thermal paste Arctic Silver 5 Vs. MX4

Arctic Silver 5 Vs. MX4 – Which Is The Best Thermal Paste?

There are many thermal pastes today, with big promises from their manufacturers. Arctic Silver 5 and MX4 are both excellent thermal compounds. They both offer excellent heat transfer, but there are a few differences between them.

The Arctic Silver 5 vs. MX4 comparison is necessary because most users want to know which products will be good for their computers. Arctic MX-4 is made of carbon microparticles and has a thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/mK, while Arctic Silver has a thermal conductivity of 8.9 W/mK.

The cooling effect of both Arctic Silver 5 and MX4 is great, but that’s not all there is about them. Let’s find out what stands out about the two products to help you decide.

Arctic Silver 5 Vs. Mx4- Specifications

This is a theoretical comparison since I didn’t have the opportunity to test these two thermal pastes on the same CPU. Arctic Silver 5 is a product of Arctic Silver Inc., while MX-4 is Arctic Cooling.

Arctic Silver – 5

Arctic MX-4

Thermal Conductivity 8.9 W/mK 8.5 W / mK
Materials 99.9 Pure Silver Carbon Microparticles
Electrical Conductivity Zero Zero
Continuous temperature Limits –50°C to 130°C -50~150 °C
Curing Time 200 hours No Curing Time.
Temperature Difference Between CPU and Cooler Base 15.58°C 5.51°C


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Is Arctic Silver 5 The Best?

Arctic Silver 5

Arctic Silver 5 is a good thermal paste with high thermal conductivity. The brand claims that it lowers CPU temperature by 3 – 12 C. If you apply this thermal paste to the processor, you can have confidence that your computer will not overheat and your motherboard is safe.

There are a lot of different manufacturers selling thermal compounds, but Arctic Silver 5 is considered by many to be the best. It provides excellent heat transfer performance and is easy to use.


best Thermal Paste

Arctic Silver 5 is a high-density paste with an average particle size of 0.49 microns to 0.000020 inches. Arctic Silver 5 is made from high-purity materials that have been tested and proven to provide superior thermal conductivity. This makes it more efficient than other pastes, so you can use less of it and still achieve better results than with other products.

It’s made with 99 percent micronized silver, aluminum oxide, boron nitride particles, and sub-micron zinc oxide; Silver is known for its thermal conductivity. It contains over 88% thermally conductive filler by weight. It effectively cools the CPU, thereby keeping your device safe. The other ceramic particles contribute to the pastor’s performance and durability.



The brand comes in a syringe weighing 3.5 grams that covers between 15 – 25 small CPU cores, or 2-5 heat plates that are wide enough. For larger CPU pores, they cover at least 6 to 10 pores. If you are interested in coverage, you should get the Arctic Silver 5. It’s easy to apply since it has good consistency.

The syringe applicator makes sure you get every drop out of the bottle, so there are no wasted applications and no mess left behind when you’re done.

Arctic Silver 5 also has a low viscosity which means it spreads quickly over your CPU or GPU without dripping or running in a pool at the edge of your processor or graphics card like some other products do.

It also allows you to apply as little as possible, leaving more room for error when using thermal grease that could cause damage to your computer components if too much is applied at once.


It is non-electrically conductive, so it won’t cause any short circuits or damage to your PC or its components. It doesn’t contain silicone; instead, its proprietary fluid is advanced polysynthetic oils. The thermal paste is effective at cooling, with thermal conductivity of 8.9 W/mK but it takes too long to cure and start performing.

  • Wide coverage.
  • Non-electrically conductive.
  • Contains pure silver
  • High density.
  • Stability.
  • Long curing time of 200 hours.
  • Paste dies out.
  • Costly.


Is Mx-4 A Good Thermal Paste?

mx-4 thermal paste

Arctic MX-4 is a good thermal paste that offers a quality cooling effect in little time. It doesn’t require hours to cure like some other products. The metal-free compound has high thermal conductivity and is easy to apply even as a beginner. MX-4 provides quality at a reduced price.


Arctic MX-4 is made from carbon microparticles designed to fill small gaps between heat sources and sinks. Its primary purpose is to improve heat dissipation by filling in the gaps between surfaces, reducing air resistance, and improving thermal conductivity.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, and it is a great choice for anyone who needs a high-quality thermal compound.

The main advantage that Arctic MX-4 has over other products is the temperature difference between the CPU and cooler base, which is 5.51°C. The brand claims that under laboratory conditions, the MX-4 showed a lower value compared to Arctic silver, with a value of 15.58°C.


Arctic Cooling MX-4 application

Arctic MX-4 has several advantages over other brands. It’s affordable, easy to use, and comes in various packaging options ranging from 2 to 45 grams. It’s easy to apply since it comes in a syringe. We recommend getting the 4-gram syringe if you have a small or medium-sized device. The main reason for getting this size is that it’s easy to work with, and it’s also pretty cheap.

Arctic MX-4 has a low viscosity ( 870 poise). This makes it easy to apply an even layer of paste on your CPU or GPU chip. The consistency of this product makes it easier to use than many other thermal compounds. In contrast, some products can be difficult due to their stability or viscosity (thickness).

Arctic MX-4 doesn’t suffer from these problems and can be used even by inexperienced users without any issues. Squeeze out a bit of paste onto the center of your CPU or GPU chip and let it spread. Once you’re done applying the paste, leave your computer turned off for about 20 minutes so that all air bubbles can escape from under the heatsink.

This thermal compound is designed to work with both AMD and Intel processors, making it an excellent choice for any PC user. It lasts up to 8 years when applied.


It is non-electrically conductive, so there are no risks of short-circuiting or damage. It’s also corrosion-resistant and doesn’t need curing times or temperatures to cure correctly — this means it’s far easier to use than most pastes. It has a thermal conductivity of 8.5 W / mK.

  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Non-electrically conductive.
  • No bleeding or curing.
  • Easy application.
  • Dries quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Arctic MX-4 Conductive?

Arctic MX-4 is not conductive and is safe to use on all types of motherboards. It doesn’t contain any metals, so there’s no chance it’ll conduct electricity. Arctic MX-4 has been tested on Intel and AMD processors and graphics cards.

2. How Do You Remove Arctic Silver 5?

To remove Arctic Silver 5 from your CPU:

  • Dip a microfiber cloth in a thermal paste cleaner or rubbing alcohol.
  • Gently wipe the CPU from top to bottom till it’s free of paste.
  • Leave the CPU to dry and reapply.

3. How Long Does Arctic MX-4 Last?

ARCTIC claims that the MX-4 lasts up to 8 years when applied. How you use a thermal paste also affects its lifespan. If you apply it to a clean surface, you can expect it to last long.

4. Does Thermal Paste Expire?

Thermal paste does not have an expiry date printed on the syringe, but they expire. You can tell whether it is still usable or not by checking its consistency. If it is hard, flaky, or dried out, it’s expired.

Arctic MX-4 Thermal Conductivity

5. Do You Spread Thermal Paste?

You do not need to spread the thermal paste. Once you apply, leave the paste to spread evenly on the CPU, it should be in a thin layer. If it is excess, you’ll cause overheating and damage your CPU.

6. Does Arctic Silver 5 harden?

The main ingredient in Arctic Silver 5 is silver, which does not harden. However, the other ingredients in the compound can harden over time, making it less effective at filling those microscopic gaps. That said, if you regularly reapply the compound, it will retain its original performance.

7. Which thermal paste has the highest thermal conductivity?

Here are some of the top choices for high-conductivity thermal paste:
  • Arctic Silver 5: This is a popular choice for CPU coolers and has a very high thermal conductivity of 8.9 W/mK. It’s also easy to apply and relatively inexpensive.
  • Noctua NT-H1: This is another great choice for CPU coolers that offer high performance and excellent value. It has a thermal conductivity of 8.6 W/mK.
  • Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8: This is a more expensive option that is designed for high-end GPUs and CPUs. It has an impressive thermal conductivity of 17 W/mK.


In the end, both Arctic Silver and MX-4 are great thermal paste products. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, and which one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences.

Arctic Silver 5 vs. MX4 thermal conductivity? Silver 5 has a higher thermal conductivity than MX-4, but they’re both non-conductive. MX-4 is non-corrosive, has no curing time, and is cheaper. Consider what features and benefits are important to you to help you decide which to spend money on.

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