Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Are you a fan of reality TV shows? Then Jailbirds might not have skipped your eyes. Jailbirds was initially released on Netflix in 2019 with a total of six episodes. It is all about female prisoners living a life under the roof of Sacramento County Jail, California. The reality show presents everything that happens in the jail, and how all these female inmates are treated. There only has been season 1 up till now, keep reading to know more about Jailbirds season 2 release date.

Setting And Main Cast

As it is a reality show, everything shown in Jailbirds exists in reality. The season is set on the premises of Sacramento County Jail in California. It is produced by Rasha Drachkovitch, and she strictly followed the rules and regulations of the jail. All the inmates were made comfortable to appear in front of the camera.

The main cast members of Jailbirds season are the original inmates who were either already present or came later during the show. Courtney Jay Koranda is an inmate arrested for drug abuse. Tayler Renee Coatney was arrested for burglary that killed a father and a son. Rebecca Temme is a young girl who started using drugs at a tender age because of her traumatic childhood.

Megan Hawkin, who was formerly a tattooist was arrested for multiple crimes such as theft, narcotics transport, committing a felony, and whatnot. Moreover, Ebony was brought to jail due to many crimes. For instance, it is revealed through her mouth that she has done shoplifting, assault, identity fraud, theft, robbery, and burglary. All these inmates faced the camera willingly after they were made comfortable.

Plot Summary Season 1

The show opens by showing a very young inmate brought to jail for committing multiple crimes. Her name is Yasmine Sundermeyer and her crimes are carjacking, illegal weapon possession, alcohol, and drug abuse. She is traumatized by the environment of the prison and is called at by the older prisoner. Everyone mocks her by calling her, “new fish, and fresh meat” which has instilled an undefined fear in her. The inmates are both friendly and hostile towards each other so fear isn’t something new for the new prisoners.

There are categories of prisoners, some are under rehabilitation, and some are bought and put in segregation because of their tender age. Whereas, some are extremely violent inmates who will probably become more violent in the prison. In the second episode, there is a verbal scuffle between two prisoners that heats up more to become a physical scuffle.

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The jail sergeant is forced to announce a complete lockdown in the section to prevent the situation from turning upside down. The second episode also shows how prisoners communicate with each other. Also, the series showcases how different prisoners are placed in different sections according to their crime level, violence propensity, and age.

Meanwhile, some inmates are made comfortable to face the camera where their interviews are documented. They share how they are treated and how they feel being in prison day and night. It is also documented whether they are ashamed of the crimes they have committed or not. Jailbirds doesn’t only document the lives of prisoners, it also showcases why some of the law enforcers decided to get into this job when they knew everything about the challenges.

For instance, a law officer named deputy Turner signed for the job because he lost his cousin to a crime. Another officer of the law signed up for the job just because his whole family works as law enforcers. Towards the end of the show, there is havoc in the prison because the toilet’s pipeline gets clogged due to the prisoners’ “toilet talk”.

Jailbirds Season 2 Release Date

As much as fans are waiting for Jailbirds season 2 release date, we are sad to tell you that the dates aren’t announced as of now. Jailbirds season 2 was under production but that happened during the peak covid times. Due to the situation, the producers had to stop everything midway because the location was most hit by the pandemic. There hasn’t been any news about continuing the production of the show so we cannot say anything.

If the producers decided to continue the production of Jailbirds season 2, we might see new cast members. There is also a possibility that the show might take us to an entirely new prison with a tougher life. We cannot say anything about the storyline because it is a reality show. We will only know when Jailbirds season 2 really comes out.


What is Jailbirds season about?

Jailbirds is a reality show which is about how the lives of prisoners progress being in prison day and night. The show documents the lives of female inmates in Sacramento County jail in California. Many female prisoners are interviewed and asked about their crimes. The series also shows the relationship between the prisoners and how they interact with the law enforcers.

What can we expect from Jailbirds season 2?

Jailbird season 2 was under production before covid hit the world. The area of production was the most hit region which put a stop to the making of season 2. After that, there hasn’t been any news or buzzing about season 2. We might expect the new season next year but that is only an assumption. We can expect a new prison in the next season and some new cast members.

Is everything in Jailbirds real?

Since jailbirds is a reality show, what you see in the episodes is based on reality. The season is produced and directed before taking special permission from the authorities. Even the prisoners, who gave their interviews were properly asked and made comfortable to face the camera. The whole production team had to follow strict rules in the prison.

The Bottom Line

Jailbirds is a popular television series aired on Netflix with 6 episodes in total. The season is just like “orange is the new black” which documents the lives and daily routines of female prisoners. Jailbirds have gathered many fans over time and people are waiting for season 2. Read the article above to know everything about jailbirds season 2 release date.

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