Polaroid Flashing Red

Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Red? Ways To Fix It

Polaroid cameras are portable and easy to use. They come in various colors but have one thing in common; they make photography fun. However, an error like a paper jam will flash the indicator light several times.

Why is my polaroid flashing red? Polaroid flashing red signifies the battery is low or the film cartridge is stuck.

Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. If it’s the Polaroid 300, two new AA batteries should do.

If the flashing red light doesn’t cease, reset the camera by removing the batteries.

The Polaroid instant camera experiences frequent errors that make it flash red.

This guide will give you the details of why and how to fix it.

Why Is It Blinking Red?

Polaroid camera Low battery light blinking red

Polaroid cameras tend to be quite sturdy and reliable, but they occasionally break down.

If you’ve got a Polaroid camera that’s blinking red, it’s due to the following reasons:

  • Low battery
  • Paper Jam
  • Prints have been used up
  • Insufficient space
  • The back cover is open
  • Canceled print
  • Update failure
  • Film Was Damaged Or Loaded Incorrectly

Flashing red light on a polaroid can mean different things depending on the model.

When resolving the issue, you must first know what the blinking red light on the model represents.

How To Stop Flashing Red Light On Polaroid

Flashing Red Light On Polaroid

Solution 1: Low Battery

For the Polaroid Now and Now+ models, a blinking red light indicates a low battery. The camera could reject the black film cover or the print.

Polaroid Now and Now+ doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery; if it’s low, you charge it.

Plug the micro USB type B cable into the camera. Plug the USB end into the USB power adapter and connect it to the power outlet. It takes about 2 hours to charge.

The battery indicator light beside the micro USB slot will flash when the camera starts charging. Once fully charged, the LED light will go off. Always turn off the device after use to save battery.

The Now+ has the edge over Polaroid Now; you can see the battery percentage. Press-hold the +Button. On the film counter, you’ll see numbers displayed.

“1” means low battery, “2” means 20% battery, etc. If it’s not low, but the light flashes red, you’d know the fault isn’t the battery, and you need to reset the camera.

To reset the Now+:

  • Open the film cartridge door.
  • Press-hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Polaroid 300 and Instax Mini 9 come with replaceable batteries. The LED light will flash red when the batteries are low or dead. Replace the old batteries with two AA batteries, and the flashing red light will cease.

Solution 2: Paper Jam

Your Polaroid ZIP Printer will flash red when there’s a paper jam error. For instance, when you have more than ten papers in the camera or the paper(s) are bent or backward.

Remove the papes and place them correctly. If it exceeds 10, remove the extra, and the flashing red light will cease.

Solution 3: No Prints

Polaroid SNAP flashes red, there’s no paper

If the paper status light on the Polaroid SNAP flashes red, there’s no paper. Open the paper tray and insert new papers to fix the issue.

Solution 4: Low Space

The microSD card status light will flash red when there’s no memory space on the Polaroid SNAP or the camera cannot detect the card. Delete some photos to free up space.

Solution 5: System Error

Aside from battery issues, a flashing red light on the Polaroid ZIP can be caused by any of the following reasons:

Unsupported Image: If the printer doesn’t support the format of the image, you can delete the photo and retake it—the ZIP prints various 3″ x 2″ colored photos that do not require developing time.

Back Cover Open: Close the back cover of the Polaroid ZIP. If the cover is missing, you’ll need to improvise or get a new one.

Update Failure: If you tried updating the Polaroid app and it fails, the ZIP printer will flash red when printing.

Check the internet connection and retry.

Canceled Print: press the reset button next to the charging port.

The Polaroid ZIP is a wireless printer that you can connect to your smartphone through the Polaroid app. It’s similar to the Instax mini printer; you can print photos through the ZIP printer from your phone.

Why Is My Polaroid Not Working

Solution 6: Damaged Film Or Loaded Incorrectly

Before inserting the film, it is important to ensure that it is not expired or damaged. If the film packaging is damaged, the film inside may have been exposed to light and will not develop properly.

Additionally, if the film is not loaded correctly into the camera, it can cause a red flashing light to appear.

When loading the film, it is important to carefully follow the instructions provided in the camera manual.

This typically involves opening the camera’s film compartment, aligning the film with the rollers, and closing the compartment securely.

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If the film is not loaded correctly, it can cause the camera to malfunction, including the red flashing light.

If you are experiencing this issue, it is recommended to carefully remove the film and reload it properly. If the film has been damaged or exposed to light, it will need to be replaced.

Solution 7: You Are Too Close To Your Subject

olaroid cameras typically have a minimum focusing distance, which is the closest distance you can be from a subject and still get a clear, in-focus picture.

If you try to take a picture and the camera is too close to the subject, it will often result in the red flashing light, indicating that the picture cannot be taken.

To resolve this issue, you should step back from your subject until you are within the minimum focusing distance for your camera.

This information can usually be found in the camera manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

By being within the minimum focusing distance, you will be able to take clear and in-focus pictures with your Polaroid camera.

Solution 7: Camera Was Dropped

Polaroid cameras are delicate instruments, and even a small drop or bump can cause damage to the internal components.

If your camera has been dropped or knocked, it can result in a malfunction, including the red flashing light.

If you have recently dropped or bumped your camera, it is recommended to inspect it for any visible damage.

If there is any damage to the exterior or the lens, it is best to consult with a professional or contact the manufacturer for repair.

In some cases, even if there is no visible damage, internal components may have been affected, causing the red flashing light.

Why Is My Polaroid Not Working?

When Polaroid cameras stop working, it’s usually due to a weak or dead battery.

If you’re using a model with a rechargeable battery like the Now+, check the battery percentage and recharge if it’s low.

Replace with new AA batteries where applicable.

Other factors can make your Polaroid camera cease to work. Let’s see them.

1. Camera Doesn’t Flash Or Turn On

low, dead, or weak batteries will cause the camera to malfunction. The flash on the camera and the photo ejection will not be possible if the camera battery is weak, low, or dead.

Check and recharge or replace the batteries. Always turn off the camera after use to prolong the battery life.

Corroded battery contact will also affect the Polaroid.

When the batteries go bad for a long time undetected, they release a fluid that corrodes the battery contacts, and they will not connect with the battery correctly.

Use a flat blunt object to scrape the corroded parts. Be careful not to cause any damage to it.

2. Photo Not Ejecting

You’ve taken a few shots, but your camera isn’t printing. The fault can be a weak or low battery. Check the ejection slot if you’ve checked and the batteries are in good shape.

If dust builds up in the ejection slot, your camera will not print photos. Use a blower brush to remove the dust.

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If you suspect that the camera is faulty;

  • Put a pack of film in the camera and listen for motor noise.
  • If you hear none, remove the pack of film and reinsert it. Make sure the yellow marks on the film match the camera.

Sometimes, the camera will not eject because the film is bad.

  • Insert a new pack of film.
  • If it doesn’t eject the dark slide, the camera is faulty. You’ll need a new Polaroid.

Polaroid Flashing Orange

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Red And Not Taking Pictures?

If your Polaroid camera flashes red and doesn’t take pictures, it indicates low or dead batteries.

In this instance, the camera will not capture images since there’s no battery to provide power. Replace or charge the battery to fix it.

2. Why Is My Polaroid Flashing Orange?

Instax Mini 11 and 9 blink orange when the battery is dead, and you should replace them with new alkaline batteries.

  • Turn on the camera.
  • Open the battery slot.
  • Remove the old ones and replace them.

The flashing will stop.

3. Why Is My Polaroid Blinking Red Light With New Batteries?

If you’ve replaced the batteries on your Polaroid camera, but the red light persists, the issue can be a paper jam or wrongly-placed film. Do not insert more than ten papers in the printer; ensure you lay them straight.

4. Why Is My Polaroid Instax Mini 7s Flashing Red?

A flashing red light on your Polaroid Instax Mini 7s indicates low power. The Instax mini 7s uses replaceable batteries.

Turn on the camera lens before inserting new batteries. Otherwise, the red light will continue flashing even with new batteries.

5. How Long Does A Polaroid Battery Last?

polaroid dead batteries

New Polaroid batteries last a couple of weeks and take 100 shots before dying out. Rechargeable batteries on a full charge can shoot 15 packs of film.

To charge, plug the USB adapter into the Polaroid and connect it to power.


Why is my polaroid flashing red light indicating low or dead batteries that you’ll have to replace or recharge?

Other causes of flashing red lights are paper jams or film issues.

The Polaroid helps create beautiful memories with its cameras. They’re cute and easy to use.

The occasional glitches common to their cameras aren’t enough to deter us.

Whatever the case, this article details how you can fix these errors.

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