horse. You can use a carpet on them which comes in many different patterns and colors. Many people think a saddle will help you ride the llama, but that will not work either.

Can you tame trader llamas?

A trader llama travels with the wandering trader you will encounter once in a while. Yes, you can use the trader llama by taming it; however, before that, you must break the bond between the llama and the wandering trader. After this, you have to tame it like a normal one by hopping on top of it repeatedly and bribing it with food.

How do you make a llama caravan in Minecraft?

To form a caravan, you need 5 llamas to follow you. This is pretty easy; walk close to a herd of llamas with your llama, and they will start following you. An untamed llama also follows you with its herd if you put a leash on it. It is a pretty fun and unique feature of llamas.

  • Now you know almost everything about how to control llama in Minecraft and how to keep it happy.
  • Go ahead and play a new game and tame this animal in Minecraft to show off to your friends!


Llamas are adorable creatures that can be very useful in Minecraft. They can carry items for you and protect you from enemies. Finding llamas can be a challenge, but if you keep an eye out for them in the right biomes or trade with villagers, you should be able to locate them.

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