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Does FaceTime Audio Use Data? – Learn Everything About It

FaceTime is most often associated with video chat, but it also allows users to make audio conversations, similar to ordinary phone calls.

During the call, the video camera on your smartphone is turned off. You may question whether “FaceTime Audio Use Data” if you’re on a standard data plan.

FaceTime consumes much less bandwidth or data than the amount of data required for a video chat or video calling. Generally, a FaceTime audio call might take up to 60-90 MB of bandwidth in 30 minutes.

To learn more about FaceTime and the amount of its data consumption on the audio call, just keep continuing reading!

Does FaceTime Audio Use Data?

Does FaceTime Audio Use Data

The first and most important thing about FaceTime is that it does not consume any of your mobile phone’s voice minutes, no matter where or how you call.

If you’re not using wifi, it will utilize your data (internet megabytes) allowance instead of your voice minutes limit. Wifi or cellular data connection is required for FaceTime since it is an internet service.

FaceTime voice calls require less bandwidth than FaceTime video calls, although the difference isn’t insignificant. A minute of FaceTime audio call consumes roughly 2-3 MB of data, which translates to about 120-180 MB of data used every hour.

Like every other program on your phone, FaceTime uses the internet to communicate with other apps.

Checking FaceTime’s Data Usage: 3 Ways

Checking FaceTime's Data Usage

In the FaceTime app

If you’re curious, you may use the FaceTime app to see how much data was used on a specific conversation.

  1. The first step is to open the FaceTime app for iPhone users. I was hoping you could press on the i icon next to a person’s name.
  2. The date and time of the call should be shown at the top of the contact card.

In The Phone App

  1. The default Phone app lets you see how much data was consumed during a FaceTime video or audio chat like the FaceTime app.
  2. The Recent tab should be chosen while using the Phone app on your iPhone. Now, find the “FaceTime Audio/Video” contact on your phone. Click I next to the name or number.
  3. The date and time of the international call and the amount of data consumed should be shown next.

In The Settings:

  1. When using mobile data, you can check how much data FaceTime has spent by scrolling down to FaceTime.
  2. The entire cellular data use should be shown underneath the FaceTime app. There are a few things to consider.
  3. First, when an updated version of iOS is loaded on the device, it does a factory reset.
  4. You can also manually reset the Reset Statistics button by pressing the Reset Statistics button.

Is FaceTime Available For Free?

Checking if FaceTime is free

Using FaceTime or FaceTime Audio is entirely free, and no data is ever sent over a phone network as it would with a standard voice call. Wifi or mobile data charges will be applied in the same manner as when you use the internet for other reasons on your phone.

Apple does not charge a toll or other price for making or receiving calls, except for any network expenses. Software and iCloud infrastructure licenses are included in the price of Apple users’ computers and tablets.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are two countries that do not allow FaceTime or FaceTime Audio calls. However, this does not force you to utilize regular phone conversations instead.

How Can I Ensure That FaceTime Does Not Consume My Mobile Data?

The ability to make FaceTime calls without using your mobile data does not necessarily imply this. Yes, it is possible to make and receive FaceTime calls when connected to wifi.

When you’re running low on data, it might be helpful to disable FaceTime’s usage of cellular data. Even if you aren’t aware that you are no longer connected to wifi, FaceTime stops using your mobile phone data automatically.

Disable FaceTime’s usage of cellular data by:

  • Start by navigating to the Home Screen’s settings.
  • Press the Cellular button
  • Next, choose FaceTime.
  • Turn the switch OFF.
  • After then, it should go from green to white.

FaceTime Audio vs. FaceTime Video: Which Is Better?

FaceTime aduio vs video

FaceTime may be accessed in two ways. Both FaceTime video calls and FaceTime Audio can be used to make two-way video calls, but FaceTime Audio is the sole option that allows you to make audio-only calls.

To view the other person, use FaceTime Video, whereas FaceTime Audio is more like a phone call in terms of audio alone. Because FaceTime Audio is a VoIP service like Skype, it frequently provides better call quality than a traditional phone call.

Running FaceTime Via wifi / 3G

Using FaceTime requires a large amount of bandwidth, so it works best over wifi. You’ll receive the best image when utilizing high-speed wifi or a cellular connection.

When an iPhone, iPad, or Mac PC is connected to a wifi network, FaceTime will automatically utilize that network.

Video will seem pixelated with sluggish connections, and the video stream will be completely cut off if your connection rates aren’t high enough.

The FaceTime option for Audio needs less bandwidth than the normal FaceTime icon, but it might fail or sound distorted if there is a bad connection.

facetime call

Running FaceTime Via LTE and 5G

FaceTime may be used via cellular networks on LTE-enabled devices such as an iPhone or iPad (or a Mac connected to a hotspot).

FaceTime Audio and regular FaceTime video do not take up Apple iPhone minutes on most plans.

It’s important to note that FaceTime consumes data, and the amount of data varies depending on the device, the strength of the connection, and other variables.

Countries Where FaceTime is Available

In almost every country, excluding the United Arab Emirates, FaceTime is accessible. iOS 11.3 or later is required to use FaceTime in Saudi Arabia, while iOS 12.4 or later is required to use FaceTime in Pakistan.

The FaceTime functions described above will be deactivated if you buy an iPhone or iPad in China or UAE and then attempt to use it in another country.

FaceTime will be blocked if a SIM card from outside the Middle East is installed into an iOS device bought in one of those countries.

China does not have FaceTime Audio. Only the regular FaceTime with video function is available on all iPhones and iPad Pro sold in the Chinese market.

Frequently Asked Questions

FaceTime audio – what is it?

Consider using FaceTime Audio instead if you’d like to avoid the costs of a regular phone call but still want crystal-clear, high-definition sound quality.

Apple devices may use the additional bandwidth to improve the quality of the connection since it’s an internet call.

FaceTime conversations via wifi: what are the options?

Then go to the Calls & SMS section of the Settings menu under Network & Internet. Use wifi calling by tapping the wifi calling option at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that when wifi Calling is available on your phone, you will notice it in the extended notification shade next to your carrier’s name.

Can FaceTime Audio be used on non-Apple devices?

FaceTime Audio is available for Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Also, with FaceTime links in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, you can join a FaceTime call from your Android or Windows devices.

On FaceTime, how can I go from video to audio?

Switching from Facetime Video to Facetime Audio is simple.

  • When making a FaceTime call, you may do it regularly.
  • To access the phone’s call settings, just tap the screen.
  • Controls panel: Swipe up from the top
  • Disable the camera by swiping it to the left.

On wifi or data, does FaceTime operate better?

Make sure you’re linked to wifi if you’re using FaceTime to keep in touch with faraway relatives and friends.

You may discover how to monitor FaceTime’s data consumption and how to block FaceTime from using data.

Is Bluetooth required for FaceTime to work?

If you want to make FaceTime calls more convenient, you need to turn on Bluetooth. There are no other alternatives, whether using a Bluetooth headset or a pair of corded earphones, or phone icons.

What's the deal with FaceTime calls

What’s the deal with FaceTime calls?

Simply open the FaceTime app on your cellular phone, touch the + button, and choose the video from the drop-down menu. You’ll be able to initiate video calls with others in your social network after you do this. Audio calls may also be made without the need for a camera.

Can FaceTime Audio work on cellular data with a limited data plan?

Yes, FaceTime Audio can work on cellular data with a limited data plan, but it is recommended to monitor usage to avoid exceeding the data limit and incurring additional charges.

Keeps Your Eyes On Your FaceTime Data Usage

That answers the question “does facetime audio use data?” in a nutshell.

Well, it uses up minutes if you use your iPhone to make a FaceTime audio call to someone who doesn’t have FaceTime. On the other hand, FaceTime audio calls with another FaceTime user just require data. FaceTime audio calls may take up to 2-3 MB of bandwidth per minute.

Even if you’re using wifi or use a cellular data plan, it’s good to monitor how much data you’re consuming while making a phone call.

It may give you a good picture of how much data FaceTime uses, which might help you keep your bandwidth from running out of juice.

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