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How To Find Clipboard On iPhone 6-13? – 4 Proven Methods

Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s clipboard is kept whenever you copy history or anything so that you can paste it wherever. But how to find Clipboard on iPhone?

Your old clipboard will be overwritten and lost forever if you copy anything else! The method isn’t as simple on iOS devices as on Mac, but it’s still achievable.

Actually, there are so many ways to find out the Clipboard on your Apple devices actually on iPhone.

Learn how to save and access numerous clipboards on your iPhone in this post.

What Can You Use It for

How To Find Clipboard On iPhone

Your iPhone clipboard is a great tool for quickly copying and pasting text, images, and other data. Here are some of the things you can use it for:

1. Copying and pasting text:

Whether you’re typing out an email or creating a document, your clipboard can be a huge time saver. Just highlight the text you want to copy, tap “Copy,” and then go to the place you want to paste it and tap “Paste.”

2. Saving images:

If you come across an image online that you want to save, just tap and hold on to it until the “Copy” option appears. Then go to your Photos app and paste it into a new album.

3. Sharing links:

If you find an interesting article or website that you want to share with someone, just copy the link and paste it into a text message or email.

4. Creating shortcuts:

Have a few pieces of text that you type out often? Create a shortcut for them by copying and pasting them into the Notes app. Then when you need to use them, just tap the shortcut in your notes and they’ll automatically be copied to your clipboard.

How To Find Clipboard On iPhone?

How To Find Clipboard On iPhone

Finding a viewable Clipboard on an iPhone is difficult, as you would expect.

The iPhone does not have a visible clipboard like an Android phone or Android device. Mainly, the iPhone’s clipboard is a built-in feature, and only one copied text may be saved in the clipboard at a time. Tap and hold a text box to bring up the pop-up menu, then choose paste to paste the contents of your clipboard.

However, the approaches listed below may be worth a go. We’re sure you’ll find these tips helpful if you have an iPhone regardless of its model from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13.

Way 1: Using Any Note Application

You may jot down a brief idea, make a to-do list, or draw a picture using the Notes app. With iCloud, you can sync your notes throughout all of your devices, so you never miss a beat.

What Are You Waiting For?

The most recent iOS or iPad OS should be installed on your device.

If you want to use the most recent Notes capabilities, you’ll need to utilize iCloud or store your notes locally. Other email providers will not be able to use many Notes functionalities.

Note-Taking Tips And Tricks

  • Click on the Notes tab.
  • The Compose button may be accessed by pressing it.
  • You may write a note by using the Compose button.
  • When you’re finished, press the Done button.
  • Notes are referred to by their first line.
  • To make the initial line of the document seem different.
  • Select an option in Settings > Notes > New Notes Start With.
  • Notes may also be accessed from the Control Center fast. Add Notes by going to Settings > Control Center and clicking on the Add button.
  • Just tell Siri to “Start a new note,” She’ll do it for you.

Way 2: Using Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey

When using the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS, you can copy and save the text. Any short-form communication, such as an email or social media post, may use this technique.

At most, the Clipboard can hold 30 clippings. There is a 1,000-character length restriction for each video.

You can go to the Clipboard content from the toolbar icon, or if you launch Microsoft SwiftKey and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Clipboard’ in the program.

Including Clips

  • How to add clippings and pasted text
  • Using the ‘Copy’ option in a text field, pick the text you wish to copy
  • Open your Toolbar by tapping the ‘+’ symbol. Click on Clipboard
  • A “Save” message will appear now. Add your clip to the Clipboard by pressing this button
  • Unless you click ‘Save,’ your message will be lost after one hour

Delete Or Modify Clips

Visit the Clipboard to see all of your clippings. Rearrange and adjust your stored clips by clicking the Edit button.

  1. Open your Toolbar by tapping the ‘+’ symbol. Click on Clipboard.
  2. Press the ‘Edit’ button.

Now That You’ve Got The Option – To Remove:

  • To erase a clip, press the red symbol next to it.
  • When you are done, hit ‘Delete’ to confirm.

Here’s How To Reorder Your Clips:

  • When viewing your stored clips, you may move them about by holding down the Shift key and dragging them to a new position.
  • As an alternative, you may get the ‘Manage your Clipboard’ prompt by dragging it down on the Clipboard.


Clipboard On iPhone Troubleshooting

  • The only way to utilize Cloud Clipboard is with a Microsoft Account ( or
  • Your business email, Google, or other email accounts will not be accessible.
  • It is necessary to have a computer running the Windows 10 October 2018 update (or later). There is no support for Mac or Linux.
  • Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is the only keyboard that supports Cloud Clipboard.
  • Currently, it is not possible to transfer your clips to iOS.
  • Microsoft does not retain or manipulate your clip data in any way. It is delivered securely using industry-standard encryption.

It’s possible to sync your Android devices’ clipboards.

  • The SwiftKey app must be updated to the newest version.
  • The same Microsoft account must be used to access the app.

How Do I Know This Is For Me?

You can copy and paste the whole response into the email with only a few touches of your SwiftKey keyboard!

Those who regularly employ pre-written statements or lines. Imagine you’re a vendor, and you want to send a predetermined response to every email you get.

People who can entirely alter their typing patterns and move to a new keyboard without difficulty.

Way 3: Use Clipboard Shortcuts

iPhone app library

Continuity features on your MacBook allow you to copy and paste any photographs or text from your iPhone. If you want to paste anything, you may do so, but you won’t be able to change it or look at it. Follow this workaround if you wish to modify the content of the iPhone clipboard history.

  • First, go to your iPhone’s Shortcuts app.
  • Take a look at the “Gallery”
  • Select “Adjust Clipboard” from the search results.
  • Tap the “Add Shortcut” button.
  • Reopen “My Shortcuts” and look for your shortcut there.
  • The “Adjust Clipboard” shortcut allows you to make quick changes to the contents of your Clipboard.

If you have an iPhone with Siri, you can also make edits to the copied item to the Clipboard. Using Siri’s “Adjust Clipboard” command is all that is required to change the content of the Clipboard. On the other hand, Siri does not allow you to enter data from the Clipboard. Adding text to the Clipboard requires the use of voice commands.

Way 4: Using iPhone Clipboard Manager Apps

The other processes have been reduced to a minimum with the help of several new applications.

The Clipboard you have open when you first launch the program is automatically preserved.

There’s nothing else for you to do. As a result of iOS privacy constraints, you must first start the app for it to access and utilize your Clipboard. These applications contain extremely little or no advertising, even in the free edition.

Using a clipboard app on your iPhone, you can preserve and retrieve numerous previous clipboards.

  1. Get Onboard for free by signing up for a free account.
  2. If you copy any text, the iOS Clipboard will preserve it.
  3. Tap Clipboard in Onboard when you copy text; the app stores it for you.
  4. Use your iPhone to copy valuable content to the Clipboard whenever you find it.
  5. Onboard will automatically preserve your clipboard contents when you access it.
  6. You’ll also find a copy of your previous Clipboard here. You may preserve many old clipboards by repeating the procedures above.
  7. Open Onboard and touch on one of the items to access these clipboards. Anywhere you want to use it, paste the contents of your Clipboard.
  8. You may remove or share a stored clipboard by pressing it in Onboard and selecting the appropriate option.

Important Tips: If the program doesn’t instantly reveal the Clipboard, it just stores, hit List, and then press Clipboard.

Some Other Third-Party Apps or Clipboard Manager App For Your iPhone

Apple Clipboard Manager

Apple’s so-called “Universal Clipboard” syncs flawlessly across iPhones and MacBooks.

To put it another way, it is possible to copy anything from the iPhone and paste it immediately into the Macbook.

You can’t duplicate more than one object at a time, but that’s all.

It will be overwritten as soon as you duplicate it.

The Universal Clipboard must also fulfill the Continuity minimal criteria to function.

App developers have taken advantage of this by creating their clipboard managers for iOS.


Copied is an excellent clipboard manager option as well.

The app saves any text, URLs, and pictures copied from other apps as clippings.

Launch the app and copy it to your iPhone’s Clipboard for later use when you’re ready to utilize a particular clipping.

For example, you may use various formatting choices to change the text of any clippings that you have saved.

Power users may even write their JavaScript-based format to use with the tool.

Copied’s keyboard has such formatting options.


A neat function is included in Clip+. If you copy a phone number, Clip+ will recognize it and enable you to call the number straight from the keyboard app store.

To access a URL in a web browser, click on it.

Such an app would benefit significantly from including just one primary function. You’ll be able to see a preview of the picture if the copy link points to it.

The clippings may be accessed from the notification center through the today widget, but we prefer the dedicated keyboard method.

Reordering is possible but not sortable in a list. The good news is that the Apple Watch is supported.

Both Clip+’s iPhone app and iPad versions of Clip+ will set you back $2.99.


Gladys drag and drop assistant

Gladys, a self-described “drag and drop helper,” includes the actual clipboard app handling as one of its many features.

In other words, you may copy or cut objects to the Clipboard and then save them to the app.

Everything you save in Gladys may be readily searched for, from text messages and links to photographs, emails, and contacts.

Saved objects from the Clear Clipboard or other sources may be tagged and annotated, and you can export them all at once if necessary.

For $1.40, you may keep up to 10 things in the Gladys app at once, and if you need more storage space, you can purchase more storage space.


If you don’t want to bother about a subscription, Anybuffer is another option to consider.

This fantastic clipboard software can be unlocked with a single payment. You may use it to store links, photos, documents, text, emails, and more.

Drag and drop clips onto other shelves to better arrange the material. There is a search function to help you find what you’re searching for.

Thanks to the app’s built-in scanner, you may take pictures of documents and import them directly into the app. Adding a drawing to the app is also an option.

How To Clean The iPhone’s Clipboard History

There is no way to directly clear the iPhone’s Clipboard from the home screen. However, you may use the following method to your advantage:

  • Step 1: Open a text-entry program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Step 2: Press ‘Return’ a few times, and then write ‘Space’ a few times to ensure proper spacing.
  • Step 3: Copy the text in the ‘Return’ space by highlighting it and pressing the Enter key.
  • Step 4: Now, choose any text and hit the ‘paste’ option by long-pressing.
  • Step 5: Make sure the material in the Clipboard is either empty or only a series of spaces.

This is a clever approach to clearing your browser’s history.

The Best Way To Share Your Clipboard Across The Apple Devices

Now you are clear about “ how to find Clipboard on iPhone?” But how will you share your clipboard across Apple Devices? For example, you may use the Universal Clipboard on one Apple device to copy and paste material from another device.

Install the Universal Clipboard

If your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is compatible with continuity, then you may use Universal Clipboard on any of these devices. It works when your devices are close to one another and set up as described below.

  1. The same Apple ID is used to sign in to iCloud on every device of Apple Inc.
  • Bluetooth must be enabled on every device.
  • Wi-Fi is enabled on all devices.
  • Handoff is enabled on all devices.
  • The Universal Clipboard is the best option.
  1. Copy the text, picture, or other information to a single device as usual.

The Universal Clipboard can also copy whole files across Macs. Each Mac must be running at least macOS High Sierra or later to function.

  1. The material is automatically copied to the Clipboard data of any other device close to yours.
  2. It is there for a short period or until you replicate anything else on either device.
  3. Paste the material on the other device as you usually would.

What Is a Clipboard Hijacking Threat?

We establish a temporary storage buffer called a clipboard feature when we copy information. This sort of malware changes whatever is in the buffer with malicious data, whereas clipboard hijacking is a harmful technique that steals a victim’s Clipboard.

Clipboard hijacker software is increasingly being utilized to perpetrate bitcoin scams.

The wallet address is the intended payment destination for a crypto transaction.

When a cybercriminal hijacks a bitcoin transaction, they substitute this intended address with one they control.

How to Protect Your iPhone from Malware?

How To Check iPhone for Malware

Make Use Of Common Sense

To infect your system, most malware needs human input. So, common sense is essential while downloading anything or engaging in online activity. For example, free software with no reviews or official sources should be avoided.

It’s Time For An Upgrade!

Security patches and upgrades are essential, no matter what device or operating system you use. This may help prevent security breaches and malware assaults from occurring.

Install a Powerful Antivirus Program

A reputable antivirus program is essential for your arsenal against malware threats. This is a must-have item.

There are many other types of online attacks, but clipboard hijacking is one of the most vital to know about, mainly if you deal with bitcoin.

A Computer Glitch

You can defend yourself against malware assaults, including clipboard hijacking:

Download Only From Official Sites

One of the most common sources of malware assaults is downloading software from third-party or fraudulent websites. Only use applications that have been tested and shown to work.

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More About The Topics

1. How Do I Find Things Saved To My Clipboard?

In the top toolbar, look for a clipboard icon. A window will pop up with a list of recent items that you may choose by clicking on them and selecting “Open Clipboard.” To paste a clipboard item, touch one of the choices in the Clipboard. The Android Clipboard is not saved indefinitely.

2. Where Is The Apple Clipboard?

To see what’s on your Clipboard, open the Finder menu and look in the top toolbar. Find and choose Show Clipboard to view what you’ve just pasted into the Clipboard. The most recent item is the only one that will be shown. As soon as you duplicate anything new, the previous item gets removed from your collection.

3. What Does The iPhone “Copied To Clipboard” Mean?

Your iPhone’s Clipboard is an internal feature that retains copied material for a short period. When you copy text from one app to another on your iPhone, it will be pasted exactly as it was. You can cut, copy, and paste on your iPhone.

4. On The iPhone, Where Is The Clipboard?

An iPhone lacks a Clipboard viewer. The Clipboard is just a memory location where the most recently copied or cut object is stored. The Clipboard can only hold one item at a time. A paste would be the only way to get to what is there.

5. How Do I Open My Clipboard On My iPhone 7?

As a component of iOS, the Clipboard is stored in RAM until it is pasted. The iOS clipboard can’t be accessed or changed. Paste by pressing your finger on the screen with a bit of force and selecting the option.

6. How Do I Access My Clipboard On My iPhone 8?

Select it, hold down the Shift key, and drag the points to cover the text you want to copy. Notification Center will now display your most recent clipboard input on the widget. A Plus sign appears next to it.

7. Where Are Copied Items On iPad?

Any information you copy to the Clipboard and then paste into another area is known as temporary data when using the Copy and Paste function. You may use the iPad Instagram clipboard to copy and paste text from one document or application to another.

8. Where is your clipboard stored?

The clipboard on iPhone is stored in the system memory. This means that when you copy something on your iPhone, it is stored in the system memory until you paste it somewhere. If you restart your iPhone, the clipboard will be cleared. You can access the clipboard by going to Settings > System > Clipboard and turning on the switch for Clipboard history.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Finally! You’ve figured out how to find Clipboard on iPhone?

You’ll come up empty-handed if you attempt to figure out how to use the iPhone’s Clipboard.

To remove or alter the content of the Clipboard, the iPhone does not give a direct access option.

There is a good chance this will move in the right direction for user safety.

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