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How To Pause Minecraft PC – Fastest And Easiest Way

As interesting as Minecraft is, it’s confusing to pause the game when one needs a reprieve. This pause confusion comes as a result of no direct pause button in the game, and this gets players, especially beginners wondering how to pause Minecraft pc.

You can pause Minecraft on your PC by pressing the Esc key on the computer. Pressing the Esc key opens up the pause menu and it provides a portal for many game options, and you select the pause type you want.

Although the use of the Esc key sounds simple and very direct, the use of pause in Minecraft is not all simple. There are various configurations for the use of pause in Minecraft.

How To Pause Minecraft PC: Step-By-Step Guide

Step-By-Step Guide

Minecraft is a sandbox game that involves building up strongholds to fade off monsters that attack at night. How to pause Minecraft PC comes with lots of specifications. When you use the Esc button to pause the game, it only opens the menu screen but doesn’t pause the game from playing.

Hence, the mobs will keep coming to try to kill you. To pause Minecraft, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the escape button to enter the pause menu controls.
  • Circle: enter inventory cycle
  • Square: cycle inventory gone
  • Triangle: bring the inventory

This method is confusing to a beginner, so there is a shorter and simpler way of pausing Minecraft while playing it. This shortcut is called pause F3, which we will explain in the article.

How Do You Pause Minecraft F3?

How Do You Pause Minecraft F3

Pausing Minecraft F3 is the shortcut instead to going through the pause mode, and it is a straightforward procedure.

Click on Esc while holding F3 simultaneously, and the game will stop. Though the game pauses, the game chunks will continue to load.

Esc + F3 helps cut out the route to the pause menu and pause the game simultaneously. It is important to note that pause F3 works only in single-player modes like survival mode and creative mode, not multiplayer mode.

To stop Minecraft from pausing when opening a new window or tab, press P while pressing F3. This function loosens the auto-pause mode as a new window creates.

P + F3 ensures you change windows without a pause in the game.

However, this pause is not a true pause because though the game stops; chunks are still loading. There is no true pause in Minecraft except to exit the game and continue afterward as the progress saves.

Can You Pause Minecraft In Survival Mode?

In survival mode, it is not possible to pause Minecraft. Even with the Esc button or inventory screen, pause menu, map screen, or the console’s home screen, the game will not pause in the true sense. The gameplay continues, and enemies will attack without ceasing, and the player will end up dead in the game.

It is best to quit the game entirely and continue when you are free. Minecraft saves the player’s progress, so they can continue from where they stopped. Exiting is the best way to stop Minecraft in survival mode without the chances of dying in pause mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

pause minecraft faq

Why Does Minecraft Not Support Pause?

It is uncertain why Minecraft does not support pause. If it is a bug in the game or a clearly intended feature, we can’t say. Minecraft says they have prioritized the addition of a pause option.

How Do I Get Out Of Minecraft Without Pausing?

You can get out of Minecraft without pausing by holding the F3 button and clicking Esc. This function will toggle the new window to open without breaking Minecraft.

Can You Pause Minecraft Xbox?

Yes, you can pause Minecraft Xbox by disabling Online Game before starting the game. If Minecraft plays online, you will not be able to pause it, which applies to most online games.

How Do You Pause Minecraft On Switch?

To pause Minecraft on the switch, click the home button, and the game will pause till you resume or close up the software. The suspension is not a true pause as activities from chunks will continue.

How Do You Pause Minecraft On Your iPhone?

how to pause minecraft on iphone

You can tap on the menu button on your iPhone to pause Minecraft. The menu activation suspends the game until you return or exit the software. However, this is not a true pause as activities will continue.

Is there a mod for fixing the pause menu in Minecraft?

There are many mods available that can modify or enhance the pause menu in Minecraft. These mods can add new features, such as improved performance, better graphics, and more customization options, to the pause menu.

Keep in mind that mods can sometimes cause compatibility issues or other problems, so it’s important to only use mods from trusted sources and to carefully read the instructions for each mod before installing it. Additionally, it’s important to note that using mods can sometimes void your game’s warranty, so use them at your own risk.

What is a ctrl pause break?

The “Ctrl + Pause Break” key combination is a keyboard shortcut that is used to interrupt or halt a running process in Windows. When you press these keys simultaneously, it sends a signal to the active process to stop executing, and the process will pause or terminate.


The issue of How to pause Minecraft PC is both frustrating and impossible without completely exiting the game.

Yes, there is a pause menu and a shortcut, but these functions do not entirely pause all actions in the game.

For you to avoid dying in pause mode, it’s best to exit the game and resume at a better time. According to Minecraft, they are working on top priority to fix the pause problem and get Minecraft to work better as the players want.

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