Is Anker Apple Certified

Is Anker Apple Certified? What it Means for Your Devices

The latest technology in the modern time has a variety of products easily accessible at a reasonable price. If it is Apple, the Company ensures that the product quality is maintained and up to the mark. For this purpose, Apple issues an MFI certificate to the other companies for its product making.

Thus, Is Anker Apple certified?

Yes, Anker’s products for Apple devices have Apple MFI certificates. The quality of Anker products makes them safe for Apple devices. Also, they are unlikely to cause any harm to your Apple devices. There are a variety of Anker chargers and power banks that have high charging speeds and exceptional quality.

This article will give you the complete information regarding Anker products for Apple devices, with Apple certification. So, let us get started.

How Is Anker Nano Different From Apple Charger? And Is Anker Apple Certified?


The Anker nano charger comes with the USB C port charger, facilitating very fast charging. The main difference between the Anker nano and the Apple charger is that it has a charging capacity of up to 20 Watts. On the other hand, the Apple charger has a nearly 5 Watts charging capacity.

It means that the Anker nano can charge your IOS device nearly thrice faster than the Apple 5 watts charger. Thus, Anker nano is ideal for the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPhone x, and specific Apple devices.

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Is Anker Good for iPhones?

Yes, Anker is a reliable and popular brand for iPhone accessories. They offer a wide range of products, such as power banks, charging cables, wireless chargers, and wall chargers that are compatible with iPhones.

Here are some reasons why Anker is a good choice for iPhone users:

  1. Quality: Anker is known for producing high-quality products that are durable and reliable. Their charging accessories often use premium materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards.
  2. Apple MFi Certification: Anker’s Lightning cables are MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) certified, which means they have been approved by Apple to meet their strict performance and safety standards. This ensures that the cables are compatible with your iPhone and won’t cause any damage.
  3. Fast Charging: Anker’s chargers and cables support fast charging, allowing you to charge your iPhone quickly and efficiently. Some of their chargers also support Power Delivery (PD), a fast charging protocol that is compatible with newer iPhone models.
  4. Wide Range of Products: Anker offers a variety of charging solutions to cater to different needs, including portable power banks, multi-port wall chargers, and wireless chargers. This allows you to choose the best product for your specific needs and preferences.
  5. Good Customer Support: Anker has a reputation for excellent customer support and often provides warranties on their products. If you encounter any issues with your Anker accessories, you can expect prompt and helpful assistance from their customer service team.

In summary, Anker is a trusted and well-regarded brand for iPhone accessories. Their high-quality products, MFi certification, and strong customer support make them a good choice for iPhone users looking for reliable charging solutions.

What Is MFI Or (Made For iPhones, iPod and iPads) Certification?

The Anker Company for technology holds the MFI, which stands for Made For IOS or Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple devices certification. It specifically means that the MFI product is unlikely to damage your Apple device. The MFI products or the companies creating those products are under the supervision of Apple itself.

Companies with MFI certification, such as the Anker company, may offer Apple charging devices at a reasonable price, but Apple’s quality control is done explicitly.

Is Anker Nano 20 Watts Charger Apple Certified?

The Anker nano 715 charger is super small and compact but very powerful. It does not weigh more than the double-A battery.

Comparing the Apple charging brick to the Anker charging bricks, both are the same size, but the Apple charger charges at 5 Watts.

However, the Anker nano charges at 20 Watts. Thus it has exceptionally high-speed charging. It could efficiently charge your iPhone from 0% to 53% in nearly 30 minutes.

MFI Certified

The Anker nano 20 Watts is MFI certified, which means it has certified compatibility for all Apple products. The Anker nano has a USB c charger, and it has a nearly 6 feet long iPhone lightning cable. The Anker nano is merely not like ordinary cables, it is undoubtedly the best Anker charger. You can watch the video for more information.

The Difference Between Magsafe And MagGo Wireless Charger

Anker MagGo 633 vs 622 & MagSafe

The MagSafe charger is the magnetic wireless charger made explicitly by Apple for iPhone 12, 13, Pro, and iPhone X.

However, some significant differences between the Magsafe and the MagGo charger are as follows.

  • The magnet in the Anker MagGo charger is more extensive and more powerful than the Apple Magsafe.
  • The charging cable in the Apple MagSafe charger is 3 feet long-only. However, Anker MagGo has a 6 feet long charging cord.
  • Apple MagSafe charger may not line up or charge non-MagSafe devices easily compared to the Anker MagGo with a strong magnet.
  • Anker nano USB C type charger is significantly smaller and more reasonable than the Magsafe USB C type.

The Anker Powerline II Apple Certificate

Is Anker Apple Certified? The Anker Powerline II is an MFI certified or Apple certified product. The Anker Powerline II lightning cable is designed specifically for iPad and iPhones.

Also, the Anker powerline II comes with a lifetime warranty or replacement guarantee. Apple ensures that quality control is maintained in the Anker products, making them very high quality and efficient. It comes with two lightning cables in an attractive black pouch bag. The lightning cable is 6 feet long, making it very easy to use your phone while charging.

Also, you can choose an additional long wire as per our requirement. The connector is a USB C port charger with a lightning port. Thus it is a very high-quality cable. The cables are flexible at the end of the housing of the connectors, giving a finished look to the product. The adjustable ends make the cord very long-lasting and user-friendly.

Apple MagSafe Duo For Dual Charging

Apple MagSafe Duo For Dual Charging

Apple’s Magsafe Duo charger helps you save time. You can simultaneously charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone using the Magsafe Duo charger. Also, you can charge your AirPods with your iPhone or watch simultaneously. Or you can also set your android device with a Magsafe Duo charger with particular features.

The MagSafe duo charger has one less cord, and you can also use it as a nightstand. It is minimal and straightforward to carry. The Apple Watch dock can also stand. It makes it more straightforward to charge your watch with the band. It is one of the best touches that Apple added to its Magsafe Duo charger.


How Efficient Is The Apple Magsafe Charger?

The MagSafe is the most efficient and advanced technology USB C cable charger with Apple cable. MagSafe charger is the only way to charge your iPhone wirelessly at 15 Watts speed.

Only MagSafe or the official MagSafe accessories can access that additional speed. The 15 watts speed makes the MagSafe charger extremely efficient, and it decreases the charging time with good battery life.

Is Anker Powerline III Flow Charging Cable Worth It?

The Anker Powerline III has nearly 6 feet of Anker cable, and the long cord ensures that the device can quickly charge at a long distance. The Anker Powerline cable is a flexible, fast-charging cable with a USB C charging port. The Anker Powerline III is tangle free and ensures that the long charging cord does not tangle itself.

Does Anker Wireless Power Bank Charge The Android Phone As Well?

The Anker magnetic wireless power bank provides up to 10 Watts portable charging. The devices that wireless magnetic Anker power bank charges are all the android devices that have Qi certification. It has a USB C cable for rapid wireless charging and is MFI certified for various Apple products. Thus, it is a perfect portable charger to fulfill your needs.

Is Anker The Best Alternate Charger For The Macbook Pro?

The best alternative charger for your latest wall charger for Macbook Pro is a high-end, and sturdy Apple charger is undoubtedly the Anker charger. It offers you three other charging ports with a total of up to 90 Watts power supply wall charger. When choosing an Anker charger for your Macbook Pro, check all the essential specifications of your device.

Finally, Is The Anker Charger Safe To Use For Apple Devices?

Anker has a wide range of chargers for IOS, iPad, Apple earbuds, and the Apple watch series. However, Is Anker Apple certified? The Anker holds the Apple MFI certification that permits the brand to make Apple safe and friendly electronic devices. Also, the Anker is known for some exceptional products with super-fast charging speed and long-lasting material.

These features make Anker a high-demand name for the apple chargers reasonably priced. The lower price does not mean a compromise in the quality, which Apple strictly maintains, even when allowing its products to be manufactured by other companies.

Final Words

Anker Charger

Anker is a reliable and popular brand for iPhone accessories and other Apple devices. With Apple MFi certification, Anker’s products are designed to be safe and efficient for your devices.

Their wide range of products, including chargers, cables, and power banks, cater to various user needs and preferences. Anker’s commitment to quality, fast charging capabilities, and excellent customer support make them a go-to choice for iPhone users seeking reliable charging solutions.

Their products are not only reasonably priced but also uphold Apple’s high-quality sta

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