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How To Clean Razer Mousepad – Step By Step Guideline 

If you just bought that fancy gaming mousepad that you have always dreamt of, you also need to think of taking good care of it. Cleaning the mousepad is an essential part of maintenance and requires attention.

So, how to clean a Razer mousepad? You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe and clean the mousepad. If it’s RGB, then using a wet cloth with warm water and wiping the mousepad will be helpful. Ensure you don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean the pad.

There are several ways to clean the mousepad harmlessly. We will show you exactly how to do it. Let’s get started!

How To Clean Razer Mousepad? (Both Regular And RGB)


As we said, there are several ways that you can follow to clean the Razer mousemat without ruining it. Now, we will share the ways for your convenience.

Solution For Regular Razer Mousepads:

Way1: Microfiber Cloth And Water

Microfiber Cloth

The easiest way to clean the mousepad is to use a microfiber cloth. The soft cloth will not ruin or scratch the pad. So you can keep it clean and safe at the same time.

To clean the Razer mouse mat using a microfiber cloth, you have to dip the cloth in warm or cold water (warm water works better to remove the dirt). Then slowly rub the mat using the cloth for a while in a circular motion.

Way 2: Clear Office Tape May Work

If you like to eat food in front of the PC, there’s certainly a lot of food residue left untouched on top of the mousepad. You can try using clear office tape to stick it to the mat and remove it. Doing so will remove all the residue from the mat effortlessly.

Way 3: Use Soap And Water


If you haven’t cleaned the mousepad for a long time, you need to go a step further to clean it. Choose a dish soap and use that all over the mousepad. Then use a towel to rub the surface gently. After that, use another towel and wet it with clean water.

Once the towel is wet, gently wash off all the soap residue from the mousepad. Once you are done, you must let it dry for a while. Don’t keep the mouse under direct sunlight as it may ruin the texture and cause discoloration.

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Solution For Razer RGB Mousepads:

RGB mousepads require extra care while cleaning. So here are a few ways that you can follow to clean your RGB Razer gaming mouse pad.

Way 1: Microfiber Cloth And Water


First of all, unplug the mousepad from the system. Then use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe the top of the pad and let it dry for 5 minutes. Once the pad is dried off, you can use it again.

Way 2: Dish Soap Along With Microfiber Cloth

If you notice too much dirt buildup on top of the mousepad, you might need soap to get rid of it. However, you need to be extra careful in this case, as RGB mousepads can be very fragile.

Take the microfiber cloth and a little bit of dish soap with water. Now scrub the mat leaving the edges. Once you clean up all the oil, grease, and dirt, use another clean cloth to wipe everything off. After that, let the mousepad dry for a while before you use it again.

Caution: do not let the water go inside the mousepad.

Tips from professionals:

  • Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning agents or soaps for cleaning the mousepads.
  • Never attempt to put the mouse mat in your washing machine.
  • While cleaning, ensure the water does not go under the stitches if you use an RGB mousepad.
  • Lastly, do not fold or roll the mouse mat while cleaning.

Extended Knowledge About Mousepad Cleaning

Why Should You Clean Your RGB Mousepad?

Maintenance is a must for everything, so include your mousepad. As we use the mousepads constantly, they come in touch with dirt and dust. Therefore, the pad’s longevity may lessen if you don’t clean it on time. Besides, you may also feel interruptions while moving the mouse if the mousepad is not cleaned.

How Do You Remove Stains From A Mouse Pad?

If your mousepad has stains, you can use a small amount of dish soap. Rub the surface with a wet towel and let the pad dry for a while before using it again.

Can A Dirty Mousepad Affect The Aim?

Your mousepad can accumulate more dirt than you can ever imagine. Once the dirt is settled, it will cause wear on the pad. As a result, you will feel interruptions during aims and movement.

Are There Any Substitutes For Mousepads?

Yes, there are! So, if you ask what can i use as a mousepad, there are multiple options that you can rely on. But before you know about the alternatives, you must know that different materials will work for different scenarios.

For example, if you are looking for mousepad alternatives for gaming, you must choose something that’s made of plastic, aluminum, or carbon fiber for the best sensitivity while playing. You can use magazines, newspapers, cardboard, and even your lap or alternative DIY stuff as a mousepad.

Can a dirty mousepad affect gaming?

Yes, a dirty mousepad can affect gaming performance by hindering the movement of the mouse and causing it to track inaccurately.

Should your wrist be touching the mousepad gaming?

It is a matter of personal preference, but for most players it is recommended to keep the wrist elevated above the mousepad to reduce the risk of strain or injury. It’s also best to choose a comfortable and supportive mousepad to prevent wrist fatigue.


The Final Talk Is Here

From our given suggestions on how to clean the Razer mousepad, you already know how to do it. You cannot throw your valuable mousepad into the washing machine. It will completely ruin the pad. So, follow our guidelines and gently clean the mousepad to make it last longer.

Before we close off the discussion, a piece of advice is to clean the mousepad at least twice a month. Doing so with care will increase the longevity and effectiveness of the movement of your mouse.

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