Mafia 4 Know Everything About It!

If you are a crime video game lover, you must have heard about the Mafia game series. Mafia is an adventure game that revolves around a primary character named Tommy Angelo. Tommy Angelo is a taxi driver who bumps into a Don family and doesn’t leave them ever since. The Mafia game is about the missions Tommy Angelo has to accomplish.

Mafia was developed by Illusion Softworks in 2002 for Microsoft Windows. The game was then published by Gathering of Developers. The later versions of the game were released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. There have been a total of 3 installments of Mafia, and people cannot wait for Mafia 4. If you love the game and want to know everything about Mafia 4, keep reading the article below.

Mafia 4 Know Everything About It!

Producers And Developers

  • Developed By: Illusion Softworks
  • Produced By: Lucas Kure
  • Published By: Gathering of Developers
  • Written By: Daniel Vavra
  • Programmer: Dan Dolezel

Setting Of Mafia

Mafia is set in a fictional city present in the state of Illinois in 1930. The fictional city is called the City of Lost Heaven. Hardcore gamers love the game for its complex and realistic graphics. You can see residential buildings and communities in the game that reside, people of different ethnicities, mainly Chinese and Italians. Moreover, you can also see rivers, stadiums, industrial buildings, and much more almost akin to the real world.

Plot Summary


The whole story of Mafia video games revolves around a poverty-stricken taxi driver named Tommy Angelo. In 1930, he bumps into two people Paulie and Sam, who are the members of Salieri family. Salieri is a crime family of that time which is in a constant battle with another crime family called the Morello Family. Tommy happens to help save Paulie and Sam when they were ambushed by Morello’s people.

Tommy befriends Paulie and Sam and gains Salieri’s trust. He is taken into the Salieri family as a member as compensation for his help. Tommy now serves the Don in his illegal businesses. After that, Tommy gets into a relationship with a girl named Sarah, who is the daughter of Salieri’s bartender. The whole game revolves around the constant battle in which Salieri and Morello are trying to gain power by putting each other down.

Morello tries to kill Salieri but is saved by Tommy. Tommy assists Salieri in every possible way and makes sure he achieves all his missions. Tommy, Paulie, and Sam manage to kill Morello consequently, Salieri gains full control over Lost Heaven. During the reign of Salieri, he eliminates everyone who turns against him or confronts him.

Tommy, Paulie, and Sam get shocked when they find out that Salieri has kept them in darkness about the hidden diamond shipment. Paulie and Tommy rob a bank out of anger without telling Salieri which leads to the death of Paulie. It is revealed to Tommy that Salieri had ordered to kill Paulie and Tommy at the hands of Sam.

Tommy goes into hiding to protect his family, gives himself into the prison, and makes an ally with a detective called Norman. Norman is investigating Salieri’s case, Tommy offers to be a great help for Norman, and in return, his punishment is reduced. Tommy’s family is offered safety when Tommy helps detectives take down Salieri.

The story ends with the death of Tommy where he is lamenting what he did in the past. After he completes his tenure in prison, Tommy reunites with his family and leads a short and happy life. To his misery, his past never leaves him. He is killed by assassins for revealing everything to the detectives. At the end of the story, we get a message that one should not indulge in crimes for mere money and a happy life.

Is Mafia 4 Coming Out?


The Mafia has gathered millions of users and fans. Although it has been many years since Mafia 3 has ended, people keep coming back to play this game. The fans are waiting for bated breath for Mafia 4, and they want it released sooner than later. Worry no more! We are about to give you some good news. There have been murmurs and buzzings about Mafia 4.

We have heard some hints from the producers that Mafia 4 is under production and that it will run on Unreal Engine 5. The developers and producers have hinted that the game might come shortly, and that would make it the end of 2024, or the start of 2024. We have also heard about a possible storyline that might be music to your ears.

We have heard from the sources that the 4th installment of the game will be the rise of the Salieri family once again. Since the game ended with the death of Tommy while Salieri was already in full power. The previous versions of the game show that Salieri ceased to gain power with time after the detectives were after them. However, in Mafia 4, we might see Salieri rise to power one more time with possibly a new rival to face.


What is the Mafia about?

Mafia is an action-adventure game developed by Illusions Softworks in 2002. The story is about a poverty-stricken taxi driver who becomes a member of the Salieri family. Salieri is a Don and is involved in every kind of illegal activity and crime. Morello is another powerful Don, and the whole story revolves around both the parties struggling to gain power and control of Lost Heaven.

What happens to Tommy?

Tommy gets into bad terms with Salieri after working for him for years. Salieri lies to Tommy and Paulie about the diamond shipment after which they rob a bank without letting Salieri know. Salieri plans on killing Paulie and Tommy at the hands of Sam. He gets successful in killing Paulie. In the end, Tommy gets into prison and starts helping the detective team, after he comes out of prison he is killed by two hitmen.

Will there be a fourth part of Mafia?


According to the rumors, the fourth part of Mafia is under production. Although it has been many years since the third part was released, the hopes for the fourth part are sky-high. The possible storyline will be about the Salieri family rising to power.

Final Thoughts

Mafia is a popular action-adventure video game developed by Illusion Softworks and published by a gathering of developers. The game showcases the missions of an impoverished taxi driver, Tommy. Tommy lands at the mercy of Salieri, the Don. He is taken in by him and gets his assistance in various illegal businesses. In the end, Tommy dies. There have been a lot of rumors about Mafia part 4. To know the rest, read the article above.

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