Why Is My Amazon Household Not Working? – Quick Solution To This Issue

Is your Amazon Household not working? Have you attempted to share your Amazon Household Prime benefits with others but encountered problems? Do you need to find a quick solution to this issue? Then it would be best if you continue reading this article.

Why is my Amazon household not working?

Your Amazon Household’s not working because you’ve exceeded the maximum number of six individuals on one Household account. The members consist of two adults, two teenagers, and two children. The other reason your Amazon Household would not be working could be that you just left another Amazon Household. This means you must wait 180 days to rejoin another amazon household if you leave one as an adult.

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household

Amazon Household is a service offered by Amazon that allows you to link multiple Amazon accounts together to share certain benefits, such as Prime shipping and streaming services. This can be useful for families or households with multiple Amazon accounts, as it allows them to share access to benefits without having to purchase them separately for each account.

To use Amazon Household, you can invite another adult to join your household by sending them an invitation through the Amazon website or app. You can also add up to four children to your household to set up parental controls and shared content. Once the accounts are linked, you can share benefits such as Prime shipping, Prime Video, and Kindle books.

It’s important to note that not all benefits are shared automatically through Amazon Household. For example, sharing of payment methods, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Photos require additional setup steps. Additionally, some benefits may have restrictions on how they can be shared or used within a household, so it’s important to review the terms and conditions before setting up an Amazon Household.

How is Amazon Household created?

add adult into household

Individuals who wish to establish an Amazon Household account must perform the following steps:

  • Log in to your Amazon Prime account and navigate Accounts & Lists.
  • Scroll down to the “Purchase and Rental Programs” section and choose “Amazon Home” from the list of options.
  • From this page, you may start adding family members to your accounts. When you check in to your Amazon Household account, you may also see a list of suggestions open to your family members.

How does Amazon Household work?

Individuals who have Amazon Prime members have the option of sharing those benefits with others. The account holder must first configure Amazon Household on their Prime account before using it. They must then create profiles for each member of their family.

Amazon permits up to two adults, four kids, and four teen profiles. Customers must take the following actions to add family members:

Add an adult profile:

Visit the Amazon Household home page after logging into your Amazon Prime account.

  • Find and click the “Add an Adult” button.
  • If you choose “Sign up together on this device,” you will be added as the second adult after entering your name and email address in the appropriate fields. The other adult must first confirm your account if you select the second option.
  • Once the second adult has been logged in, choose “We agree to share” to show your acceptance of the payment sharing request, and click “Create Household.”
  • When selecting “Create Household,” a new screen with both profiles will appear. Click “Complete” after choosing the second adult profile.
  • When you have decided how much information to give, click “Next” to move to the subsequent profile.

Add a child profile:

On the Amazon Household home page, click “Add Child.”

  • You should enter your child’s name, birth date, and gender in a pop-up window displayed in your browser.
  • Choose which benefits your child will access after clicking “Save.”

Add a teenager profile:

You may access the teen page by selecting the “Add Teen” option on the Amazon Household home page.

  • To set up your teen’s profile and account preferences, including payment methods, shipping details, notification settings, etc., select the “Sign Up Now” button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Enter the teenager’s email or phone number, and the site will issue an invitation. The teen will have fourteen days to accept and finish creating their account.

How can I fix Amazon Household that is not working?

remove son account

The steps to fix some of the issues why Amazon Household is not working are listed below.

1. You need to delete a member when the Amazon Household Member Limit has been reached.

One of the chief reasons Amazon Household is not working is that the Household limit has been exceeded. For instance, a Household limits you to six people: two adults, four teens, and four children. An adult must be removed from the Household account to add a new adult to share the prime benefits.

2. You need to add one adult to meet the two adult’s requirements.

You’ll need to add another adult to your Household account first as a remedy since Amazon Household requires two adults to be registered on the account to share benefits.

3. Payment Sharing Must Be Enabled.

It would be best if you allowed payment sharing with the additional person specified as the adult on your Household account for Amazon Household to work. The steps listed below can help you accomplish this.

Go to Amazon Prime Membership.

  • Find the section, Share Your Prime Benefits.
  • Choose Manage Your Household.
  • Enter the name and email address of the person with whom you wish to share the privileges.
  • Search for “Manage Your Shared Payment Instruments.”
  • Choose “Enable Payment Sharing.”
  • Choose “Verify Account.”
  • To finish the procedure, follow the directions on the screen.

4. You Recently Left a Household and must wait.

If your Amazon Household is not working, then it’s possible that you just left one and are unable to join another one until the waiting time is over. For instance, if you just left an Amazon Household, you must wait until you have fulfilled the minimum 180-day requirement before you may rejoin another one.

Is Amazon Household good?

amazon account

For families that regularly use Amazon Prime, Household is a simple and practical app. The app lets parents closely monitor their kids’ screen usage. Along with many other advantages, you may also use it to buy gifts without the recipient knowing about the order. However, you should only use Amazon Household if you have small kids who need to be watched when using a smartphone or Amazon device to buy online. If married, you may want to use your Amazon Prime account to make private purchases like gifts.

Disadvantages of having an Amazon Household.

It might not be easy to set up an Amazon Household with friends or roommates, especially if more than two individuals are involved. Although a Household may technically consist of up to ten individuals, only six of them will be eligible for Prime benefits.

Additional Prime-sharing disadvantages are mentioned below

payment sharing

1. There Can Only Be Two “Adults” in an Amazon Household.

Two “adult” accounts, up to four “teen” accounts, and up to four “children” accounts can all be part of a household. Each of the categories carries a unique set of advantages. While the two adults are free to shop anytime they want, people with kid accounts cannot use the many Prime benefits.  They can only access digital content that has been authorized.

Any underage accounts must also have purchases authorized by an adult. Even while Amazon claims that teen orders may be confirmed with a quick text, it’s still a strange choice for a friend or roommate to take in that situation.

2. If You Leave, you will have to wait a long time.

An adult must wait 180 days before joining another Amazon Household if they leave it for whatever reason. Additionally, during the same period, you cannot join another Household.

3. Payment Methods Must Be Shared.

You must have faith in your Amazon Household members only to use their payment options, even if each member adds a different card or bank account for their orders.

Note:  If another adult in your household adds your card to their wallet, Amazon will let you know.


Why can’t I join an Amazon Household?

You may be unable to join Amazon Household because your membership limit has been met. Furthermore, if one of the adults quits an Amazon Household, none of the others will be allowed to join another Amazon Household for 180 days.

I accidentally remove an adult from Amazon Household

If you delete an adult by accident from Amazon Household, you must wait 180 days for the adult to rejoin the account. This prevents membership misuse while allowing you to add and delete members as needed.

Do You Need Amazon Prime to Use Amazon Household?

Yes, you do need an Amazon Prime membership to use some of the benefits of Amazon Household. Sharing of Prime shipping and Prime Video streaming are two of the main benefits that are available through Amazon Household, and both of these benefits require an active Amazon Prime membership.

However, not all benefits of Amazon Household require an Amazon Prime membership. For example, you can use Amazon Household to share Kindle books, without needing a Prime membership. Additionally, some other benefits may be available to non-Prime members, but with limitations on how they can be shared or used within a household.

It’s also worth noting that not all Amazon Prime benefits can be shared through Amazon Household. For example, Amazon Prime Music and Prime Pantry are not currently available for sharing through Amazon Household. It’s important to review the terms and conditions of Amazon Household and Amazon Prime before setting up an account or sharing benefits with other members of your household.

What Does Amazon Household Cost?

There is no additional cost to use Amazon Household beyond the cost of any existing Amazon Prime membership that you or your household members may have. Amazon Household is a free service that allows you to link multiple Amazon accounts together to share certain benefits, such as Prime shipping and streaming services, with other members of your household.

However, it’s important to note that some benefits of Amazon Household, such as sharing of payment methods or Amazon Fresh, may incur additional fees or charges. Additionally, some benefits may have restrictions on how they can be shared or used within a household, so it’s important to review the terms and conditions before setting up an Amazon Household.

Why do I have to wait 180 days for Amazon Household?

Amazon requires a waiting period of 180 days before you can add a new adult member to your Amazon Household. This waiting period is designed to prevent abuse of the Amazon Household system and ensure that only legitimate household members are added to the account.

During this waiting period, you will not be able to invite any additional adult members to join your household. This waiting period applies to all new Amazon Household accounts and to existing accounts that have not added a new adult member in the past 180 days.

Once the waiting period is over, you can invite another adult to join your household by sending them an invitation through the Amazon website or app. However, it’s important to note that not all benefits are shared automatically through Amazon Household, and some benefits may require additional setup steps or restrictions on how they can be shared.

How many Amazon households can you have?

Each Amazon account can only be a member of one Amazon Household at a time. However, you can create and manage multiple Amazon accounts, and each of these accounts can have its own Amazon Household.

This means that if you have multiple Amazon accounts, you can create a separate Amazon Household for each account, allowing you to share benefits with different groups of people. For example, you could have one Amazon Household for your immediate family members and another for a group of friends or roommates.


Why is my Amazon Household not working?  Before you ask this question, first check whether you’ve not exceeded the Household limit. Remember you are only permitted to have two adults, two teenagers, and two children on one Household account.

Also,  you need to make sure both adults on the account agree to authorize payment sharing.

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