Find My iPhone 101

Learn How Accurate Is Find My iPhone & Recover Your Missing Device – iPhone’s Tracking System

Finding lost or stolen Apple devices and other iCloud-connected accessories has never been easier thanks to the Find My device tracking app service, developed by Apple Inc.

But you may think about how accurate is to find my iPhone?

Using Find My iPhone may give you an excellent idea of where your phone is located, but it can also be a little off.

You can guarantee that Find My iPhone is as precise as possible if you strictly set it up and follow the procedures!

If you are concerned about losing your phone, consider purchasing an AirTag-compatible phone cover.

You’ll learn how to track down your misplaced gadgets with the help of this tutorial.

How Accurate Is Find My iPhone?

There are three components to the Find My iPhone mechanism: GPS, WiFi, and mobile data (GPRS/EDGE). As a reference point, the 3 of them were used to measure the accuracy of the apps.

Find My iPhone’s accuracy was influenced by several variables, which are explained below:


When the GPS in Find My iPhone isn’t working, the best alternative is to use WIFI to search. What would happen if your smartphone was stuck in a building or amongst a crowd and your GPS ran into problems. In this case, WIFI would be a more efficient method of looking for information.

Find My iPhone will utilize WiFi hotspot crowdsourcing to find your device. However, if your gadget is in sleep mode, even the WIFI provider won’t be able to find it. As a result, turning on WIFI is an absolute must.

Mobile Data

In addition to GPS, mobile data may be used to locate your device. In this case, Find My iPhone takes advantage of data from nearby cell towers to locate the phone.

Using the phone number you’ve provided, the application will scan the signal and see what it can find.

The search area with data signals is much larger than the other two options.

It would still operate, though, if the GPS and WIFI were to go down simultaneously. However, if your gadget goes down, it won’t be able to find it.

GPS Tracking

If you have a clean shot of a satellite GPS signal, you should be able to locate your device within an 8-meter radius.

Utilizing another iOS device’s GPS coordinates and the Find My iPhone app, you’ll see the position on a map using the most accurate GPS location data available.

It will not offer you the actual position of your home or structure, and it’s just an approximation.

In other words, GPS can determine an area’s precise perimeter. As a result, you’ll know exactly where to begin your search.

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Features Of Find My iPhone

find my iphone

Additionally, the service offered three other choices outside just finding a device:

Lost Mode (iOS 6 Or Later)

Allows the user to set a passcode to secure the device if it is reported stolen or misplaced. A person who discovers the gadget and recognizes it as an iPhone user may make a phone call to the owner.

Erase iPhone

The phone can no longer be found after being completely erased of all material and settings, which is beneficial if it holds sensitive information.

However, after the wipe is complete, the notice will still be shown, and the device will remain activated-locked on iOS 7 and subsequent devices. This makes it difficult for anybody to use or sell the gadget.

Play A Sound

It turns on a loud sound, and the screen flashes while the device is muted. Utilizing another phone to locate a misplaced phone might be compared with this capability to find a lost device or lost iPhone.

The new iOS 6 version enabled monitoring of the smartphone’s battery level.

Which Tracking Technology Is The Best?

find my iphone via macbook

It’s possible you assumed that GPS was the only method of pinpointing a person’s exact position, but that’s not always the case.

Apple’s services are so sophisticated that they can exploit adjacent WiFi hotspots when it comes to locating you!

To find a phone via GPS would need too much time. Because of this, WiFi networks and mobile phone towers are constantly in use.

The service will also utilize GPS if it is available. If not, it will rely only on cell towers and WiFi hotspots for communication.

It’s essential in heavily populated regions with plenty of public WiFi, such as malls and cafés.

Apple’s iBeacons are installed in some instances, and Bluetooth is utilized in conjunction with them.

Find My iPhone Works In What Ways?

With the help of Apple’s Find My iPhone app, users may look for their misplaced iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch. In addition, you can find your iPhone’s last known position using the Find My app on another device.

Previous versions of iOS included separate apps for finding your iPhone and your friends’ iPhones.

You can now find your devices and check the position of your friends and family using a single app, which was introduced in iOS system 13.

Using the iCloud password of the original account is the only way to unlock a locked iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch.

Available Features For Your Missing Device

Mac iPhone, iPad, iPod touch iPods Apple Watch
  • View Location
  • Remote Erase
  • Play a Sound
  • Notify When Left Behind*
  • Notify When Found
  • Mark as Lost (Lock your Mac)
  • View Location
  • Remote Erase
  • Play a Sound
  • Notify When Left Behind
  • Notify When Found
  • Mark as Lost (Lost Mode)
  • View Location
  • Play a Sound
  • Notify When Left Behind
  • Notify When Found
  • Lost Mode (Mark as Lost)
  • Find Nearby
  • View Location
  • Remote Erase
  • Play a Sound
  • Notify When Found
  • Lost Mode

How To Find A Device

It’s possible to use Apple’s Find My iPhone app to locate your cellphone on a map and play a sound to assist you in locating it.

You can view the position of the gadget if the device is online.

In addition, you may check the last time the device was online or linked to the Find My network if the device is offline.

Locating your Bluetooth-enabled AirPods or Beats headphones is possible if they’re close and linked to your smartphone.

AirPods supported by the Find My Network may be tracked for up to 24 hours after the last link to your smartphone, even when they are not within range.

When your missing iPhone Leather Wallet is paired to your phone, you can check its current position and last known precise location.

See Your Device’s Location On Google Map

find my iphone on google maps

Your mobile device’s live location accuracy may be seen via the Find My app.

  • Go to the bottom of the screen and hit Devices, then tap the name of the device you wish to find.
  • The gadget’s current location will be shown on a map if it is trackable.
  • You will notice “No location discovered” beneath the device’s name if it cannot be located.
  • Turn on the Notify When Found notification option in the Notifications menu.
  • You’ll be alerted as soon as it’s found.

Please enable the Find My app to send you alerts if you don’t already. See How to modify your iPhone SE’s notification settings. Also, please visit the Apple Map Support site for troubleshooting advice.

Play A Sound On Your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac

  1. Select the device you wish to play sound on from the Devices list at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Press the Play Sound button.

When a gadget is connected to the Internet, a sound begins and progressively grows in loudness, then plays for around two minutes. After that, the gadget vibrates (if applicable).

Finally, the screen of the device displays a Find My Device notice.

  • You’ll also get an email at your Apple ID email address to confirm your purchase.
  • If the device isn’t connected, you’ll receive a message saying that sound is pending.
  • The sound will play when the device next connects to a WiFi or cellular network.

Location Tracking Of Your Stolen AirPods

AirPods may also be tracked with the Find My App. If you’ve activated Find My on your iPhone, your AirPods will automatically be set to the same setting.

You may use the Find My app to track down your AirPods if they’ve been misplaced or stolen and aren’t in their carrying case.

You can still use the Find My app to see when and where your AirPods were last linked, even if they are out of range, dead, or in their case.

Your AirPods may make a noise if you can locate them on a map. If you misplace an AirPod on the sofa or in your bed, you may use this function to find it again.

Your AirPods’ last known position will appear if they aren’t in your ears. When your AirPods reconnect, you’ll be able to command them to play music.

Disabling The Find My iPhone Feature

How To Find My IPhone Using Apple Watch

The only time it’s OK to disable Find My iPhone is when a device is being sold or serviced by Apple. Before producing a return code, Apple requires that the service be deactivated.

Please select your account from the drop-down menu and like Find My iPhone X from the menu. To disable it, you will be required to provide your iCloud password.

It’s important to note that disabling the service is only necessary when selling a device or when Apple Support requests it before sending it in for repair.

People Often Ask

find my iphone

What Does The GREY Dot On Find My iPhone Mean?

The Find iPhone Help section states that a green dot indicates an active internet connection, a red dot indicates an inactive internet connection, and a grey dot indicates that Find My iPhone is attempting to establish a connection.

Is Apple’s Location Sharing Accurate?

Their phone’s GPS position is accurate in the information they obtain from the app store. Buildings, trees, and the weather can interfere with GPS transmissions. The phone may be receiving significant location data from a WIFI network.

Why Does Find My Show The Wrong Location Service?

The triangulation may be inaccurate, depending on the geography, construction materials, etc., and the presence of well-known WIFI hotspots. WIFI networks are not updated in real-time. Therefore, this information may be inaccurate.

What Causes The Position Of My iPhone To Shift In Find My iPhone?

Even if you’re using a Mac or an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), you may still be unable to offer a more exact location. You may try again later in a few minutes, or you can refresh the map.

How Accurate Is The Find My iPhone 2020?

It is correct. It has the same level of precision as the device’s GPS. Using WIFI triangulation if the iPhone’s GPS can’t get a decent signal can diminish the accuracy.

Is There A Way To Track Someone’s iPhone Location Secretly?

iCloud is the best method to keep tabs on someone else’s iPhone. It’s feasible to find, lock, play a sound, and wipe data from an iPhone’s work even if you can’t see everything they’ve done online.

Why Does Find My iPhone Claim There Is No Location Found?

Out of network coverage will result in the message “no location detected on to discover my friends” appearing in the app. This is because the person’s phone may have run out of power, or they may have switched off GPS.

What Does 1 Minute Ago Mean On Find My iPhone?

In other words, it simply implies that the phone has power (e.g., the battery isn’t dead or the phone hasn’t been switched off) and that it has an internet connection through cellular or WiFi, and that Find My iPhone was turned on in the phone before its loss or theft (e.g., when you set up the phone).

How accurate is the blue circle on Find My iPhone?

The blue circle on Find My iPhone is generally accurate, but there are a few factors that can affect its accuracy.

The most important factor is the location of the iPhone itself. If the iPhone is moving, the blue circle will be less accurate.

Another factor that can affect the accuracy of the blue circle is the type of terrain.

If the iPhone is in a dense area like a city, the blue circle will be more accurate than if it’s in a rural area.

Does live on Find My iPhone mean they are moving?

The short answer is no, “live on Find My iPhone” does not mean that the person with the phone is moving.

Rather, it means that Find My iPhone is giving you live, up-to-date location information for the phone.

Finally, How Accurate Is Find My iPhone’s Tracking System?

That’s all about how accurate is find my iPhone? But are still confused?

In other words, you can never be sure that your phone knows you’re in position X with 100 percent confidence because of the inherent mistake in GPS.

Likelihood fields are then generated, where each position is assigned a probability that you would be there.

In this example, the blue dot is the most likely place, and the blue circle is the area over an arbitrary probability threshold that the dot represents.

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