Minecraft Axe VS Sword - Gaming Comparisons

Minecraft Axe VS Sword – Aim For Winning! 

Are you ready for combat? No, it’s not the road war; it’s some exciting adrenaline rush you get only on Minecraft. But if you want to seize the attacks, the combat needs proper equipment. So, axe or sword?

Comparing Minecraft axe vs. sword, the differences are apparent where each of these is better than the other in some way. An axe will be the best option if you want a better attack rate, durability, and damage. Otherwise, for lower-cost equipment and faster recovery time, swords stand out.

Minecraft Axe Vs. Sword: The Comparison

Axes and swords are excellent weapons when you want to beat enemies. However, if you want to know which one is the more powerful weapon, we have prepared a comparison for you. First, let’s check what these two individuals do!

What Can You Do With A Minecraft Axe?

Minecraft Axe

The primary purpose of using an axe in your game is to chop wood. It can break wooden logs and blocks in the least amount of time. You will get to use one durability to break one block, but if the block breaks instantly, it won’t use any durability.

Alongside breaking woods, you can also use the axes as melee weapons with more damaging features. You can add to the damage by using enchantments from the Minecraft enchantment table.

What Can You Do With A Minecraft Sword?

Minecraft Sword

Unlike the axe, Minecraft swords are meant explicitly for melee damage. You can damage entities using a sword. There are swords made of different materials, and each will cost you a different expense. The available options are wooden sword, gold, iron, stone, nephrite, and diamond.

Now here is the comparison between the Minecraft game axe and sword:

Feature: Axe Sword
Durability:  More Durable Less Durable
Speed:  More Recovery Time Leads To Less Speedy Action Less Recovery Time So It Has A Speedy Action
Attack Succession: Better Attack Possibility Average Attacks
Damage: Causes More Damage Fewer Damage But Acts Better Than Axes With Enchantments
Damage Level:  9 In Diamond 7 In Diamond
Types: Six Different Types Six Different Types
Power: More Powerful Less Powerful
Cost:  Higher Cost Less Cost

So now let’s explore this further; what makes these two different?

  • Durability

The first thing we want to mention here is durability. The axe is more durable than the sword, although the sword costs less.

  • Speed

The axes have an attack speed of 0.8, but the recovery time is lengthy. The recovery time for an axe is 1.25 seconds. The swords have an attack speed of 1.6 but a recovery time of 0.625 seconds.

In this case, the swords are faster as they can recover faster than axes, and you can attack as soon as possible.

But sometimes, using an axe can be faster as axes can kill the enemy with a single hit, whereas swords take up to 3 hits.

  • Attack Succession

Attack Succession

The succession is more in axes than the swords, as you will need more hits from the swords. As said above, you can damage the enemy with one hit using the axe, whereas, with the swords, it may take two or three hits. But the axe will take two durabilities with each hit.

  • Damage

The axes do more damage than the swords. In this case, playing with a diamond axe will do nine damage, whereas a diamond sword will do 7. Axes visibly deal with more damage than swords.

Also, if you add enchantments with the axes, it becomes more powerful and causes extra damage.

But if you are playing in the Bedrock edition, the sword will do more damage than Minecraft Java in this case. So, the damage depends on whether you are playing on Bedrock or Java.

  • Types

There are six different types of axes depending on the expense and power. The types are the wood axe, stone axe, gold, iron axe, nephrite, and diamond axes. On the other hand, the swords are of five types: wooden sword, gold, iron, stone, nephrite, and diamond. The netherite sword is a new addition to the weapons.

  • Power

As axes deal with more damage than swords, it’s evident that these are more powerful. For instance, what a wooden axe does can be done by a diamond sword. So you can understand the difference.


  • Cost

The expense of a sword is less than that of an axe. So if you don’t want to make more expenses, the swords can be beneficial.

Our Verdict:

So, as we made the comparison, we can say that if you consider everything, then the axe is a much better weapon to defeat the enemies than the swords. Although it costs more and takes more durability with each hit, the damage control and attack succession is worth it.

Also, if you add enchantments, you can make more out of the weapon. But if you don’t already know, what are enchantments in Minecraft?

Enchantments are the advancements that you can add to the weapons to make them more efficient and powerful. You will find an enchantment table or an anvil from where you can add the advancements. Some of the best enchantments are:

  • Fortune
  • Looting
  • Mending
  • Protection
  • Sharpness
  • Power
  • Efficiency
Axe Damage Sword Damage
Wood 7 4
Gold 7 4
Stone 9 5
Iron 9 6
Diamond 9 7
Netherite 10 8

How To Use Enchantments In Your Weapons In Minecraft?

Enchanting the tools lets you have more power in the game. You can easily enchant the tool using the enchanting table placed in the left slot. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Step-1: Open the enchanting interface
  • Step-2: now, among the two empty slots, place your tool on the left slot

That’s all you need to do to enchant the weapon.

Minecraft PvP Vs. PvE, Which Weapon Is Better To Use?

Minecraft PvP is the player versus player gaming, whereas the combat is between two players in the multiplayer mode where there are multiple enemies. In this case, using a sword is better because you will need a fast attack to beat the enemies.

On the other hand, Minecraft PvE is the player vs environment server that disables the PvP combats. With this, in PvE, you will have to fight the obstacles of the environment like the fire aspect of ancient debris.

A faster attack is not necessary here, so the axe is more effective in this mode. As a result, you can cause more damage, break the wooden blocks, and disable the shields.

Explore More About The Weapons

Minecraft Axe VS Sword - FAQs

1. How Much Damage Does An Axe Do In Minecraft?

From the wooden and golden axes, you can make 3.5 damage. And the rest do four heart damage. However, the gold axes have the least recovery time alongside the diamond ones.

2. Do Axes In Minecraft Do More Damage?

Yes, they comparatively do more damage than swords. You can use an axe as a melee weapon, and they disable the shield for 5 seconds which is very useful in PvE.

3. Which Axe In Minecraft Does The Most Damage?

The most damage can be done using a Netherite axe if you enchant it using Sharpness V enchantment. One crit hit will give you 18 damage points which is a big deal!

4. Which Sword In Minecraft Does The Most Damage?

The strongest Minecraft game sword is the Netherite sword after the recent update. This sword was added recently to make 8 points of damage, which is more than any other sword.

5. How Strong Is Netherite Sword?

The recent addition of netherite swords has added to the damage capability of swords. The netherite sword can make 8 point damage with a single hit. You can enchant the sword for more advancements.

6. Arriving At The Finish Line

In our detailed discussion of Minecraft axe vs. sword, we shared many things you might not have known before. In conclusion, if you’re playing in the bedrock edition, using a sword will benefit you.

But if you are playing the Java version, an axe will be more efficient on the battlefield. Also, an axe is more helpful in PvE matches, whereas swords are more helpful in PvP ones.

However, overall, our vote goes to the axes as they are more powerful and durable. Now that the game is in your hands, play it fiercely!

Final Words

As you can see, the decision between a Minecraft axe and a sword goes beyond simple preference. It all comes down to what kind of fighting style appeals to you most and which weapon is best suited for it. If you want something that’s fast and powerful, then go with the sword; if your aim is precision and sustainability, then an axe may be more suitable.

Regardless of which one you choose, remember to have fun playing Minecraft – no matter how intense the fight gets!

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