Is Anker Apple Certified? What it Means for Your Devices

Is Anker Apple Certified

The latest technology in the modern time has a variety of products easily accessible at a reasonable price. If it is Apple, the Company ensures that the product quality is maintained and up to the mark. For this purpose, Apple issues an MFI certificate to the other companies for its product making. Thus, Is Anker … Read more

Anker Wireless Charger Not Working? Here’s The Solution 

Troubleshooting Anker Wireless Charger Issues

Anker wireless charger is a very popular charger among users. Especially their Anker Powerwave and Powercore lines are famous for fast charging and low-budget wireless charger. Though there is a saying that no wire = no hassle, a wireless charge can create hassle too. Besides praisings, I have seen many complaints about Anker wireless charger … Read more