What is the Future of the QR Codes? Emerging Trends

QR codes have been around for more than three decades; however, their popularity recently skyrocketed as a marketing trend and tool, thanks to smartphones’ native capability. With only a click of a button, QR code users can access much information instantly using their smartphone camera.

In a world where billions of smartphones are being used, QR codes are a valuable investment in terms of capturing the customers’ interest in marketing and business. As a result, the search for create free QR codes is significantly rising since many business owners and marketers want to take advantage of these little magic squares with unique patterns to attract as many customers and a huge audience as possible.

QR codes direct players to videos, photos, text and websites with thousands of pages as well as any other digital content. Currently, the use of QR codes is increasing speedily and is likely to play a huge role in the future of marketing and business. With the increasing use of the internet and smartphones, QR codes have become an efficient and convenient way to connect with potential customers and drive engagement.

Users should only expect to see more exciting developments in the QR code world and digital marketing as they become more popular. Here are some of the developments to expect.

Geolocation-Based Promotions, Perks and Incentives

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Integrating geolocation technology into Quick Response codes allows businesses to target potential consumers based on their physical locations. With this functionality, marketers and businesses can create location-specific content or promotions, guide consumers to discover fresh and unique services and products in their area and drive foot traffic to physical stores.

As geolocation becomes more widespread and accurate, you should only expect to see a significant increase in location-based Quick Response code campaigns in the near future.

Integration with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables digital content to be overlaid in the physical world, forming an interactive and immersive experience for consumers. By scanning a Quick Response code, users can access and unlock Augmented Reality content, including 3D animations, interactive product demos, and exclusive promotions, among others.

This powerful blend of Augmented Reality technology and Quick Response codes can provide an engaging and unique marketing experience that’ll be increasingly popular in the future.

Contactless Loyalty Programs and Payments

Businesses can use Quick Response codes to incentivise their potential customers and keep them coming for more by providing rewards for orders placed. This ensures customer loyalty and retention while at the same time offering businesses with valuable information about the preferences of their customers. For example, if you generate QR codes, you could offer one free for every five orders a customer makes.

When it comes to payments, it’s true that digital options have risen in recent years. A digital menu with Quick Response codes enables consumers to pay directly from their smartphones, eliminating the use of credit cards and cash. The contactless payment system can also make the check-out process more efficient and faster, which is important for take-out orders.

Automated Ordering

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Businesses dealing with ordering products and services can use QR codes to automate their ordering processes. Customers always have their phones ready and handy, so Quick Response codes can be used to develop automated ordering systems. For example, a restaurant QR code menu allows customers to speedily place orders from their smartphones without talking to a cashier or server.

Consider this a busy restaurant with a long queue of clients. Seated customers can just scan the Quick Response code available on their tables to order and make payments for their meals quickly. This system will save the restaurant staff and customers significant time. Also, restaurant owners will save some money on menu printing expenses since consumers can order directly from their smartphones.

Data Analytics

Quick Response codes allow businesses to collect useful information about the preferences and behaviour of their customers, including what products and services they order most, how often they visit the ordering platform and the amount of money they spend. Such information can allow your business to optimise its services and product menu and improve customer experiences.


One of the major trends in the QR code and digital marketing world is the increased personalisation emphasis. By including Quick Response codes in their digital marketing campaigns, businesses are better positioned to provide customised experiences for their consumers.

For instance, a Quick Response code on a packaging of a product can direct users to personalised recommendations depending on their purchase history and preferences. This personalisation level creates a robust connection between the brand and customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Social Media Engagement and Integration

Social Media Engagement and Integration

Social media has an undeniable effect on buying decisions of customers. For instance, only one post about a special vegan meal can attract thousands of customers to a restaurant. So where do QR codes come in? By using Quick Response codes, businesses can make it easier for their customers to view their products and services, increasing engagement and visibility.

Also, QR codes can allow customers to easily and quickly share photos of their products or leave positive reviews directly from their smartphones, boosting your business’s online presence while at the same time driving engagement.

Businesses can also use Quick Response codes to direct potential customers to their respective social media profiles and pages, incentivising them to follow, share and like the content. Also, QR codes can be helpful in terms of participating in hashtag campaigns and streamlining the process of sharing content.

Final Thoughts: Are QR Codes the Future of Digital Marketing?

QR codes are the future of digital marketing. They are growing in popularity, providing more benefits than before and becoming better each day. QR codes can combine with different emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality, to provide customers with the best experience.

They provide businesses with the information they require to understand their clients better and optimise their services to offer customers an interactive and contactless experience. As businesses continue to embrace and adapt these emerging technologies, the likelihood of captivating and engaging customers via QR code campaigns will only continue to grow.

Whether you’re a marketer or a business owner, you should keep an eye on the emerging trends as they pop up and consider incorporating them into your digital marketing campaigns to remain ahead of your competitors.

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