Psychic Princess Season 2 – Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED

Chinese TV series and literature have always fascinated people with their incredible storylines. Psychic Princess is one of their most famous seasons which many people love to watch. People are attracted to this romantic series and demand a second season. Psychic Princess has received huge success and positive ratings. Let’s see if there will be Psychic Princess season 2 anytime soon or not?

Psychic Princess Season 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

Psychic Princess is a famous manhua Chinese series, belonging to a mysterious, fantasy, and romance genre. If you have already seen it, well and good. If you haven’t started, this series to upscale your interest in Chinese anime. The illustration storyline has received a huge fan base, not only from China but all over the world. Those who have watched it cannot wait to hear about the Psychic Princes season 2, as there only has been one season aired up till now.

Plot Summary


The series depicts a beautiful yet heartbreaking story of a girl named Qian Yun Xi, who belongs to a noble family and is sent away from home because she is psychic. The story is written and illustrated by Rou Rou and directed by Li Hauling, and Bill after it was adapted into an anime series. Psychic Princess was first released on the screens On November 30, 2018.

The series instantly became successful as soon as it hit the screen with its 16 episodes in total. The story is such that people were glued to season 1 till its last episode. The story starts off with a beautiful lady who lives in the mountains with her sister and two pet tigers. She has some different abilities, for instance, talking to animals, and seeing ghosts, and spirits.

It is revealed that the young girl Quan Yun Xi, belongs to a noble family, who was abandoned at the age of 8 because she was different. She was deemed psychic and was sent away to live on her own in the mountains. Nobody in the community accepted her differences, and she became the victim of her own family’s hatred.

After she began to live in the mountains she honed her skills and used them in a good way. When she grows up, she is taken back home by her family and is married to the rival prince in order to maintain a truce between the two parties. Once again, she becomes the victim of her family’s cruel intentions. Quan Yun Xi’s miseries don’t end here, she has many things to face with her close ones.

The prince, Ye Youming, whom she is married to maintain harmony and peace between the two rival parties, doesn’t love her back. Instead, he abandons her too because of her special abilities. She is sent away to a haunted house by her own prince-husband. Later it is revealed that the princess has some psychological issues which are very evident because she was abandoned multiple times.

Will There Be Psychic Princess Season 2?


Although Psychic Princess received a huge fanbase, and people are waiting for the second season, there is no official news about the season’s renewal. A new season requires a lot of time, energy, and a strong plot. There have been rumors from different sources about the new season under production. However, we cannot say anything for sure.

The good thing is that Psychic Princess season 2 isn’t canceled by the producers and directors. Which is a good indicator about season 2 coming anytime in the future. We shall keep our hopes high because it might come a bit later. Unfortunately, we cannot guess the story of the assumed Psychic Princess season 2.

We can expect the abandoned princess to make a realm of her own by mastering her abilities and not depending on others. She is able to possess spirits and do much more than an ordinary human being cannot do. This is all we can assume, we will only know what happens in season 2 when it really comes out on the screens.



What is Psychic Princess about?

Psychic princes in a Chinese anime fantasy-romantic season taken from the Chinese Manhua series. The story is written and illustrated by Rou Rou and it was adapted for anime series and then aired on the screens in November 2018. The first season has 16 episodes and the story narrates the life of a young girl named Quan Yun Xi, who was abandoned by her noble family at the age of 8 because she possessed different abilities. The story shows her struggles when she was forced to live in the mountains.

Why was the Psychic Princess abandoned at a tender age?

Psychic Princess is also known as Quan Yun Xi, was abandoned by her noble family when she was only 8 years old. She was forced to live in the mountains alongside her younger sister. She adopted two pet tigers and communicated with animals through sign language. Psychic princes had the ability to see spirits, ghosts, and many other things which an ordinary human couldn’t see. Her family abandoned her because of her different abilities.

Will there be a second season of Psychic Princess?

About that, there isn’t any official news released by the production team. As much as we would love to watch another brand new season of Psychic Princess, we cannot say for sure when it will come out. There had been a lot of rumors about the new season being under production. As good things take time to make their appearance, hence we will wait as much as we can for the next season.

The Bottom Line

Psychic Princess is a Chinese anime series about a princess whose miseries don’t seem to end. However, she isn’t the damsel in distress because she finds a way out to look after her own self. Quan Yun Xi is abandoned at the age of 8 by her noble yet cruel family. Psychic Princess has received huge success across the globe and people are demanding the second season. Will there be Psychic princess season 2? Keep reading to know everything.

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