Is AppleCare Worth It? Pros and Cons of Apple’s Service Plan

Is AppleCare Worth It

AppleCare is a service plan offered by Apple that provides customers with technical support and repair coverage for their Apple products. So, is it worth it? AppleCare provides extended coverage for things like accidental damage and technical support. While is not cheap, it can save you much money in the long run if you have … Read more

AppleCare VS Verizon Insurance: Choose The Best For Your Gadget’s Future

AppleCare and verizon Insurance comparison

It’s easy to get phone insurance, but finding the proper one isn’t always that simple. And the cost of coverage varies depending on the manufacturer and model of your phone, with plans costing anywhere from $4.25 to $18.00 per month depending on the coverage you choose. But when it comes to AppleCare VS Verizon Insurance, … Read more