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Does Minecraft Need PS Plus for Multiplayer Mode? – Best Way of Having Fun With Friends

Minecraft, like most online games, features on PlayStation Plus. PS Plus is a gaming platform that offers a wide range of games played with gaming consoles and is the best way of having fun with friends on the Minecraft game.

Due to this attribute, Minecraft players usually wonder, does Minecraft need Ps Plus for multi-player mode?

Of course, Ps Plus is required to game online Minecraft.

This requirement became mandatory with the current generations and is entirely worthy of the services it provides to the game.

Though adding PS Plus might seem like too many specifications to the game, this article will explain everything about Minecraft using PS Plus.

Does Minecraft Need PS Plus?

Does Minecraft Need PS Plus For MultiPlayer Mode

You need PlayStation Plus to play Minecraft in an online multiplayer mode. You have to have an active PS Plus subscription on the primary account on the console.

Minecraft is a game that requires online access to play in multiple-player mode, especially if the other players are not in different locations and not in the same room with you.

Minecraft might not require PS Plus to play in a single-player mode, and you can also avoid using PS Plus if all players are in the same room.

This way, the player can split the computer screen to accommodate different players instead of using a PS Plus.

Is Minecraft Free On PS4 With PS Plus?

Is Minecraft Free On PS4 With PS Plus

Sony Entertainment released a PS4 version of Minecraft on September 4, 2014.

The release of the PS4 version came with both a disc and digital version and is not accessible without pay.

Minecraft is not free on PS4 with PS Plus; however, there is a free demo version that plays free but cannot save progress.

Minecraft PS4 costs $19.99, and an upgrade from PS3 costs $4.99.

The PS4 Minecraft has almost 36 times more worlds larger than the previous generation of Minecraft. It is well worth the cost of purchasing it.

Is Minecraft Offline On PS4?

Minecraft on PS4, like other games, is the same on all consoles. It can be offline on ps4, and one can play on a single mode and the same version while offline.

However, multiplayer mode, marketplace, and other features that require an internet connection will be unavailable.

If you are content to keep playing without any upgrades or updates, then you can play Minecraft on PS4 offline.

It can also play on ps4 offline if you use the disc version instead of the digital version.

Bear in mind that there will be no updating of the performance.

We recommend playing online as it offers more options for fun.

What Games Can You Play Without The PS Plus?

What Games Can You Play Without The PS Plus

PS Plus subscription allows the user to play with multiple players online and offers many discounts and exclusives that every player will love.

However, this does not mean that all games with a multiplayer mode must use a PS Plus.

There are lots of games that don’t need PS Plus to play with friends online.

Some games might include in-game purchases or the use of invites to operate the multiplayer mode instead.

Here are some PS4 games that don’t need PS Plus to play:

  • Dauntless
  • Smite
  • Paladins
  • Brawlhalla
  • Fortnite
  • COD Warzone
  • Rocket League
  • Neverwinter
  • Genshin Impact
  • Apex Legends

These are some free-to-play games that allow for multiple online matches without using a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Play Minecraft Online

Do You Have To Pay To Play Minecraft Online?

Minecraft has a one-time payment, or else you want to play online in Minecraft realms. In this case, you have to make a payment for playing in the realm, or you can make a server.

How Can I Get Playstation Plus Free?

You can’t get PlayStation plus free. However, sometimes, they can be a chance for a 3-14 days free trial without a subscription for newcomers. After the test, you can make payments or cancel the subscription.

How Do You Play Minecraft Online On PS4?

To play Minecraft online on PS4, you need a good network connection and a working server. Without this, playing online is not a possibility, just as neither is playing online with friends without a PlayStation plus.

Is Minecraft Included In The Ps Plus?

Yes! Minecraft is included in the ps plus. Without it, Minecraft multiplayer mode is almost impossible except with a split-screen. Ps Plus needs an active account and subscription.

Can You Play Minecraft With Friends On The PS4 Without Playstation Plus?

Yes! You can play Minecraft with friends on PS4 without PlayStation Plus. All players must be in the same room and on the same computer using a split-screen to do this.

How to Play Minecraft Splitscreen on PS4?

To start a Splitscreen session, each person must have their own controller and be logged into their own PlayStation Network account.

Once all players are logged in, they can then join the same game session by selecting Splitscreen from the main menu.

From here, each player can create their own world or join an existing one.

Once in the world, players can work together to build, explore, and battle with the many creatures of Minecraft.

Splitscreen is the perfect way to experience Minecraft with friends and family.


The introduction of PlayStation Plus to Minecraft has dramatically improved the fun nature of the multiplayer mode.

However, using PlayStation plus comes with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Though one can play Minecraft on a single-mode and a multiplayer mode using a split-screen.

Minecraft with PlayStation plus makes multiplayer mode easier despite the friend’s location, answering the question of does Minecraft need PS Plus for multi-player mode.

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