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What Does OBJ Mean In Text? – Reason And Solution Regarding This Symbol

Whether you browse social media or a webpage, you often encounter the OBJ symbol. The symbol is like [obj] or a dashed box containing obj. Suppose your friend sent you a text with an emoji. But from your end, you see the OBJ symbol instead of the emoji. So, it raises the question, what does OBJ stand for?

The answer to what OBJ means in the text is a Unicode object replacement character. When the software can not recognize the particular character, it shows this OBJ box. Software bugs, ongoing updates, or voice-to-text functions are responsible for this OBJ error. Updating your app, browser, or device can solve this problem.

The OBJ format prevents you from watching the actual text or the specific character behind it. However, this article will help you understand the problem. Also, you will get the solutions to solve it.

obj in text Reasons

Overview Of What OBJ Mean In Text, Reasons & Solutions

What does OBJ mean Reasons Solutions
  • OBJ indicates the object
  • Universal code for a character
  • Object replacement character
  • Unrecognizable symbol, text, or attribute
  • Software bug
  • Backdated application
  • Corrupted data
  • Apple or android updating emoji library
  • Voice-to-text functions
  • Refreshing the software or device
  • Updating software and browser
  • Updating device
  • Using a different keyboard
  • Check for corrupted file or virus

Understanding The OBJ Format

Codes drive your PC or phone. Every text, symbol, emoji, or image you see on your screen is a character to the device. Technological devices use codes to identify those characters.

Sometimes, in the case of a special character or character set, the software can not function. Somehow, the software can not recognize the characters, showing them as an object file.

So, when you see the OBJ object, [obj] symbol, or OBJ in a dotted box, the software is unable to identify the OBJ file format.

OBJ meaning

Platform OBJ meaning
  • Unidentified character
  • Unrecognizable letter
  • Corrupted data
  • Unidentified character
  • Unrecognizable letter
  • Corrupted text
  • Unidentified emoji
  • Unidentified character
  • Unrecognizable letter
  • Corrupted text
  • Unidentified character
  • Unrecognizable letter
  • Corrupted data
  • Corrupted software
Other social media
  • Unidentified character
  • Unrecognizable letter
  • Corrupted data
  • Corrupted software
  • Loading problem
  • Unidentified GIF

What Does OBJ Mean On Facebook?

We use many social media and texting apps. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We use different emojis to express our feeling in text messages or Facebook posts.

The software can not identify not only emojis but also plain text or punctuation marks. The OBJ sign work as a text placeholder for that specific character.

What Does The OBJ Emoji Mean?

The meaning of the OBJ emoji is the same as any other OBJ sign. When any software can not recognize the character of an emoji, it displays the OBJ box sign.

So, a Facebook app or a text app comes with different character sets and an emoji library. If the app fails to identify the emoji, it displays an OBJ emoji sign instead.

What Does OBJ Mean On Youtube?

If you see the OBJ box on youtube, it is most possibly a software bug. Due to software bugs, youtube can not recognize different characters or text or emojis.

The OBJ box also can be found in search suggestions. Sometimes we type complicated words and letters unconsciously. As a result, the software can not identify those letters and shows OBJ.

So, on youtube, the OBJ stands for the same as other platforms. It means Unicode Object Replacement Character (U65532).

OBJ meaning on instagram

What Does OBJ Mean On Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where images and short captions are the main focus. We use a lot of hashtags on this platform. Also, we share a lot of 3D model pictures.

So, when the software can not identify a complicated character or an image, it replaces those with an OBJ box. Due to the long loading time, this OBJ can appear too.

Instagram is an advanced program. It also takes stable internet and coding to load. So, backdated software causes a dashed OBJ box problem.

What Causes A Dotted Box OBJ Symbol?

Dotted Box OBJ Symbol Causes

Backdated Application

We use social media apps or applications frequently. Yet we forget to update them. Sometimes we avoid the notification of the Update too. This can cause the OBJ appearance.

Backdated application data can store malware. Also, it holds the software to work smoothly. For instance, the emoji library gets updated by Apple, but you are still using the old version. Your app will not recognize the new emojis.

Malware & Bug

You visit many websites daily. Harmful sites, advertisements, links, and images supply viruses and bugs. As a result, this malware may cause an object file error.

However, the bug can be in your social media apps or browsing software. Also, your device or program can have malware in it. Backdated software can create bugs too.

Factory Update

Facebook and other social media are continuously developing their software. Apple and Android are not outside this Update too. During their updating process, the OBJ may appear.

For example, suppose Apple is updating its emoji library. During this time, your software may not present the newly added emoji. It will not sync with your emoji library.

Versatile Texting Functions

With time, texting and typing are getting advanced. We can type with our voice now. This advanced technology may cause the OBJ box problem on your screen.

Sometimes the keyboard can not identify our voice commands. So, it uses unrecognizable characters to fill the gap. When it does not sync with the program, the OBJ box appears.

Corrupted Data

There are a few things that can cause the dotted box OBJ symbol to appear when data is corrupted. One of the most common causes is hardware failure, such as a bad hard drive or memory. This can happen if the data is stored on a faulty storage device or if the data is transferred to a new storage device incorrectly.

Another common cause of corrupted data is software problems. This can happen if the software used to create or edit the data is not compatible with the file format, if there are errors in the code, or if the software is not configured correctly.

Corrupted data can also be caused by human error, such as accidentally deleting files or overwriting existing data.

How Can You Avoid An OBJ Error?

obj in text tips

Refresh Everything

Refreshing your software is the fastest action you can take. This action can remove the OBJ file format problem. Also, it fastens and smoothens the software.

For your phone, close the app and again run it. You can refresh or close all the other apps as well. Reboot your phone very often. This action also helps the apps to run well.

For your PC or laptop, close the program you are running. If it does not close, close it from the system program. Also, refresh your browser. Regular restarts are


Perform Update

You need to keep updated. Update your applications and software when required. Otherwise, the OBJ error and other malware will keep coming.

Regular updates are necessary for your phone and PC. Besides updating the applications, update the systems too. Updating removes the corrupted data as well.

You can turn on an update alert for your software. Also, you can go to the settings option and update your operating system. Scan for new updates on your devices regularly.

Get Rid Of Any Malware

This action is mandatory. It not only prevents object boxes but also keeps your device safe. Ios users have a virus scanner on their devices. Otherwise, you can use a third-party scanner.

However, ensure the app you are using is effective. Regular scanning and cleaning of corrupted data will keep your device’s operating system smooth.

Use A Different Keyboard

Sometimes, the object box keeps coming back no matter what you do. In this case, you can change your keyboard software. Many advanced keyboards are available now.

The keyboards offer a variety of character sets. They also sync with the factory-updated emoji library. So, changing your keyboard can help you resolve the object error.

How To Update Apps On Apple Devices

It would help if you turned on the auto-update option for your devices. It will automatically update your apps. Also, it will notify you about the updates.

However, you can manually update your apps or software on your Apple devices. The process is so simple. Let’s see the steps.

For iPhone

  • Firstly, close all the apps that are running in the background. They can affect the updating process.
  • Open the App Store application on your phone.
  • Find your profile icon. Usually, it is on the top of the screen.
  • Tap or press on your profile icon. It will display a list of options.
  • Scroll down to find pending updates and release notes.
  • You will find an Update button beside every app that needs an update.
  • If you want to update any particular app, tap the Update button beside it.
  • You can update all the apps too. For this, tap on the Update All button.

For Mac

  • Close all the running programs and open the app store.
  • On the sidebar, you will find the Update option. Tap on that.
  • To update a specific app, tap on the Update button beside it.
  • You can update all the apps too. Tap on the Update All button on the top.

You can visit Apple’s support page to know more about the update option.

People Commonly Ask

obj text faq

1. Does OBJ Error Affect My Facebook Account?

OBJ sign on your Facebook post means that the app did not recognize the unique character. It has nothing to do with your Facebook account. But, it can affect the app.

2. Are 3D Objects Causing OBJ Box?

3d model may cause OBJ error. It will happen if your application is not updated. Sometimes, backdated apps do not support 3D geometry. Update your software and device.

3. Who Set The Unicode Standard?

A non-profit company, Unicode Consortium, works to develop and maintain software data and standards. Their primary focus is the Unicode standard in modern software products.

4. Do Polygonal Faces Create OBJ Errors?

One polygon part connects with other polygons. So, polygonal faces can be considered 3D models. If your software is not updated enough, it may create an error to show the faces.

5. How To Remove An OBJ Error On iPhone?

Refreshing and restarting is the first thing to do. Update your software regularly. Turn on automatic updates. Also, iPhone users can update their phones manually.

6. What Do Empty Squares Mean In A Text?

If you’re wondering what those empty squares are in your text messages, they’re called Emoji. They’re tiny little pictures that you can use to express yourself, and they’ve become hugely popular all over the world.

If you see an empty square in a text message, it means that the sender has used an Emoji that your phone doesn’t support. This is usually because the phone is a few years old and doesn’t have the latest version of the software installed.

To fix this, you’ll need to update your software or get a new phone. In the meantime, you can still see what the Emoji means by looking it up online.

Have You Caught The Final Idea?

No doubt that the OBJ box is irritating. People use emojis and different attributes to express their feeling more clearly. Imagine getting this box instead of the actual text or emoji. It hinders your smooth browsing too. Also, this OBJ file format indicates software malware.

Are you tired of asking what OBJ mean in text? We hope you have already found the answer to our article. It is a Unicode of an object file that your software can not identify. Software bugs, ongoing updates, or voice-to-text functions are responsible for this OBJ error.

Refresh and update your application, software, browser, and device. This act will solve your problem. As a result, you will be able to browse any webpage or social media without any interruption.

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