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What is Logitech G Shift? – A Detailed Explanation 2024 Guide

Two buttons and a scroll wheel are included in the conventional mouse. On the other hand, new mice have an increased number of buttons with a variety of functions. Among computer devices and software, Logitech is a household name. G-Shift buttons are often seen on Logitech mice.

What is G Shift, exactly? Yes, the G-Shift button is utilized mainly by gamers who customize their mouse with more complex features. The default mouse setup will be used if you do not activate the G-Shift button. Some users and gamers will be pretty happy with these settings as-is.

We’ll learn everything about Logitech’s G-Shift in this post. G-Shift will be explained to us, and we will learn how to use it.

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What Is G Shift?

Logitech G Shift assignment


As a keyboard modifier, G Shift may modify the default mouse button function in the Logitech Gaming Hub. When the G Shift option is enabled, the mouse button’s default actions may be customized to the keyboard keys or even a series of keyboard keys known as a macro.

By holding down the G Shift functionality button, you may assign an alternate function to any button on the G600 gaming mouse. The G-Shift Appointment button is designated as the default G-Shift by assigning a button like the G-Shift Feature Setting to the G-Shift Appointment button, although you may give the G-Shift function to any button.

What Is it’s Purpose?


  • Logitech Gaming Hub’s G-series mice come highly recommended for gaming. G Shift, a spectacular new function for G series mice, has been added.
  • However, if a user forgets to activate this feature, the mouse will return to its usual settings. For the most part, regular users can get by with the default settings. According to the evaluation, the G Shift function is seldom used by ordinary users.
  • To top it all off, the mouse button acts as a series of macro keys on the keyboard, which can be set up or changed as needed.
  • The Shift function (button) serves as a keyboard in some gaming interfaces. Yes! Instead of using the mouse, it acts as a keyboard indicator.
  • To a large extent, these developments were made with the express purpose of enhancing the enjoyment of those who play video games.
  • Due to a lack of information about using assigned G shift button functionalities, users are making much less use of the program’s features.

How To Setup

To use G Shift, first make sure your keyboard has it enabled. To do this, open Windows 10’s Settings app and click on “Devices and Printers.” Under “Keyboard,” click on the “Keyboards” tab. Under “Typing,” check the box next to “G Shift.”

Now that G Shift is enabled, you’ll need to find its shortcut. Most keyboards have a shortcut that’s usually near the ESC key or one of the function keys (F1-F12). Once you locate its shortcut, press it repeatedly to toggle between normal speed and game speed.


  • When you use G-Shift functionality, you may press and hold a button to bring up a menu of all the available G-key instructions.
  • It’s much like setting up regular G-key assignments, except that you must first set the G-Shift slider to the G-Shift position before making the assignments:
  • If you have more than one gaming device, choose the correct one from the Device Selector on the Device bar in the Logitech® Gaming Software.
  • The Profiles view may be accessed by tapping the Customize G-keys/buttons icon on the device bar.
  • Logitech’s Gaming Software has a G Shift feature slider that may be set to ‘G.’
  • Set up your device’s G-keys as you usually would.
  • To continue assigning the main 5 G shift key instructions data, return the G Shift slider to ‘Normal’ once you have done assigning commands.
  • Ensure that the mouse function G-Shift is assigned to the modifier key content or g shift button on your device and is ready to be used or the gamer.

The alternate G-key command assignments are accessible by pressing and holding the G-Shift key/button while gaming with the default setting.

Creating Macros Using Several Keys With G Shift Mode

Creating Macros Using Several Keys With G Shift Mode

Multiple keystrokes may be assigned to one G-Key/button to create a multi-key macro. If you want to get technical, it’s a sequence of critical events, capturing each key down and up as well as any delays between them. It may even contain mouse events (button presses and wheel scrolls).

So, what’s the point of recording several key macros? Many games use a combination of keystrokes to control movement or other instructions. This may be a huge benefit when playing games since you can attach these motions to one keystroke.

When creating a multi-key macro, you have the option of including or excluding the delays between each keystroke. Recording at the right speed is vital for various reasons, including in games where timing is critical. On the other hand, other multi-key macros may not need the delays to be recorded; in fact, the faster the keystrokes are, the better they work.

Each G-key/button may be assigned its macro, and you can set it to run once or a certain number of times.

Multi-key combinations aren’t required for macros. There is no difference whether the macro is merely a single keypress or a single keypress with a modifier (Shift, Ctrl, or Alt) pressed. The macro’s key-down and key-up sections are played when the G-key/button is pressed and released.

A multi-key macro, in which you press down several keys before releasing them, is similarly affected by this behavior. It’s possible to record a macro that is “A down,” “X Down,” “Space Down,” “Space Up,” “X Up,” and “An Up,” which may then be assigned to the G-key/button such that holding down the G-key/button keeps all three keys A, X, and Space pressed, and releasing the G-key/button releases them.

There are two techniques to record multi-key macros:

  • The Logitech® Gaming Software’s Commands section. Names may be assigned, and key combinations can be seen and edited using this approach.
  • To record a fast macro on the go, using the device itself. If you’re already playing the game and have an idea for a macro, you may utilize this method.

You may set your multi-key macros to any G-keys or buttons you choose using a profile. In addition, you have complete control over their assignment at any time.

As you can see, macros are pretty adaptable, allowing you to tailor their usage to your preferences and gameplay needs.

Assign Command To A G-Key/Button And Try It Out

gaming mouse

If you have more than one gaming device, choose the correct one using the Device Selector on the Device bar, and then show the Profiles View (by selecting the Customize G-keys/buttons icon on the Device bar).

Pick the ‘Notepad’ profile in the Profiles section and then the M1 mode (if your device has M-keys).

Using the G1 key (or the mouse button) in the Image Section, drag the “Clear All” command from the Commands area to “Clear All.” The G-key/button now has a little label that reads “Clear All.”

Open Notepad if it is not already open (for example, from the Start All Programs Accessories menu). Close and reopen it if it’s already available. The profile (Notepad) you generated in Tutorial 1 should be automatically running now, as you can see from your device display.

Make that you’re in M1 mode by pressing the M1 key (if your device has M-keys).

Type the following: “It’s a test here. With a single keystroke, I will remove all of the text from this document.”

Press G1 (or the relevant mouse button). Notepad’s text gets wiped clean in one swoop.

You may have had another profile set as ‘persistent’ that must be removed if nothing occurs or if a different action is triggered.

Using The G Shift On A Keyboard: What Is It?

If you use a Logitech keyboard, you may also utilize the G Shift function to assign a modifier to a keyboard button if you want.

Using G Shift on your Logitech keyboard is as simple as following these simple instructions:

The G Hub window may be opened simply by clicking on the keyboard.

Select “Assignments” from the left-hand menu to get there.

Under this menu, choose the System tab.

Drag the G Shift element from the left menu to the keyboard key that you want to use as the modifier for the G Shift.”

You can now utilize the G Shift modifier on the keyboard with the key thing you’ve selected.

Several Advantages Of Using G-Shift Mode

Call of Duty_

Some games specifically designed for G-shift mode include shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and action RPGs like Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect. By default, G-shift mode is enabled when these games are played on PC platforms, but it can also be enabled on console platforms with compatible controllers.

Gamers are the most frequent users of the G-Shift key. The G-Shift, on the other hand, is a boon to the gamers’ generation. The G-Shift key has the following advantages for gamers:

You get an advantage over your opponents by customizing your G-Shift during competitive games. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a sliver of an improvement.

You may erase unneeded mouse button settings and override them with priority functionality in gaming using G-Shift.

Gamers want to customize their mouse to suit their preferences and training.” You may easily switch guns and reload ammunition in FPS games while G-Shift is activated and initiate the game’s events.

The G Hub: What Are The Specifics?

To further integrate your gear with third-party applications, Logitech G has developed a new Logitech gaming software called G HUB. With it; you can fine-tune your device’s control, modify its illumination, and more.

Customize And Sync Your Devices

With Logitech G LIGHTSYNC for keyboards, mice, headsets, and speakers, you may choose from various animation effects and lighting settings shared by the community.

It’s Time To Configure And Share

Your fellow gamers, experts, and prominent broadcasters all have profiles that you may download. It’s a simple method to experiment with a new mouse, keyboard, and macros.


Customize the in-app actions of your Stream Program buttons and construct your media playback and scene switching macros. Take control of OBS Studio with your gaming gear for a smoother and quicker broadcast.

An Easy-To-Use Interface Based On Drag & Drop

With a straightforward interface, you can choose features, add macros and key bindings, and create color breaks and animations.

Switching Profiles Is Easy To Do

It’s now easier than ever to swap between characters in-game. As a result, you’ll always have access to the tools you need.

Gear Ecosystem At Its Finest

All of your compatible Logitech G gear, including mouse, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and cameras, can be optimized and customized using Logitech G HUB.

Automatically Identifies The Gear

G HUB identifies your supported Logitech G gear and provides you full access to its customization options. ‘It automatically updates the operating system’s software.

Review Of Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse

FPS gamers should choose the Logitech G Pro Wireless. If you use it wirelessly or wired, the latency is minimal, which is advantageous for gaming. The fingertip grip may be a problem for tiny hands, but it should be usable for most hand sizes. When used wirelessly, it’s also relatively light; yet, when connected by cable, it may be pretty heavy.

Aesthetic Appeal

The build quality of the Logitech G Pro mouse is superb. No wobbling can be seen in its all-plastic construction, solid to the touch. Slides smoothly on the feet. It’s also possible to flip the side buttons to the left or right side and still have all four simultaneously, which is helpful. When you shake it, you may notice that the left and right buttons move a little.


One RGB zone is located on the back of the Logitech G Pro Wireless, making it seem like a standard-looking mouse. The matte plastic construction has a classy appearance while lacking the traditional gaming mouse’s weight and heft.

The Ease Of Use

To put it another way, using the Logitech G Pro Wireless is a pleasure. This mouse has an ambidextrous design that allows you to place the side buttons on any side of the mouse. You may use it either left or right-handed. However, there are no ergonomic benefits. It may be used with a wide variety of hands in various grips in a positive light. The Xenics Titan GX AIR Wireless ambidextrous variant has a honeycomb-style swappable palm rest and is similarly designed. Check out the Razer Basilisk Ultimate if you like a right-slanted design.

Click Latency

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a fantastic choice in terms of click latency. When utilizing it wirelessly or wired, there should be no noticeable delay. You may connect the USB adapter to the cable by plugging the receiver into the USB adapter. In this way, the receiver may be placed nearer to your desk mouse, resulting in more outstanding performance.

Compatible Software

The Logitech G HUB software is excellent for gaming and provides a wide range of choices for personalizing your experience. Customization options include illumination, performance, and the buttons on the unit itself. A G-Shift button may be used in place of a Shift Key on the keyboard. When you press this button, the second mouse controls become available. It also features built-in memory, enabling you to transfer your stored settings to a new machine.

Grip With The Fingers

Most persons with a fingertip grip can use Logitech G Pro Wireless. Although the front side button may be a little more challenging to reach for those with tiny hands, the device’s overall design is excellent.

Versatility In Wireless Communication

Logitech G Pro’s wireless capabilities are adequate. The cable may connect the USB receiver with a USB receiver and adapter. This reduces the distance between the receiver and the mouse, improving performance. Moreover, it offers a five-minute auto-shutoff timer to save battery power. Check out the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro if you’re looking for a multi-device mouse.


There is an extensive CPI range for the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which can be modified in the companion software by a factor of 50. The pointer moves smoothly because of its high maximum polling rate and accuracy even when moving swiftly.

People Also Ask More

1. What is the Logitech mouse’s G shift?

G Shift may modify the default mouse button function in the Logitech website Gaming Hub as a keyboard modifier. When the G Shift option is enabled, the mouse button’s default actions may be customized to the keyboard keys or even a series of keyboard keys known as a macro.

2. What is G shift G502 Lightspeed?

G Shift assignments is a mouse-specific keyboard modifier for gaming customers. When the G-Shift button is pressed, the other mouse buttons get their shifted instructions… As soon as you switch to the Automatic Game Detection mode, your G502 mouse profiles are activated for default mouse button operation.

3. What should my mouse parameter be?

The lift-off distance (LOD) is the only parameter in the mouse section. The default is 2mm; however, you may get a 3mm LOD from the program if you slide it to the right. The polling rate may be changed from the default 1000Hz value in this section. You have the option of selecting 125.

4. What is G hub software?

You can utilize your gear with third-party applications, fine-tune your hardware control, and more with Logitech G HUB, a revolutionary software platform created for future products.

5. What does g9 do on G502?

To avoid clicking it while playing, you should only use the g9 button for things that you don’t want to press at all. G502’s default mode is to switch between its three profiles. On the G502’s right side, there isn’t much going on.

6. What does DPI Shift do G402?

The Logitech G502’s “dpi Shift” button, which allows for up to four distinct dpi settings (with a range of 250 to around 4,000 counts per inch), is retained on the G402, but a smaller, more straightforward rubber scroll wheel replaces the dual-mode scroll wheel.

Final Verdict

So, what is G Shift, exactly? Overall, the more you use G Shift, the easier it will be to personalize your gaming experience. This guide will help you set up the G Series mice compatible with this feature.

As with the keyboard, you can personalize any command using this. The Logitech G series mouse is everything you need. Now, I hope your gaming field may benefit from the addition of specific features.

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