The Punisher Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Who isn’t a fan of the Marvel series? We are sure everyone is. One simply doesn’t want the Marvel series to end ever. You must have seen or heard about The Punisher Television series, which is an absolute hit. The Punisher is created by Steve LightFoot, and Produced by Marvel Television, and ABC Studios. The series took the Marvel fans by storm as soon as it hit the screens.

As the name suggests, the series is about the character The Punisher from the famous Marvel Series. It first appeared on the screens on 17th November 2017. John Bernthal plays the role of a Punisher in the season. His name is very well suggestive of his job. He is the one who punishes the criminals using harsh ways. The series has released 2 seasons up till now, and people are waiting for The Punisher season 3. Will there be one? Keep reading to know.

Genre, Cast, And Crew


Superhero thriller action series


Steve Lightfoot


Gail Barringer

Production Studios

Marvel Television

ABC Studios

Bohemian Risk Production


John Bernthal

Ben Barnes

Daniel Webber

Ebon Moss-Bachrach

Amber Rose Revah

Michael Nathanson

Paul Schulze

Josh Stewart

Floriana Lima

Tyler Bates

The Punisher 1 And 2 Plot Summary

The whole story revolves around the character Frank Castle also known as “The Punisher”. Punisher is a character from the Marvel series who possesses a dark personality. The creator of the series took a special interest in Frank Castle’s character and decided to make an entire season specifically on his character.

Franke Castle, also known as “The Punisher” initially had a mild personality. He had a loving family and led a good life. What turned him into a Punisher was the main thing Steve Lightfoot decided to make a separate story on. According to Steve Lightfoot, it is always fascinating to learn about a dark character’s past. Knowing what turned him into a stone heart is something he loves.

Frank Castle is an undercover FBI agent by the hands of whom Robert Saint also known as Bobby saint is killed. Robert Saint is a young man and son of Howard Saint, who is a powerful crime lord. Bobby Saint sets out to meet Otto Krieg to make some illegal deals. The scene is crashed by undercover FBI agents which also includes Frank Castle.

Upon landing on the scene, things get out of hand, and there is a fire exchange. Bobby Saint gets killed by Frank for which he has to face severe consequences because Bobby is the son of crime lord Howard Saint. Howard Saint is furious to know about his son’s death and swears to seek bloody vengeance on him. His entire family is assassinated by the Saint’s men, while Frank is rescued by his family friend.

Frank retires from his job and is filled with deep anger, despondency, and vengeance upon the death of his entire family. He is also deeply disappointed because no action has been taken against the Saint’s family for killing his entire family just because they are too afraid to deal with him. Disappointed, Frank decides to do things his way.

He kidnaps Mikey and tortures him into leaking information about the Saints. After that, Frank collects whole information about them and barges into Saint’s bank building. Upon entry, he throws a lot of money out of the building which immediately attracts the Saints’ attention. Towards the end, Frank risks his life but adopts dangerous ways to put an end to all the criminals involved in his family’s murder.

For instance, in the end, he kills Howard by tying him to the back of his car and sets it on motion to let him slowly die and have a painful and agonizing death. In the end, Frank has taken his revenge, and he feels that his life has no purpose left. Therefore he decides to end his life, but he has a flashing memory of a blonde girl which stops him from killing himself.

Frank decides to live and start a new life with his family, friends and fellow colleagues. He tries to hold on to the good memories of life and lead a life of fulfillment. The season ends with a note that Frank is no longer Frank, he is called “The Punisher” now. Read the next section to know whether there will be season 3 or not.

The Punisher Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?


After the success of “The Punisher ” season 2, people are anxiously waiting for season 3. The season has received huge popularity and amazing response from people around the world for its strong storyline. The good news is that The Punisher season 3 is under production. This might be music to the fans’ ears, but the official release dates are not confirmed yet. We might expect the new season somewhere in 2024.

People have many guesses regarding the third season, however, we can give our words because we haven’t heard any official news. Frank is now known as “The Punisher”, the next season might be about his role as a punisher. Moreover, his identity is concealed because he works under a mask. We will only tell the true story when the season really comes out.


What is The Punisher about?

The Punisher is about a character named Frank Castle from the marvel series. The story is based on the sufferings of Frank Castle at the hands of Crime Lord Howard saint. The Punisher showcases how Frank Castle’s family is killed by Howard Saint and he turns his sufferings into pure revenge.

Why is Frank Castle called The Punisher?

Frank Castle led a happy life with his family, he was an FBI undercover agent who on his last mission killed the son of Howard Saint, who is a crime lord. Howard Saint in return brutally murdered his entire family which leaves Frank distraught. Frank punishes each and every person in the most lethal ways, which gives him the title, The Punisher.

Is The Punisher season 3 coming anytime soon?

There had been many rumors about The Punisher 3 coming out soon. It is said that the third installment of The Punisher is under production and we might see it on screen at the end of 2024. Ever since season 2 has ended, people have been anxiously waiting to hear about season 3. This news must make everyone happy that they will soon see their favorite season on screens again.

Wrap Up

Marvel fans wouldn’t ever want the famous series to end. There Steve Lightfoot took one character from the Marvel series and made an entire season solely on him. The Punisher made its debut on 17th November 2017. There are two seasons of The Punisher up till now and people are eagerly waiting for season three. Read the article above to know whether season 3 is renewed or canceled.

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