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What DPI Does Shroud Use? Everything About The FPS Gaming And DPI – Clear your Thoughts Now!

As a game lover, you must know Michael Shroud Grzesiek. But the most demanding question is, “What DPI does Shroud Use?” Currently, Shroud is using 400 DPI. Since 2020, he’s gotten more comfortable with his gaming mouse and likes to stick with the same DPI setting.

In this article, you’ll learn how to identify the perfect FPS game DPI and whether or not Shroud’s 400 DPI is suitable for you with other comprehensive information regarding DPI.

What DPI Does Shroud Use?

FPS Gaming And DPI

Both the X and Y axes of Shroud’s DPI are 400. Before we get to the solution, there are a few key questions to ask:

  • Is mouse sensitivity affected by DPI?
  • Shroud employs a specific DPI, but what is it?
  • You should figure it out by looking at how mouse sensitivity affects popular abilities in-game.
  • When it comes to gaming your character, what is an acceptable value?

Shroud employs a DPI of 400, as previously established. It would be best to consider your in-game sensitivity while determining the importance of DPI.

eDPI, or effective dots per inch, is the result of combining your DPI with in-game sensitivity. Your eDPI is only as good as your sensitivity.

Using the previous example, a DPI of 1.2K with in-game sensitivity of .30 corresponds to an effective DPI of 400, the same as using a DPI of 400 with a targeting sensitivity of 1.00.

Michael Grzesiek’s Biography

Grzesiek, better known as “Shroud,” is a prominent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broadcaster and a former professional player. Streaming on Twitch has catapulted the Canadian, born in Toronto but really of Polish origin, a household figure.

After leaving Twitch in October of 2020, he returned in August of 2024 after the platform’s demise.

Shroud plays a wide range of games on his broadcasts, although he prefers first-person shooters and battle royale games. PUBG, CS: GO, Apex Legends, Valorant settings, and Escape from Tarkov are his most-played titles. Aside from GTA V and COD, he’s spent much time in World of Warcraft and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

As a Cloud9’s CS: GO squad member, he rose to prominence. Cloud9 signed him in 2014, and he departed professional CS: GO and Cloud9 in April of this year.

Season 4 of the ESL Pro League was Shroud’s most notable success at the organization, as he and his colleagues won $200,000 (£162,000) by defeating SK Gaming in the finals.

Shroud is one of the most successful and experienced streamers globally, and his position as an FPS god is apparent in his Twitch broadcasts when he plays Valorant.

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games

Action video games in the first-person shooter (FPS) style are played from the viewpoint of the game’s protagonist. First-person shooters (FPS) often use motion tracking to show what a natural person would see and do while playing to give the player a sense of immersion.

The protagonist’s arms are typically seen at the bottom of the screen, holding whatever weapon they are armed with within a first-person shooter. Using the game controller, the player should move his avatar forward, backward, sideways, and in other directions, as needed to go through the game.

Players may choose between two primary game modes in first-person shooter games: single-player mission mode and multiplayer mode. For a single-player, the mission mode is generally the default. It’s common for the player to proceed through more complex game levels to achieve a specific objective. The multiplayer mode includes a network of players playing together in the same area.

In Gaming, What Is DPI?

When it comes to shooting games, you can’t do without a mouse. If your mouse travels slowly or incorrectly, your game is over (in the game, of course). So, what is DPI stand for? ‘Dots Per Inch,’ or DPI, is a mouse sensitivity measurement tool. The distance between where your cursor is on the screen and where your mouse is moved is what we’re measuring here.

In other words, it’s the number of pixels you move on screen for every physical inch you move the mouse. In certain circles, the term “counts per inch” is interchangeable with “dots per inch” (CPI).

What DPI Should You Use For FPS Gaming?

To put it another way, DPI is generally considered a measure of the mouse’s performance. DPIs as high as 16,000 are possible with gaming mice like the Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse. This is a personal question.

A mouse with a higher DPI signifies that it is doing better overall. However, this may not be the case in every situation. Many players wonder, “What is the best DPI setting for online FPS games?”

Co-op, multiplayer, and single-player FPS games are now the most popular. The accuracy of your mouse is critical while playing first-person shooter games.

The three primary functions of the mouse in a first-person shooter game are pointing, movement, and shooting. Targeting and training are already included in DPI’s implementation.

Higher DPI is suggested for mobility. With a higher DPI, even the slightest movements of the mouse will result in the direction of the pointer in-game. Users can move around and turn more efficiently while using a high DPI.

A lower DPI is preferred for aiming. Is that correct? Players will have to move their mouse more to maneuver the in-game cursor around if their DPI is set to a lower setting. This slows down the player’s movement and gives them more time to aim at their opponents while improving accuracy when using their gun’s crosshairs.

The best mouse DPI for FPS gaming depends on the character you’re playing since the character’s DPI setting governs the DPI. Using a high-DPI mouse may aid a surface that can shoot many rounds and doesn’t require precision aiming.

In games where characters use long-range sniper rifles, the lower the DPI, the better accuracy. There is no such thing as an ideal DPI for a first-person shooter.

Most games’ in-game settings for mouse sensitivity make getting a precise DPI setting much more challenging. When it comes to getting the right set, you have two alternatives.

Is there a way around it? This “360-degree exam” is often used by customers. Make sure your character completes a full rotation by moving your mouse in one direction.

The in-game slider for sensitivity may now be understood. Overall, there is no magic number, although experts recommend a DPI level between 400 to 800 for first-person shooter games.

400 DPI vs 800 DPI: Which One Is For You?

Shitty mice were known to fail/skip at higher dpi levels earlier. It would be best if you only used native dpi on your mouse from then on since all other methods were interpolated and hence terrible (1800dpi OG DeathAdder).

Since today’s sensors are sophisticated and current, interpolation concerns are no longer an issue. Do a quick search on Google, to be specific.

Regarding the 400 dpi vs. 800 dpi debate, it’s a matter of personal opinion, but we like 400 dpi since we generally play with low sensitivity, whether in Windows or another fps. Because you can utilize buy binds, you are not concerned about making purchases with my mouse.

Expert’s Suggestion: Technically, Low Sensitivity and A High DPI Provide a Smoother Experience

You may still be thinking about “ What DPI Does Shroud Use” and can wonder whether a low DPI with high in-game sensitivity or a higher DPI with reduced in-game sensitivity is preferable after you realize that executing a 360° turn with minimum wrist motion is not that beneficial.

800 and 400 DPI

Your preferred eDPI is 800, so let’s go with that. With a sensitivity of 2.0 and a DPI of 400, you’d get 400 DPI or 3200 DPI-you get the idea. You’ll get the same overall effect if you make the appropriate adjustments to each setting. You have to zoom in really close to realize the benefits of a higher DPI, however.

Kind Old Raven’s Video

If you’re looking for the smoothest mouse movements in CS: GO, Kind Old Raven’s video will show you how to utilize a high DPI and low in-game sensitivity to get the job done. Even if mouse acceleration is off, this seems to be the case.

High DPI Mouse

When you have a high DPI mouse, it delivers data more often; however, there are gaps in the samples when you have a low DPI mouse. As your mouse still sends data to your PC hundreds of times per second, this may seem to be a compromise, but keep in mind that it is just that: a compromise. You won’t perceive the smoothing effect unless you zoom in and move your mouse in tiny increments.

Lower Mouse Sensitivity

Because not all games enable you to lower your mouse sensitivity, it’s best to play with a low DPI and a greater in-game sensitivity. In-game sensitivity may be improved by using a lower DPI level, making it simpler to transition between various shooters. As humans, we’re all prone to uncontrollable twitches and micro adjustments of our muscles and organs.

Smoother Motions

Even though smoother motions seem better in theory, a higher DPI is more likely to pick up on these small inputs. Again, you’re at a disadvantage because of this. Most mice’s native/default DPI is 800 DPI or below. Using this number prevents parameters like acceleration from negatively impacting your workflow and assures the most excellent possible performance.

Reduced Sensitivity

Reduced Sensitivity

Aiming and tracking are both accessible and more precise with reduced sensitivity. As long as you’re not utilizing a DPI that exceeds four digits, the method you choose to minimize your eDPI should be less of a concern. Generally, professional gamers like to stick to a 400 DPI standard for their mouse settings.

After ensuring that your polling rate is at least 500Hz and your mouse acceleration is off, 400 DPI and modifying your in-game sensitivity may help you increase your accuracy. Pro players can win thousands of dollars in tournaments with this strategy, so it must be excellent for the rest of us at home.

In A Fast-Paced Shooter Game, How Can I Check My DPI?

That all makes sense, but what is my mouse DPI at this point? We’ll assist you in discovering the answer. Starting with your mouse specifications is an excellent place to begin.

If you still have the box, check the model number online. The highest point of your mouse’s DPI range should be shown.

Using mouse drivers is an additional option. Navigate to the manufacturer’s website and search for the correct driver software for your device. How can you locate your mouse settings after you’ve installed them? After that, it should be a cinch to discover your DPI settings. Having the ability to tailor each of your fancy scope sensitivity buttons’ functions is a great feature.

Finally, you may always rely on the old, trustworthy, online DPI analyzer if everything else fails.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  • To use a mousepad, get an inch or centimeter-lined sheet of paper or a ruler. You will need these devices to measure how far you move the mouse movement while moving the cursor from left to right.
  • In the analyzer, enter this value as your target distance.
  • Click the red crosshair below, carefully move it to the same distance you chose as your goal distance, and then release it.
  • there you have it! Now that you’ve learned your mouse’s DPI, you’re ready to utilize it. In the box, you will see your actual DPI value.
  •  Use the 6/11 sensitivity option and leave your native pointer precision unchecked for UI quality.

Comparison Of CPI, DPI, Sensitivity, And eDPI

DPI is commonly used in conjunction with many other phrases, some of which are even synonyms. Moreover, the word “DPI” is a misnomer, as we’ve previously pointed out.

DPI Vs. eDPI: What’s The Difference?

Efficient Dots Per Inch, or eDPI, is what it means. To change your eDPI, fiddle with the scoped sensitivity settings in-game.

So, your eDPI is just your gaming DPI times the in-game sensitivity to get your EDPI value. This is how it works: In-game sensitivity of 1200 eDPI equals 600 DPI multiplied by two.

Because of this, it’s referred to as an “effective” mouse DPI. Again, your eDPI varies according to the pro-player game you’re playing.

CPI Vs. DPI: Which Is Better?

CPI is an abbreviation for Counts Per Inch. The basic units of a mouse sensor are called “Counts.” A 1000 CPI mouse, on the other hand, counts up to 1000 times when you move it one inch. The more sensitive the mouse is, the higher the CPI and thus improve clarity.

What’s the problem with DPI, then? To put it another way, the term “dpi” really refers to “printer dots per inch.” For mice, the moniker simply kind of stuck.

In a sense, CPI and DPI are interchangeable terms. CPI is a more appropriate phrase for mouse sensitivity measurement than the popular DPI, although it’s still often used.

A fascinating tidbit: The word “mickeys per second” is much more endearing.

DPI And Sensitivity

Why are we talking about sensitivity so frequently? Did you remember when we spoke about native sensitivity and in-game sensitivity previously? The combination of DPI (or rather, CPI) and sensitivity multipliers all work together.

Consequently, if you want to choose the optimal mouse sensitivity, you’ll have to pay attention to both the Windows and in-game settings.

Let’s investigate further…

A slider with 11 different sensitivity multipliers may be found in the Windows mouse sensitivity settings. The multiplier has to be set to the sixth notch. Pixel skipping may occur if you use any other mouse settings for gaming. So, keep that in mind: 6/11 is a lucky number! So, how sensitive is the in-game interface? Every game is different.

Many gamers like to play with high DPI settings that they “water down” by lowering their sensitivity. In-game choices may not be low enough if you want to play with a high DPI, but that’s about it.

What’s the Difference Between FPS and TPS?

What's the Difference Between FPS and TPS

When a game uses the phrase “third-person shooter,” it means the camera or the video settings is positioned behind the game’s main character. This gives the audience a better picture of the character’s whole physique. How do FPS and TPS vary from one another?

To begin with, the FPS mode’s perspective is confined to the eyes of the character you’re commanding. On the other hand, TPS mode places the camera behind the figure you’re controlling, allowing you to see a more extensive area.

This means that FPS games are more challenging to play than TPS games, and this may be the case. Compared to TPS modes, FPS games allow for far greater accuracy.

How Do You Set Your DPI?

Here are some ways to set your DPI into various ways and options. Look into it

Windows Mouse Settings

The Windows mouse settings aren’t remarkably accurate if you’re using a standard mouse without software. It’s just a bar with 11 levels; unlike gaming mouse software, it won’t give you the precise DPI number. When using the Windows mouse settings, the pointer options tab, you may adjust the pointer speed.

Settings For Sensitivity Inside the Game

It’s always a good idea to play with the sensitivity and DPI settings in-game and on your gaming mouse program. By experimenting with these two options, you may discover the perfect sensitivity for your chosen color-blind mode game.

Software For Gaming Mice

Most gaming g pro mice come with software that allows you to fine-tune the DPI to an exact number, but how high that number can go depends on the mouse you have. You may also change the scope sensitivity of your mouse using the Windows mouse settings, although I suggest keeping it at between 5 and 6 out of 11. DPI settings should be tweaked inside your mouse program rather than via the windows’ control panel.

What DPI Does Shroud Use: Questions And Replies

What sensitivity does Shroud use in CSGO?

Well, according to his Steam profile, shroud uses a sensitivity of 2.0 in CS:GO. This is actually a bit lower than the average pro player’s sensitivity.

Is 1000 DPI suitable for gaming?

A DPI of 1000 to 1600 is required for MMOs and RPGs. Lower than 1000 DPI is ideal for FPS and other shooter games, such as Battlefield 3. For MOBA games, a DPI between 400 to 800 is sufficient. Real-time strategy games benefit most from a DPI range of 1000-1200.

You can also read Is It Possible To Play Games At 1080p On 4K Monitor and find great pieces of information.

Why do pros use 400 dpi instead of 800?

Because the Intellimouse and wheel mouse optical, both of which could only perform 400 dpi, were widely utilized by professional players when they began their careers, many of them have been used to playing with these settings like Logitech g303 shroud edition.

Why do professional gamers utilize such low DPIs?

Why do professional gamers utilize such low DPIs

How odd that most professional gamers use a lower DPI level than most amateurs. Professional gamers choose games with low DPI settings to achieve maximum accuracy in their aim. For professional FPS gamers, a giant mouse pad and the whole forearm manipulate the mouse. With a DPI of 400 to 800, they can aim accurately.

Why do some pros use 450 DPI?

This means that you may end up with undesired additional movement and a more incredible control sensation when using a higher DPI setting. But, when you drop the DPI in-game to have the same sensitivity, it will be considerably smoother, and you will be able to aim at a broader range of angles.

What is considered a low DPI?

Slowness is defined as a number less than or equal to 1.5. 2-2.5 weapon mount is about as quick as you can go, so > For the vast majority of users, a speed of 2.5 is enough. I’m assuming everyone is playing at 400 dpi for the sake of these examples. If 2.0 At 400 dpi seems snappy, check your mouse acceleration settings with the aspect ratio.

What’s better, 400 or 800 dots per inch?

400 or 800 dots per inch

Having a high detail quality DPI and low sens is beneficial since it tracks more dots per inch per sens than having a low sens. 800 x 0.85 is a better option than 800 x 1. Here we have a resolution of 1600 dpi and a game sense of 0.4.  Using a mouse with a lower DPI level may improve performance, but the opposite is true. Is 400 MBPS good for gaming? Read this article and find out our expert thoughts.

Why is 400 dpi so often used?

More excellent dpi settings favor RTS gamers who often use a mouse with a considerably higher windows sensitivity since they have to hit those little icons swiftly and precisely. Since 400 dpi is commonly considered the natural resolution for game sens, I believe 800 dpi is just doubled with shroud Valorant settings.

Is 500 dpi good enough for gaming?

You don’t need to worry about the accuracy of 500 dpi since it’s enough. Many gamers still prefer to play at 400 dpi. Playing a game requires you to move your entire arm, which means you need a giant mousepad and lower mouse sensitivity to swivel the crosshair 360 degrees palm grip.

Is a resolution of 400 dots per inch (dpi) sufficient for printing?

Is a resolution of 400 dots per inch (dpi) sufficient for printing

300 DPI files can print just as well as 400 DPI files since this color print didn’t have any extra information in it to begin with. Another reason you prefer the 400-dpi picture over the 2X-resampled 200-dpi image isn’t related to clarity or granularity with shroud Valorant sensitivity.

Is 700 DPI good for Valorant?

It is often said that the best DPI for Valorant is around 700. This is because a higher DPI means that your mouse will move more pixels per inch, making it easier to aim. However, there is no one perfect DPI for Valorant, as it depends on your own preferences and playstyle.

Final Words: What DPI You Need For FPS Gaming?

So, these are all to know about ” What DPI Does Shroud Use?” We hope you have got all the answers you want to know. Also, when it comes to selecting the best DPI for FPS gaming

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