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Astro A20 Mic Not Working? – 8 Ways To Fix It

I’ve been a fan of Astro products for years. The A20 headset is one of the best gaming headsets I have ever used. The one thing I wasn’t too happy about was when my mic stopped working.

The Astro a20 mic not working is a common glitch, the issue with your mic can be that you haven’t turned up the volume or set the base station to the correct mode. To troubleshoot, turn up the volume on the headset. If that doesn’t work, correct the sound settings on the PC.

The A20 is an excellent headset with an excellent mic. Thankfully, the audio problems on your mic are something you can fix yourself. We have just the guide in this article.

Why Is My Astro A20 Mic Not Working?

Eight reasons your Astro a20 mic has stopped working are:

  • The headset or PC volume is at the lowest level
  • You haven’t enabled the headset on your PC.
  • You haven’t set the base station to the proper mode.
  • The driver software is outdated.
  • Incorrect input device selected.
  • Software conflict.
  • Broken hardware.
  • Loose cables.

How Do You Fix The Astro A20 Mic If It Stops Working?

The quick fix for an Astro a20 mic that stopped working is to turn up the volume. It may be that the volume of the device is too low. If that doesn’t fix it, check that the audio driver on the headset is current. An outdated audio driver will affect your mic’s audio.

The methods for fixing the audio on your Astro a20 may vary depending on the console you connect it to. PS4, Xbox, and PC may have different approaches.

Astro A20 Gen 2

Solution 1: Check The Volume

If you mute the mic or turn down the volume, you won’t get audio on the device.

  • Make sure the headset is not vertical, as that will mute the mic.
  • Turn up the volume on the headset.
  • If that doesn’t work, locate the sound icon on the lower part of the PC screen.
  • Move the volume slider to the right until you hear from the headset.

Solution 2: Set The Base Station To The Correct Mode

If you’re using a PS4, Xbox, or PC with the Astro a20, you must set the base station to the proper mode to have audio.

  • Check the back of the base station to locate the switch.
  • Plug the a20 headset into PS4, Xbox, or PC in the right slot.

Astro A20 Gen power station

Solution 3: Adjust The Audio Settings

You’ll find this fix useful if you connect the headset with your PC. When you plug in the headset, windows should set the Astro a20 as the default audio playback. Otherwise, you won’t get audio on the Astro a20 mic. To adjust the audio settings on your Windows 10:

  • Right-click on the sound icon.
  • You’ll see a drop-down menu; click on sounds.
  • Check the top of the menu, and click on “recording.”
  • You should see a menu with the input audio devices.
  • Click on “internal microphone” and set it as default.

You may not see audio devices on the microphone list in some cases because you disabled them.

To enable the Astro a20 headset on your Windows 10:

  • Right-click on the blank space.
  • Select “show disabled devices.”
  • The Astro a20 headset should pop up now. Click on “enable.”
  • Click on “internal microphone” and set it as default.
  • Click on “properties.”
  • On the top of the bar, you’ll see “levels.” Click on it.
  • Move the slider till the volume gets to 80.
  • Click “OK” to apply the changes.

Solution 4: Update The Audio Driver

An audio driver is software on your PC that manages sounds. Some sound cards update automatically. If yours doesn’t, you will have to update the audio driver yourself. To update the audio driver on your device:

  • Download a driver updating software like the AVG Driver Updater.
  • Run the driver updater and click scan devices.
  • If the audio driver is outdated, AVG will detect it.
  • Click on “update selected” to update the driver.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Your Astro a20 mic should start working now.

Astro A20 Update Xbox Series

Solution 5: Check the cables

  • Disconnect the Astro A20 headset from your computer.
  • Check the cables to make sure they are securely connected to the headset and your computer.
  • Reconnect the headset and see if the mic is now working.

Solution 6: Check the selected input device

  • Go to your computer’s sound settings.
  • Click on the “Recording” tab.
  • Right-click on an empty space and select “Show Disabled Devices.”
  • Make sure the Astro A20 microphone is selected as the default input device.

Solution 7: Check for interfering software

  • Identify any software that may be interfering with your mic, such as communication apps or games.
  • Disable or exit the conflicting software.
  • Restart your computer and see if the mic is now working.

Astro A20 Gen 2 Headset

Solution 8: Check For Hardware Faults

As the last step, if your Astro a20 mic is not working, check for hardware issues like wifi connection on your wireless headset. Ensure that the Astro a20 headset is within wifi receiving range.

Can You Replace The Mic On The Astro A20 Headset?

It’s not possible to replace the mic on your Astro A20 headset because the microphone is not detachable. If you’re not getting audio from the headset, you will need to check the volume on the headset. If it’s at the lowest, turn it all the way up.

Another reason you’re not getting audio on the Astro a20 headset is that you’ve not enabled the headset as the default audio device on your PC. Go to sounds and select the headset as the audio playback device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Astro A20 Gen 2 problems

1. Is A20 Mic Good?

The Astro a20 mic is good. It works well with PS4, Xbox, and PC and offers excellent audio quality at a fair price. Read online reviews from other people who have used the a20 mic before purchasing.

2. How Do I Turn On My Mic On My Astro A20?

You’ll have to power on the Astro a20 headset to turn on the mic on you.

  • Press the power button on the headset for 10 seconds till it comes on.
  • Once the headset comes on, the mic will start working.

3. How Do I Update My Astro A20?

To update the Astro a20 headset:

  • Install ASTRO Command Center.
  • Run the command. It’ll scan the headset. If there is outdated software, it’ll detect and give an option for an update.
  • Click on “Update”
  • Follow the prompts to update the software.

4. How Do I Reset My Astro A20 Headset?

To do a hard reset on the Astro a20 headset:

  • Locate the EQ button and the Game mode button on the headset.
  • Press-hold the two buttons at the same time.

Hard resets can fix the Astro a20 headset power issues.

5. Can You Take The Mic Off Of An Astro A20?

Astro a20 headset doesn’t come with detachable mics, so you cannot take off the mic. However, if the mic is bad, you can buy a new one and replace it. Ensure that you don’t damage the hardware while at it.


The Astro a20 headset is good for gaming. It connects with Xbox, PS4, and PC. It has many features that you can’t find on other microphones within the same price range. The sound quality and signal strength are both excellent.

However, the mic occasionally cuts in or stops working while in use. Causes of Astro A20 mic not working include incorrect audio settings, outdated driver, etc. To fix it, update the driver or review the audio settings.

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