‘7 Seeds’ Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

We all love anime, don’t we? Three years ago, in 2019, when Netflix premiered the endurance and sci-fi genre show 7 Seeds, anime fanatics went a little crazy. Even half of 2024 is also almost over, and fans are awaiting the creators to answer the significant question – will there be a season 3?

If you’re also here seeking the answer, you’re at the correct place! In this article, we will tell if the anime will come back for a fresh season and where you can enjoy watching it.

7 Series is an adaptation of the long-running manga authored by Yumi Tamura. It is an ONA series designed by Gonzo Studio in the early 2000s and has been around since then. However, in June 2019, the studio transferred a part of its holdings to Studio Kai – you must have heard about this Japanese animation studio.

The first season of the popular animation show was designed by Gonzo Studio. But, its subsequent seasons were handled by Studio Kai only. The report of Studio Kai delivering another season of the series is doing rounds in the digital world. So fans are interested to know if they will renew it for the latest season?

What is the Story of the 7 Series Anime?

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Similar to most of the anime programs out there, 7 Series is also full of adventure and fantasy, with a touch of sci-fi. Its plotline revolves around the future where an enormous meteorite has clashed with the earth, causing all the breathing creatures, comprising animals and human beings, to leave the Earth.

Anticipating this situation government bore steps against the worst-case scheme by forming a group. Known by the name 7 Seeds, this group comprises five batches of seven youthful women and men. The government meticulously picked and put these participants in groups into cryogenic slumber, expecting to safeguard humankind’s presence on the planet.

The squads in which these individuals were put included Spring, Winter, Autumn, Summer A, and Summer B. Shy Natsu is the protagonist of the narrative, who embarks on a dangerous journey full of fights and struggles with his teammates to endure in a realm that is about to finish.

When the participants wake up one day, they discover themselves at the edge of the world, forcing themselves into a cruel world all of a sudden. 7 Seeds narrates the tale of a bunch of seven inexperienced people who battle for their lives when the world is about to end while grieving the loss of their adored ones.

Will 7 Seeds Renew for a Fresh Season?

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Now comes the highly expected question of the day – will 7 Seeds renew for a new season or cancel?

Unfortunately, to everyone’s surprise, there is no such news released by the creators of the show regarding the release of its new season. Even Netflix has not confirmed to the fans yet.

So if any word arrives relating to the show, we will communicate it with you at the earliest.

The reason for omitting any official announcement by the creators depends on some fundamental aspects. Since they accept manga as reference data, everything depends on it. The manga was published for the first time on Bessatsu Shojo Comin in 2001. Following its brief performance life of merely a year on the channel, it lasted for years at Flowers.

The manga continued to broadcast for 16 years comprising 35 volumes. It would surprise you to learn that the manga is finished now. So, have the creators covered all the chapters, or is something still left? It is an interesting question.

To everyone’s surprise, the show creators speedily utilized around 16 books of the novel in the foremost season of the show. Thankfully, in the subsequent season, the plot got amusing, and hardly 4 books were adopted. So the program has covered only 20 out of 35 books of its manga until now. Since 15 volumes are yet left to be broadcasted, fans can hope for the recent season to arrive!

When is the Broadcast Date of 7 Seeds?

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Since the program has sufficient data to broadcast for one or two seasons more, it will have a new season. But when that is yet unknown to everyone. We are surveying the announcement for you.

Whether the program will have one more season or two more depends on how quickly the creators will wrap the narrative in the likely third season. But nothing has been settled or continued via Netflix or Studio Kai, showing a substantial 50-50 threat.

However, the highly foreseen report is the freshest season might drop by the end of 2024 or the start of 2024 if it is already in the trials. Although the creators rarely take so much time between the announcement of two seasons, the plan is a little extraordinary with anime.

Final Thoughts

When 7 Seeds was initially aired on June 28, 2019, it showcased a great resemblance to the famous American television show Lost. Its creators managed to develop it into an adventurous and mysterious yet realistic drama, attracting positive reviews from the audience. The show received a lot of hype from the audience as it revolved around the personal connections of human beings in a post-apocalyptic world and focused on their survival. But unfortunately, it fell short of the high standards set by its original material.

While from some anime lovers, the program received a massive hype, to others, it failed to fulfill the vast promises coming from the outstanding manga. Only time will tell whether the anime will have a new season or not. Until then, all we can do is linger for the dismissal of an official announcement and keep checking the official website for updates.

Although 7 Seeds have a 50/50 possibility of renewal and cancellation, cancellation is more likely since its viewership was much lower than expected in the second season. But, nothing can be said with surety. So, we are regularly monitoring the latest news regarding it. We hope you don’t lift your expectations too much.

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