Troubleshooting Anker Wireless Charger Issues

Anker Wireless Charger Not Working? Here’s The Solution 

Anker wireless charger is a very popular charger among users. Especially their Anker Powerwave and Powercore lines are famous for fast charging and low-budget wireless charger.

Though there is a saying that no wire = no hassle, a wireless charge can create hassle too. Besides praisings, I have seen many complaints about Anker wireless charger not working properly.

After all, a wireless charger is a part of technology. So, it is usual to have some problem with it. But the problems have effective solutions as well.

You are here because you are having issues with your Anker wireless charger. No worries, I will show you different ways to fix your wireless charging problem.

Reasons Behind Anker Wireless Charger Not Working

Before jumping to the solutions, we first need to know the causes behind the issue. Learning about the problems leads you to practical solutions.

These are the probable reasons why your Anker wireless charger stopped working.

  • Your wireless charging pad is dirty
  • You positioned the phone in a wrong way
  • You have a bulky phone case
  • Your phone has malware
  • The power outlet is faulty
  • The power adapter is faulty
  • The power cable is torn or wasted

Cleaning the charging pad, repositioning the phone, rebooting the phone, checking the outlet, replacing the adapter, and using a new cable can solve your charging issues with Anker wireless charger.

Troubleshoot The Problem

Anker Wireless Charger - Troubleshooting options

I have already given you the hint about the solution to the problems. The troubleshooting steps I am going to share with you are authentic and tested.

I went through Anker charger communities, forums, and supports to collect data and facts about the problem and solution.

Let’s see how you can solve your Anker wireless charging issue in detail.

Keep Your Charger Clean

This is the initial step to take. Suppose you are using a MagSafe charger, which is a magnetic wireless Charger. If there is dirt on the pad, the magnetic field can not work properly.

So, clean the charging pad first. If you have a Powerwave stand, clean it too. You also should clean your devices before charging, like wireless earbuds, power bank, apple watch, etc.

Reposition Your Device

Let me give you an example. My brother often gets home from the office and places his phone clumsily on the charging pad. As a result, the battery remains in the same charge percentage.

This can happen to you too. The charging magnetic coil of the pad is much smaller than the pad. Look at the picture and the video to understand.

So, be careful during placing your phone on the charging pad or the stand. You need to place your devices right in the middle of the charging pad, especially when you are charging multiple devices.

Remove Your Phone Case

A bulky phone case can cause trouble for wireless charging. If you have a phone case that is heavy and wide, you need to take it off before charging.

Anker Powerwave wireless charger claims that their charger is phone case friendly. But they are effective for thin covers only. If you ask the Anker community, most replays will suggest removing the case before charging.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes the problem can arise from your phone. Malware, viruses, many opened tabs, etc., can prevent your device from quick charge.

Restart or reboot your phone if it is not taking charge.

This method was helpful for my case. Once my phone was not taking charge, but my apple watch did. So, I understood that the problem was with my phone. I restarted my phone, and it started taking charge fine.

You can take any help regarding your iPhone from apple support.

Check Your Outlet

Anker Wireless charger - Check Your Outlet

Check your power outlet. The outlet you are using needs at least 10 mg power ability. If the power delivery is hindered, the charger will not function.

So your wall charger, outlet, or socket, whatever it is, should be faultless.

You can plug in your wall adapter in another outlet to be sure. If the QI charger works fine, it must be the outlet you are using. Change that outlet as soon as possible because it can hamper your any apple device.

Check Your Adapter

A faulty charging adapter is also responsible for a portable charger not working. First, check if the adapter is plugged in fine. You should avoid loose connections.

How can I know my adapter is faulty?

You can borrow your friend’s adapter to check if it works fine or not. If the cable and charger work fine with another adapter, it is time to replace your one.

Now, be aware of choosing a suitable adapter while buying. Not any Anker adapter or any third-party adapter will suit your charger.

For example, an apple 5w USB or USB c charger adapter will not go with a wireless charger. Wireless power consortium also suggests that you need to match your adapter with the charger.

Anker wireless charging stand or pad supports the adapter with a quick charge logo. Also, the adapter should support PD protocol and AFC protocol.

You can take help from Anker support to find the correct adapter for your charger.

Check Your Cable

Anker Wireless charger - Check Your Cable

Firstly check if the cable is connected fine on both sides. Secondly, check if the cable is fragmented, worn out, or cracked. If yes, then it’s time to buy a new one.

If you are using a third-party cable, this must be it. You need to use the right cable from Anker. Anker servers the best wireless charger cables. Do not fall for third-party cable just to save a penny.

Anker uses micro USB cables for most of its wireless chargers. So, remember that while you are buying a new one.

Tips To Avoid Further Charging Issues

  • Keep your charger and charging area always clean
  • Keep the charger out of reach of children or pet
  • Avoid charging multiple devices using one charger
  • Avoid using third-party adapters and cable
  • Do not keep the phone on the charger roughly
  • Do not be clumsy about device position
  • Do not keep too many tabs open while charging
  • Take steps to remove any malware from your phone
  • Use a proper power delivery abled outlet
  • Check if your phone supports wireless charging

How To Clean An Anker Wireless Charger

  • Unplug the adapter and pad from the power supply
  • Gently wipe the surface with a microfiber cleaning fabric
  • You can use a soft brush to clean the surface
  • Blow compressed air to clean debris from the connector
  • You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean
  • An electrical cleaning spray will also work

How To Reboot Your iPhone Before Charging

  • Close all the opened tabs on your phone
  • Press and hold the side button of your phone
  • The power-off slider button will appear
  • Drag the slider in the right direction
  • Wait 30 seconds to power off and on

If your phone gets unresponsive or frozen, it can not take charge. You need to restart your phone forcefully. To do that, you need to press the side button for a particular time.

Press and hold the button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Apple support recommends the same way.

People Often Ask

Why Does The Anker Wireless Charger Blink Green?

If your Anker charger starts to blink green light, that means the AC adapter is incompatible. You need to connect it with a factory adapter.

Does Macbook Air Support Anker Wireless Charger?

No, it does not. Macbooks and pads are made of aluminum. And this element does not support wireless charging.

Does Anker Wireless Charging Hamper The Phone’s Battery?

Wireless charging does not affect the phone’s battery as wired charging does. Generally, battery health has less to do with the form of charging.

Does iPhone X Support Anker Wireless Charger?

Yes, it does. Any QI-certified wireless charger, including Anker wireless charger, will go with your iPhone X. It also supports iPhone XS and XR.

Can I Charge My Android Phone With Anker Wireless Charger?

If your phone is QI-enabled or supports QI-wireless charging technology, you indeed can charge it via Anker wireless charger.

Which Samsung Phone Supports Anker Wireless Charger?

Anker wireless charger supports Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 EDGE S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10

and S10+. It also supports Samsung Note 5, 8, 9, and 10.

Ultimate Solution For Wireless Charging Problem

The solutions I recommend are not only for the “Anker wireless charger not working” issue. You can consider these steps to solve the problems with any wireless charger.

Cleaning the pad, restarting your phone, and checking the adapter & cable will fix the charging. What if all the above ways fail? Then your charging pad or stand must be faulty. Get it fixed by going to the service center.

Anker is holding their position in the fast wireless charging game very gracefully. Their Powerwave, Powercore, and nano pro lines offer excellent durable and portable service.

However, tech products are not problem-free. You have the solutions regarding that problem as well. Apart from that, Anker wireless charger is one of the best in the market on a low budget. See for yourself

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