Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

People enjoy reality television, and they prefer reality shows to other genres. You will see drama and emotions in this docu-series; that is why Jailbirds was loved by the fans. It was a unique documentary since there are not many jail drama series. The inmates of the Sacramento County Jail are the focus of the show, and they show the lives of female inmates within the prison.

The premise and the drama it provided got positive responses from both the public and the critics. It got a 7/10 score on IMDB. The first season was released in 2019, and fans have been excitedly expecting the second season for three years.

So, what’s new? What’s the status of the second season? Let’s find out.

When Will The Second Season Release?

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As of today, Netflix has provided no updates. However, given it’s been three years, there’s not a good chance Netflix will renew it. This news may break the hearts of many fans as they won’t be able to see their favorite characters again. The covid outbreak has caused a delay in the production of most shows and television series.

The producer would have to visit several jails and interact with the inmates for the show. However, since Corona, there have been limitations. As a result, continuing on the same path is becoming increasingly difficult. Several prisons now have covid restrictions, making it difficult to visit and film a show inside. However, there have been indications that negotiations with the jail officials have taken place, but they appear to have failed.

However, because the shows are continuing and Jailbird has yet to be renewed; there are fewer chances that you will see its second part. . Netflix considers viewership the most vital factor in determining whether a show gets a renewal. Jailbirds have a decent audience, but not what Netflix had hoped for. The Netflix teams weigh the production cost and the viewership. If the cost exceeds the profit, the show gets under the hammer. It did not exceed one million views, but that does not mean it is unpopular.

There are ardent fans that want this show to return. If the show was to be renewed, Netflix would have announced that within the year of its release, but since now three years have passed, season 2 will not happen.

The Premise

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The show takes you to the lives of the women living inside the jail. Not everyone is a bad person, that is what this show depicts. You get to see how the female prisoners spend their sentences, and how they cope with the jail time.

The audience will meet many inmates. They learn about Yasmin Sundermeyer, serving her first sentence in prison for vehicle jacking; she hasn’t been able to pay for her bond. Then there’s Noonie, who’s been arrested for pimping and is facing charges. There’s also Monster, a tattoo artist, Tyler, Baby girl, A1, and other interesting personalities.

If you think the life inside the jail is simple, you are mistaken. Their lives are as complicated as they can get. There are several rules to follow, maintain discipline, and all this leads to a lot of drama and emotional stuff too. These women had a life before their sentence; this show beautifully shows how their lives were, and what they are thinking of doing after their release.

So, if there will be a second season, what it would be about?

The first season mainly focuses on the life of the prisoners and their past story. Season 2 will continue from there, and you get to see more insights into their lives. In the first season, you have seen how A1 and Taylor developed feelings for each other. A1 is serving a 5-year sentence. Their story is nothing like something out of a movie. Taylor had feelings for A1 but, she only wanted to pursue friendship and nothing more. But, now things are changing, and in season 2, you get to see whether or not they will be together. You will also learn more about Shayna’s and Baby Girl’s stories.

In this enjoyable show, you will also witness something interesting. Inmates have interacted with other cells. They discovered that if they lean down on the toilet seat and talk, they can communicate with cells above or below them. It appears to be like the telephone party lines that existed in the 1980s. Male and female detainees can communicate in this method with each other. It was unlike anything the viewers had ever seen on television.

Producer Rasha Drachkovitch believes jails are more fluid than prisons. It was very tough to shoot or get authorization. Even fewer offenders will take part because they are dealing with their problems. The team needed to locate inmates who will chat and share their experiences. According to the producer, around eighty percent did not want to be involved, but they were fortunate to find the remaining twenty percent. The crew spent around five months filming and shooting at the county jail. The team doesn’t just aim to entertain; they also want to convey that there are second chances and redemption stories.

The Streaming Platform

You can watch the first season on Netflix. However, take the paid membership, but Netflix also provides a one-month free trial. So, you can try that out f you want.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many reality shows or documentaries based on jail. That is why the show Jailbirds is unique. Normally, people are unaware of the life inside the prison, but this gives fans a glimpse.

People know little about what happens inside the jail, and it isn’t always positive. However, many people’s perspectives have shifted because of this show. That is why it was so popular among fans. Inside the jail, they witness conflicts, romances, and friendships forming. Netflix appears unlikely to renew it.

The only chance for this show to return for the second season is if another network picks it up.

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